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Xnux (pronounced EHKS-nucks - IPA ['ɛksnəks]) is a Wikipedian who is a self-proclaimed computer geek. Xnux's contributions to Wikipedia mainly consist of grammar, spelling, capitalization, and formatting fixes. Xnux has also created numerous navigation templates, primarily for musicians' articles. Xnux's interests include music, computers, computer programming, the free software movement, and social issues.

About Xnux[edit]

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Please note that the remainder of this page is in the first person. As a result, the following content will be more opinionated, personal, and informal than the style usually found on Wikipedia. Proceed with appropriate caution.

Why I joined Wikipedia[edit]

I joined Wikipedia at 16:32 on July 3, 2006. I joined Wikipedia because I thought it was incredible that the Internet could have a free compendium of human knowledge that anyone could both view and contribute to. Unlike other websites, which just seemed content by keeping themselves running, Wikipedia was committed to contributing to humanity's access to free knowledge. I knew that Wikipedia was something I would spend a lot of time working on.

My activities on Wikipedia[edit]

I am very much a WikiGnome; most of my edits are small fixes relating to grammar, spelling, capitalization, redirects, and other minor aspects of articles. When I see grammar errors, my fingers practically force me to correct them. One thing that I am very picky about is capitalization. If I see an article in title case that has a title with the word "to" capitalized, I will not hesitate to correct that mistake swiftly. As a result, I have changed the names of many articles – which can often lead to dispute from other Wikipedians.

Although I am mostly a WikiGnome, I think I may have some WikiElf blood in me, as I enjoy making a slick-looking navigation template every once in a while. I am not sure why it's such a common activity for me, but I do like being able to go to any article within a certain topic without having to navigate through messy categories. I have given made navigational templates for many articles, so there's a good chance you'll see my work sometime.

Wikipedia activites[edit]


Template messages[edit]

This is a comprehensive list of all templates that I have created.

Although I did not create these templates, I have made significant contributions to them.


This is all of the articles that I have made... all one of them.

Images and media[edit]

Here is a list of all images...

...and sound clips that I have uploaded.


None at the moment... I'm sure that I'll think of some later.


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