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I'm adrift[edit]

I don't know what I'm doing here. So I'd probably be interested in working on your project – please drop me a line. No job too menial.

I'm personally interested in:

and would enthusiastically welcome any such collaborations.

Useful pages for ref.[edit]



Handbook of Texas[edit]

<ref name=HouHTO>{{cite web|accessdate=2008-06-01
|title=Houston, Texas
|date=January 19, 2008
|author=McComb, David G.
|work=Handbook of Texas Online

Articles I'm almost proud of writing or expanding[edit]

and the others...[edit]

Newspaper articles I started[edit]

Notability of newspapers[edit]

Current to-do list[edit]




  • San Diego (Holiday Bowl) was only other to bid for semifinals[6]
  • Fiesta Bowl has no more conference tie-in[7]
  • Cotton, Chick-fil-A shakeup[8]; also confirms CFA Peach Bowl name
  • Bowl lineup projections[9]
  • ACC ties: [10]
  • Big 12 angle: [11]
  • pre-CPF plus-one talk: [12]
  • plus-one as an umbrella team: [13]

Chavez Ravine[edit]

I'm much newer than you are and know of no other way to contact you other than interrupting your page. If you're interested in working on a movie about baseball with a comedian from Toronto then please let me know!