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I'm glad that Wikipedia is here. Mostly, I visit to consult. Occasionally, I edit.

Some things I try to keep in mind for myself when editing:

It's Just Wikipedia

Avoid editing wars. When there's been a tussle over some portion of an article, I remind myself that it's just Wikipedia. In my last salvo, I make my best case, and explicitly encourage opponents themselves to edit the article to my satisfaction.

If they do, I've convinced. If not, the article stands as desired by the community. Most articles have watching editors numbered in dozens. When I've spent my all, I trust other editors to carry on if it's justified.

What is "not an improvement"?

Occasionally, I use "not an improvement" as explanation for my reversal. It's a way of reversing an edit without having to go into detail as to why. The lack of detail is usually because it's a nuanced argument that I can't fit in the field provided, or because I don't know how to articulate why I think it's not an improvement, despite my intuitions. The article is just better the way it was, in my opinion.

It offers other editors the opportunity to bear the burden of deciding. Usually, my "not an improvement" reversals go unchallenged. If an editor reasserts the edit, I accept it as evidence that they've taken an interest in the article, and reflected on whether or not the edit is indeed an improvement.

Cheers, Willondon (talk) 17:54, 6 November 2013 (UTC)