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''''to who may concern about the PUSHMI-PULLYU'

        I wish to tell everyone that I think that we should not take the animals from their home,even do they are somehow weird,beautifull or anything that you feel like to take them because of their talent,apperance and skin.Think about it if your the animal would you be happy to be taken away from your home,maybe now you will say yes but I'am just telling youIT'S EASY FOR YOU TO SAY BUT HARD TO DO.If only people understand how the animal feel,they might even think that to be with us.We now know that most of the people in this earth just take them away from their home. sometimes some people even kill animals. I have heard that in provinces thay even kill animal like dogs,cat and etc. I just hope that people could help the animals to live just by, not hunting them,killing them,eating,fighting or taking their babies.don't you even think that some animals are already endangered and extinct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!