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About Me[edit]

  • For those who dislike usernames and would rather call me by a real name, I'm Dave Craven. Good to meet ya Face-smile.svg
  • I'm a chap, and I've lived in a few places in England, currently up North, though my heart lives in the South West.
  • I am a self confessed geek, working in IT, and enjoy general knowledge and factoids.
  • Sock drawer, in case you find one loose: User:WormTT, User:Wormbot, User:Worm That Trains, User:Wyrm That Turned

Things I'm proud of[edit]


  • The more I work with them, the more I'm proud of my adoptees, past and present. I've lost a few along the way, but most are excellent!
  • I believe I'm the most prolific adopter on Wikipedia, having adopted over 35 users.
  • My version of the adoption course has gone on to influence other courses, as such I've been a strong influence in around 80 adoptions. If anyone has done more than that, let me know!
  • Most of my work on adoption can be seen either at my Adoption HQ or in statistics.
  • If you think my style of adoption will be good for you, please go ahead and use it!

On Adminship[edit]

I am currently an administrator on the encyclopedia. I believe that there are responsibilities that come with that role and I try to maintain the highest possible integrity in all matters. This is of course not always possible and if you feel that I am lacking as an administrator, I invite you to look at my recall process, shown below.


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