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24 May

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My Projects[edit]

My Current huge project is the List of United States Navy aircraft squadrons not only to get rid of all t'he red links but to update the entire page with squadron insigina', date disestablished, active and non active, and information on the squadron types. Im slowly working my way through it but hopefully I'll be finished in a couple of weeks.

If your looking for something to do here is a list thats is in desperate need List of United States Navy aircraft wings


I Mostly work on US Naval Bases, Air Stations, and Squadrons. I would like to dabble in Bio's of Naval Personel but I can rarely find the time. I'm a huge US navy buff and enjoy learning as I update these pages. I find it amazing how much information you can retain just by researching.

I got my Wiki start on the [Lostpedia] wiki, Im also a huge lost fan. It helped alot to have the Wiki knowledge once I started working here.

    • Additional Base **

You seem to have overlooked the three VT squadrons at Chase field in Beeville, Texas. They were part of the Advanced flight training command. I worked there from 1968 to 1970 attached to VT-24. Mark T. Phillips


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