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ZeroEgo lives near Manchester, UK; and holds a Physics B.Sc. degree from the Manchester University, UK, graduating eventually in 1980; he is a member of the Institute of Physics, hence a MInstP, and the Institute of Engineering & Technology (MIET), currently a Project/Programme Manager.

Also a Practising Tibetan Buddhist (and also interested in Atheism, Humanism) and a member of (but does not officially represent) Sogyal Rinpoche's Rigpa [1] sangha, after taking refuge with HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche in 1976 & subsequentally a member of the Dechen sangha [2] ; and was Tibetan Buddhist secretary at Manchester University in 1977-78.

Avid reader of Astro-Quantum physics & Buddhism and the links between both.

Current interests include the correct unbiased history of occupied (since the CCP's 1949/50 invasion of, Lebensraum and subsequent Democide/Genocide in currently illegally occupied) Tibet (consisting of 3 areas of U-Tsang, Amdo & Kham), more recently the continued destruction of Tibet's capital Lhasa while the world does nothing to confront the CCP in a seeming 'policy' of appeasement. Recent campaigning of National Geographic to abandone its current policy of renaming Tibetan towns/Cities with the Pinyin names [3].

Also interests in Anthropogenic global warming, Near Earth Objects, Vegetarianism, Astronomy, Radio Astronomy particularly from the famous Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank, Mankind's pollution of the biosphere, Poetry, Genealogy, theories of existence such as Is God an Alien Mathematician? [4] to name a few.

Notice wikipedia is a powerful tool to tell our descendants our gained human knowledge, although it troubles me that so much can be polically biased by strong groups. I seek a middle way approach which being a Buddhist is only natural. Also notice some Wikipedia Admins have tendency to delete too quickly, dismiss or undo edits, when am trying to add to pool of human knowledge especially on subjects I may possibly know a tad more about than they may do!


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