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Michael Rumble Sucre, better known by his ringname Mike Rumble, is a American professional wrestler, who is the current World Heavyweight Championship and 3 time World Champion on WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2008. He currently preforms on the Smackdown! Brand.


Mike started his career on 27th December 2006, debuting against Lance Cade & Trever Murdoch in a handicap match. He won after he Rumble Bombed Lance Cade. Two weeks later he defeated Umaga for the Intercontinental Championship at the PPV Armageddon after a Spear. He suffered his first defeat at the hands of Umaga on the 3rd January and then again for the Intercontinental Championship at New Years Revolution.

Mike entered the 2007 Royal Rumble and won it by eliminating Shawn Michaels last to earn a world championship title match at Wrestlemania 23. In the months leading up to Wrestlemania 23 he beat a list of former world champions including: Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, King Booker, Kane and Mick Foley.

At Wrestlemania 23 he defeated Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship after a RumbleBomb (thus bringing it to Raw). At Backlash 2007 he defeated WWE Champion John Cena in a title unification match to become the WWE Undisputed Champion after a RumbleBomb. The following night on Raw he was ordered by chairman Vince McMahon to surrender either the World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE Championship. He chose to vacate the World Heavyweight Championship and then delivered the RumbleTron to the chairman onto the title. The night after on ECW he was ambushed by Shane McMahon in the parking lot but easily beat down the chairman's son after a Spear. It was announced later that night that he would face Shane at Judgment Day in a street fight for the WWE Championship. On the Raw before Judgment Day he was ambushed once again by McMahon but this time with the assistance of Umaga after a Samoan Spike. He was then placed in a threat match against Umaga and The Great Khali. Rumble won the match after a spear off the apron put Khali out of the match and then made Umaga tap out to the debuting RumbleLock.

At Judgment Day he successfully defended his WWE Championship against Shane McMahon in a street fight after he Powerbombed Shane off a ladder though two stacked tables. The following night on Raw Vince McMahon put Mike in a Fatal Four Way match for his WWE Championship against Umaga, Khali and Mark Henry. Umaga pinned Mike to win his first WWE Championship after he had been chokebombed though the announce table by Khali. The following night on ECW Mike used his rematch opportunity in a Extreme Rules Match against Umaga. He almost retained the title after he powerslamed Umaga though the announce table but was once again chokebombed by Khali this time onto the steel ramp, he was then pinned by Umaga after a Samoan Spike. In the weeks leading up to One Night Stand Mike was continually attacked by The Great Khali during his matches, being overpowered almost every time. It was announced that there would be a Three Way Ladder match at One Night Stand for Umaga's WWE Championship. Mike once again came close to retaining the gold but was stopped by a returning Shane McMahon. The Great Khali was victorious and claimed his first piece of gold in WWE. Two weeks later Mike was drafted to Smackdown! in the WWE Draft.

Following his draft Mike was put in a number one contenders match with Finlay, who he defeated Finlay easily to become number one contender for Rey Mysterio's World Heavyweight Championship. It was announced the following week that Vengeance's World Heavyweight Championship match would be an Elimination Chamber Match. At Vengeance Mike became the first person ever to eliminate every one in the match eliminating The Undertaker last to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. The following Friday on Smackdown! Mike defeated Randy Orton in a singles match. Following the match the two formed a Tag team called Static Blue. This marked Mike's first heel turn on any WWE programing.

The following week Static Blue successfully defeated The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. Static Blue would go on to feud with Mysterio and Undertaker over the next few weeks. Mike injured Mysterio during a match on Smackdown!, when Mike and Orton continually powerbombed him on the ramp. Static Blue would go on to successfully defend their Tag-Titles against The Undertaker and Kane in a TLC match at the Great American Bash. Mike would then go on to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match at SummerSlam. However the match never finished because of the returning Rey Mysterio attacking Mike, this led to Orton rushing to Mike's aid. The two fought off Undertaker and Mysterio with steel chairs. The following Friday on Smackdown Orton turned on Mike, delivering an RKO on to the concrete floor. He then challenged him for the Championship at Unforgiven. This marked Mike's face turn once again. He defeated Orton at Unforgiven after a RumbleTron. The follow night on Raw Orton and Rumble were striped of their WWE Tag Team Titles because they refused to get back into the ring together as a team. On the Smackdown! following Unforgiven Mike was forced to retire his reign as World Heavyweight Championship due to a legit torn right triceps muscle. The title was won by Rey Mysterio in a battle royal later that night.

Rumble made a suprise return at the Royal Rumble. Mike was eliminated last by his former partner Randy Orton. the following night on Raw Rumble was attacked given a RKO during his match against Jeff Hardy. Rumble got his revenge on Orton the following week when he put Orton in a choke hold and eventually choked him out. At No Way Out Rumble and Orton fought to a no contest over Orton's Wrestlemania title shot. At Wrestlemania 24 Rumble won the WWE Championship in a triple threat match, after he RumbleBombed the champion John Cena.

The following night on Raw, Mike acepted Cena's request for a rematch at Backlash. The match was made a Hell in a Cell a few weeks later. Rumble retained the title following a RumbleBomb.

Finishing and Signature Moves[edit]

  • RumbleBomb (Sitdown Power Bomb)
  • RumbleTron (Double underhook facebuster)
  • RumbleLock (Stepover toehold sleeper)
  • Spear
  • Spinebuster

Championships and accomplishments[edit]