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User:Yug/Map workshop (coming)— you provide authoritative source and scan, I draw a handsome map.

Recent pushes: Vocabulary acquisition -field to create- & Mapmaking : Wikipedia maps project/QGis tutorials.
Created or refreshed: Word lists by frequency (c), Paul Nation (c), Extensive reading (r), Word family (c), Vocabulary knowledge scale, David Ausubel, meaningful learning,....
Learning English, Chinese, and Management in Taiwan. Try to focus on my studies.

“The movement was “leaderful” as much as it was “leaderless,” with particular people playing decisive roles in particular working groups for short periods but no individual or group having a full picture or any sense of control overall of the activities going on.”(Source)

The table above has links to various tutorials and resources which can help in the creation of Wikipedia maps from digital georeferenced data (GIS).

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Tasks to do:
  • Under construction: Geography of China-en.svg ; Today provinces (py;wg;zh-cn).svg ; China-742 Topo.png ; Taiwan-transports-en.svg
  • Current stubs: China-1900-en.svg
  • Need deletion:
(Example of map I'm creating)Start of the Warring States Period, 5th centry BC, before the breakup of Jin and the Qin move into Sichuan. The Wei on this map is Wei (Spring and Autumn Period), not the other Wei which was a fragment of Jin
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I'm recently lowly active as editor, but still read Wikipedia daily, and largely involve in the map project. Some projects in preparation : lobbying for an editable Wikipedia's Google map#Google My Maps/OSM ; an Online SVG editor ; Chinese->French free dictionary. (draft-strategy wiki)

Images on wikipedia : Write down the future[edit]

GIS & Conventions

Scripts & systems

  • User:Gringer#How_To_Create_a_World_Map — orthographic map script
  • — online GIS mapmaking tool.
  • Prat — file series file manager
  • Ikonact ‎— gis2svg topographic background script




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