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Type Private
Industry Software
Founded 2008
Key people Richard White (CEO)
Lance Ivy (CTO)
Marcus Nelson (CMO)
Scott Rutherford (COO)
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UserVoice is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company founded by Richard White and Lance Ivy in 2007 (later joined by Marcus Nelson and Scott Rutherford) that creates customer engagement tools. [1][2][3][4]



In 2006, White was the lead designer for, an online calendar startup.[5] After the product's launch, White realized he needed a more efficient way to monitor feedback,[5][6] and created a new type of online forum where users could provide ideas.[6][7] His method was inspired by an article by Joel Spolsky, Set Your Priorities, which advocated giving programmers a finite number of votes to prioritize software development.[8] White wanted users to vote up the best customer feedback ideas with a set amount of votes for each user.[6]

White, Ivy, and Nelson raised a small amount of money from friends and family and launched UserVoice in February 2008. Ivy then left and Scott Rutherford joined White and Nelson in October 2008 to complete the founding team.[4][6][9] The site spread primarily through word of mouth, and by January 2009, had signed up 5,000 accounts.[9] One of their earliest accounts was Stack Overflow, run by Joel Spolsky, their early inspiration.[9]


Despite the fact that they had generated only $89 in revenue for the month of January, in May 2009, the company closed an $800,000 Series A investment round [1][10][11]

In December 2010, the company launched iPhone and Facebook apps,[12][13] allowing users to build a UserVoice community and collect feedback for mobile apps.[13][14] By September 2011, the firm had 13 employees and 74,000 clients with an additional 23 million people voting or leaving suggestions with the tool.[9]

In March 2011, the company launched UserVoice HelpDesk,[4][6] and in November 2011, received an addition $1 million in a Series B round of funding.[4]


UserVoice Feedback[edit]

UserVoice Feedback is a tool for collecting and prioritize feedback from customers.[15][16] Customers post issues or suggestions, and others vote the feedback up or down.[17][18] There are set limits on the number of votes that users can allocate, which helps people focus on the essential.[17][19][20] The program has various subscription plans, including a free starter plan.

UserVoice Helpdesk[edit]

UserVoice Helpdesk is a support tool which allows companies to track and respond to customer issues. Customers can thank the support person who responds to their ticket by giving them "kudos."[21][22] By employing gamification techniques, UserVoice believes that customers receive higher quality responses because the support teams are motivated by the game-like atmosphere.[21][23] Help teams work within a system that features a tracking dashboard, which tracks each person's kudos so the team’s performance can be evaluated in real-time.[21] the program also offers "Instant Answers," which allows customers to see other relevant answers as they write their question.[1][4] The program has several subscription plans, ranging from free upwards.

UserVoice Full Service[edit]

UserVoice Full Service combines both the UserVoice Feedback and UserVoice Helpdesk into one integrated product.[1] UserVoice Full Service has several subscription plans, ranging from free to $25/month to $125/month.


UserVoice was recognized as one of Lead411’s “Hottest Companies In San Francisco” in 2010.[24] UserVoice has been featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, The Boston Globe, GigaOM, VentureBeat, and Mashable.[1][2][10][16][25][26]

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