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In response to your question here. This should give you what you're looking for. Use the pulldown to get the log you're looking for. -- Mufka (user) (talk) (contribs) 20:19, 10 May 2007 (UTC)



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Apparently, you're also User:wiki-wikify, so I guess you already know most of the things on the welcome message above. +A.0u 01:27, 11 May 2007 (UTC)

Volume 3, Issue 19 7 May 2007 About the Signpost

Four administrator accounts desysopped after hijacking, vandalism Digg revolt over DVD key spills over to Wikipedia
Debate over non-free images heats up Update on Wikimania 2007
Norwegian Wikipedian awarded scholarship WikiWorld comic: "Friday the 13th"
News and notes: Election volunteers, admin contest, milestones Features and admins
The Report on Lengthy Litigation

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RE: ?[edit]

Hey! Welcome to Wikipedia. First off I'd like to say thanks for your opinions! However, I would like to ask you to please not discuss my personal beliefs, I posted them on my page so that others can know a little about me. In response to your questions: my spiritual beliefs are complex and personal, the "God" userbox is a personal joke between myself and a fellow Wikipedian, the Bible doesn't specifically touch the subject of Jesus' race but I feel it is safe to assume that he was not Caucasian as he is usually depicted. If you do not believe in evolution, that's okay! I am not trying to make anyone believe evolution but as I have already said, I just wanted people to know a little about myself. I would also like to correct a factual error, evolution does not claim to understand the origin of the world, you are confusing the Big Bang theory with the concept of Evolution. In fact, as stated in "The Nation:" "This road map that dictates how life is to develop and evolve does not require God's intervention and guidance at every step. But it does not argue--nor has it ever--against the existence of a grand creator." [1] Again, thanks for the visit and your interest! --ॐJesucristo301 00:32, 5 October 2007 (UTC)