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And the great prophet Zarquon spake down from the heavens as he shook his left fist in righteous anger: "UNGRATEFUL WRETCH! HOW DARE YOU MISSPELL MY NAME?"

And Dara squeaked pathetically that she could rationalize it and say that she was trying to avid infringing on the First Commandment, but in reality she just didn't bother to check the spelling before registering her username.

The thunderbolt just missed. "GOSH-DARN RIGHT-HANDED THUNDERBOLTS, CAN'T GET USED TO THROWING EM BACKWARDS..." Zarquon grumbled as he receded back into the dark storm clouds.

Dara got back up and patted her Bride of Frankenstein hairdo with satisfaction. She skipped off to wherever she was going next.

...real information will be here eventually...