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Devil Dub[edit]

Hi there, you speedy deleted Devil Dub, which existed for more than half a decade, under A9 ("Music recording by redlinked artist and no indication of importance or significance"). Well, at least four of the musicians on the record have articles. They are (former) members of bands such as Guns N' Roses, Primus and Praxis. Also, the album has a bunch of positive reviews, showing its significance. So why speedy deletion and not at least AfD? (talk) 18:32, 3 October 2014 (UTC)

The article credited the album to the band "Ben Wa". The length of time an article has been around isn't a concern, we have millions of articles here and only a few hundred active administrators. Bottom line, if the band doesn't have an encyclopedia article, then the album won't have one either. Feel free to write an article on Ben Wa that would survive deletion, and I'm happy to restore the page. ~Amatulić (talk) 18:42, 3 October 2014 (UTC)
I still don't understand, but here you go: Draft:Ben Wa (band). (talk) 20:04, 3 October 2014 (UTC)
Nicely done for a submitted draft.
The reason this is necessary is because, if I restored it, someone else would come along and quickly delete it again due to having no band article.
I made some tweaks to the draft. It's pretty weak in sourcing. There is disagreement on whether the Wikipedia community considers Allmusic as a reliable source, going by archived discussions at WP:RSN. And Silicon Valley Metro is a local publication, not regional or even national. You also have a quotation with no citation, which would never be accepted. The saving grace might be the fact that the band had two releases by a reasonably notable record label.
If a reviewer approves it then I'll restore the album article. We'll see. ~Amatulić (talk) 20:32, 3 October 2014 (UTC)
The URB quote is referenced via the Goldberg article. I also changed back the record label, because it is in fact "Records" and not "Recordings". I will include a few other alrticles. (talk) 20:41, 3 October 2014 (UTC)
Allmusic and MTV disagree with you. The proper name of the record label is Black Hole Recordings. See
Sources disagree on whether "Black Hole" is called "records" or "recordings". Some sources like Barnes & Noble simply call it "Black Hole". I can find no evidence of a record label ever existed with the name "Black Hole Records". As far as I can tell, that's just a record store in California.
That said, the Black Hole Recordings web site doesn't mention the album. If there is a website for the alternate name, that would be useful for verification. ~Amatulić (talk) 20:47, 3 October 2014 (UTC)
I somewhat just believe my eyes. I also believe musicians involved in the project such as drummer Brain or Ben Wa themselves. No need to disagree with them. Btw.: Discogs even has twelve labels with that name. (talk) 21:45, 3 October 2014 (UTC)
In that case the band may not have been published on any notable labels then. Black Hole Recordings is in the Netherlands. Black Hole Records has had at least two different addresses in Oakland, and I can't find any indication that they produced anything other than Devil Dub, which suggests that it was a vanity label for Ben Wa. I was about to revert those Wikilinks but I see you've already done so. ~Amatulić (talk) 21:55, 3 October 2014 (UTC)
Stray Records has a nice catalog with several notable artists. More than 60 albums in about two years is not that bad. (talk) 22:03, 3 October 2014 (UTC)

It looks like Ben Wa (band) has been accepted. So how about restoring Devil Dub plus File:Devildub.jpg? Thanks. (talk) 01:17, 20 December 2014 (UTC)

Good to see it's been accepted, but the band still looks borderline notable given the sources provided (and discussed above).
If you can find significant coverage of the album Devil Dub beyond the two local sources provided, I'll restore it. But coverage only local sources (in this case two local tabloids, Metro and SF Weekly) isn't sufficient to keep the article in main space. ~Amatulić (talk) 17:11, 21 December 2014 (UTC)

3D Hubs discussion[edit]

Hi Amatulić, Thanks for reviewing my article! I know 3D Hubs well, but I don't have any conflict of interest with them. I'm totallly new to wikipedia (as an editor), I just know some html and I copied the format of the page from wikis of other similar companies. Sorry if some parts seemed overly enthusiastic, hope it's okay now. Cheers, (User talk:Kisg24 09:35, 17 October 2014)

Sarah J Price[edit]

Hi I've tried to reply to you about your offer of help about the undeletion of Sarah J Price and the log's been archived so it will not let me, so in reply Yes football writer, musician, and comedian is all the same person, All the work is basically a form of writing and acting, but in different careers this can now be made clear now with links to articles/interviews that are accompanied by photographs and youtube clips of performances that clearly show the same person, if the article could be restored to my user space, that would be great, it would give me a good place to start again then i can run it through DRV as suggested thanks Jasperxj (talk) 05:21, 31 October 2014 (UTC) ' (。◕‿◕。)]]

Userfied. See your talk page. ~Amatulić (talk) 19:08, 3 November 2014 (UTC)

Miss Supranational - deleted article[edit]

Hello Amatulic, first of all sorry - that's my first experience with undeleting..

Article [Supranational] has been deleted for two reasons:

1. This is not a notable beauty pageant. IMO not truth: Miss Supranational started in 2009 (an annual event). National preliminaries are conducted by their licence-holders (84 Grand Finale pageants in december 2014, 82 in 2013, 73 in 2012..)

July, 2013 Global Beauties (the leading independent resource for international beauty pageants) 15th Annual Global Beauties Awards: - Best Stage: WINNER -- Miss World, 2nd place -- Miss Supranational, 3rd place -- Miss Universe - Best Television Pageant Production: WINNER: Miss Supranational, 2nd place: Miss World, 3rd place: Miss Universe - Best Group of Candidates: WINNER: Miss World, 2nd place: Miss Universe, 3rd place: Miss Supranational - Pageant of the Year: WINNER -- Miss World, 2nd place -- Miss Universe, 3rd place -- Miss Supranational - Most watched show on television: WINNER -- Miss World, 2nd place -- Miss Universe, 3rd place -- Miss Supranational (90 countries, in all continents)

Google Trends: for "miss supranational" Google Trends: miss supranational vs. miss tourism international

2. A small number of references Yes, that's the truth. At the moment we have prepared about 30 links to other websites owned and operated by third parties (in english, including bbc, interfax, cnn and others)

IMO article about Miss Supranational should be on Wikipedia. But new article should be better then previous.

I'd be grateful for any help or guidance.. Ickyflix (talk) 09:37, 3 November 2014 (UTC)

@Ickyflix: Your first point is irrelevant to Wikipedia's criteria for inclusion as spelled out in WP:CORP. We need significant coverage in reliable sources independent of the subject.
Having 30 links to other websites is also not meaningful unless those links are more than directory listings and trivial mentions. Those links need to provide significant coverage. See Wikipedia:Golden rule for a brief overview of what is expected and required.
Your use of the pronoun "we" indicates that the account Ickyflix (talk · contribs) is accessible by more than one person. Is this correct?
You are also implying that you are associated with Miss Supranational in some way. The Wikimedia Foundation Terms of Use, which you agreed to abide by when you registered your account, requires you to disclose publicly (preferably on your user page) any paid affiliation you may have to Miss Supranational. Wikipedia:Conflict of interest also recommends disclosing any conflict of interest you may have, paid or not.
Your best approach, since you apparently have a conflict of interest, is to follow the instructions at Wikipedia:Articles for creation to submit your article for evaluation by other editors, prior to acceptance into main article space. ~Amatulić (talk) 18:56, 3 November 2014 (UTC)

Journal of Health and Pollution[edit]

This page was deleted. Can I get the text back so I can edit. Without seeing it, I don't know why it was deleted. Thanks — Preceding unsigned comment added by Pollutionfighter (talkcontribs) 16:22, 4 November 2014 (UTC)

The message on your talk page by the person who proposed it for deletion explains why it was deleted. It was unambiguously promotional. Sorry, I won't restore it, because the article didn't contain anything worthy of restoration. Wikipedia is not a publicity medium. ~Amatulić (talk) 16:29, 4 November 2014 (UTC)
I am not asking you to restore it to wiki. I am asking you to send me the content you deleted so I can make edits. You are not giving me a chance to make any changes. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Pollutionfighter (talkcontribs) 15:58, 13 November 2014‎
@Pollutionfighter: Sending you the content is not possible at this time because you have not registered an email address with your account. ~Amatulić (talk) 18:07, 13 November 2014 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Prajyotmahajan[edit]

Two more appeared, see also User talk:JohnCD#Prajyot Mahajan, yet again. I have blocked and tagged per DUCK, as Ponyo suggested last time, and marked the SPI closed so as not to clutter up the list; but you might give it a glance as a second pair of eyes, to make sure I am not being unreasonable. JohnCD (talk) 20:41, 5 November 2014 (UTC)

Looked reasonable to me. ~Amatulić (talk) 18:08, 13 November 2014 (UTC)

Mistaken move[edit]

I by mistake moved page because of keyboard pressing. So, please can you make an effort to make a correct move to Kamalapuram mandal. Because you can see Duggirala mandal, Kota mandal, all these pages have small 'm' for mandal.--Vin09 (talk) 07:45, 14 November 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for letting me know; fixed. Hopefully everything including the merged histories are now in the correct place. ~Amatulić (talk) 04:27, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

Redirect page[edit]

Thanks for deleting the page Hafidh ibn Ahmed Ali al-Hakami (due to a copyright infringement). There seems to be a redirect page also entitled Haafidh ibn Ahmed 'Alee al-Hakamee. Can you remove this also? RookTaker (talk) 10:15, 14 November 2014 (UTC)

Done. ~Amatulić (talk) 04:27, 18 November 2014 (UTC)


Hello. I am not the one who deleted the speedy deletion nomination from the Taya Smith page. And also, I do not have any association with the subjects I have made articles about. 588userd (talk) 07:14, 17 November 2014 (UTC)

Replied on your talk page. ~Amatulić (talk) 04:27, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

Copyright checks when performing AfC reviews[edit]

Hello Amatulic. This message is part of a mass mailing to people who appear active in reviewing articles for creation submissions. First of all, thank you for taking part in this important work! I'm sorry this message is a form letter – it really was the only way I could think of to covey the issue economically. Of course, this also means that I have not looked to see whether the matter is applicable to you in particular.

The issue is in rather large numbers of copyright violations ("copyvios") making their way through AfC reviews without being detected (even when easy to check, and even when hallmarks of copyvios in the text that should have invited a check, were glaring). A second issue is the correct method of dealing with them when discovered.

If you don't do so already, I'd like to ask for your to help with this problem by taking on the practice of performing a copyvio check as the first step in any AfC review. The most basic method is to simply copy a unique but small portion of text from the draft body and run it through a search engine in quotation marks. Trying this from two different paragraphs is recommended. (If you have any question about whether the text was copied from the draft, rather than the other way around (a "backwards copyvio"), the Wayback Machine is very useful for sussing that out.)

If you do find a copyright violation, please do not decline the draft on that basis. Copyright violations need to be dealt with immediately as they may harm those whose content is being used and expose Wikipedia to potential legal liability. If the draft is substantially a copyvio, and there's no non-infringing version to revert to, please mark the page for speedy deletion right away using {{db-g12|url=URL of source}}. If there is an assertion of permission, please replace the draft article's content with {{subst:copyvio|url=URL of source}}.

Some of the more obvious indicia of a copyvio are use of the first person ("we/our/us..."), phrases like "this site", or apparent artifacts of content written for somewhere else ("top", "go to top", "next page", "click here", use of smartquotes, etc.); inappropriate tone of voice, such as an overly informal tone or a very slanted marketing voice with weasel words; including intellectual property symbols (™,®); and blocks of text being added all at once in a finished form with no misspellings or other errors.

I hope this message finds you well and thanks again you for your efforts in this area. Best regards--Fuhghettaboutit (talk) 02:20, 18 November 2014 (UTC).

       Sent via--MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 02:20, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

Thanks Fuhghettaboutit, I appreciate the note, and am glad to see you being proactive about it, after seeing you mention the problem before, on WP:REFUND I think. ~Amatulić (talk) 04:27, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

Disambiguation link notification for November 19[edit]

Hi. Thank you for your recent edits. Wikipedia appreciates your help. We noticed though that when you edited Oblivion Machine, you added a link pointing to the disambiguation page Союз. Such links are almost always unintended, since a disambiguation page is merely a list of "Did you mean..." article titles. Read the FAQ • Join us at the DPL WikiProject.

It's OK to remove this message. Also, to stop receiving these messages, follow these opt-out instructions. Thanks, DPL bot (talk) 12:18, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Reference Errors on 20 November[edit]

Hello, I'm ReferenceBot. I have automatically detected that an edit performed by you may have introduced errors in referencing. It is as follows:

Please check this page and fix the errors highlighted. If you think this is a false positive, you can report it to my operator. Thanks, ReferenceBot (talk) 00:30, 21 November 2014 (UTC)

Range block: Suvray[edit]

Amatulic - The hard block here is triggering an unblock request at User talk:Suvray. I can see the rather overt volume of spam coming from that range using multiple IPs, multiple domains, and multiple targeted articles. So, no question about the range block. Does it need to be a hard block? Can we modify to anon-only, or should we do an IP immunity on Suvray? I really detest IP immunity, but it may be the last resort here. He seems to be completely unrelated and has a productive track record. Thoughts? Kuru (talk) 13:40, 22 November 2014 (UTC)

@Kuru: See MediaWiki for background on how this happened. I myself have no problem with IP block immunity if the user appears to be trustworthy.
It's fine to un-harden the block. I have just done so. I initially made it a hard block to prevent any spammers from spamming if they happened to have created an account, as one such account was identified in the spam-blacklist case. I'll just block the identified spammer account. ~Amatulić (talk) 18:51, 22 November 2014 (UTC)
Si, I picked that up from the range contributions; well handled. I'll add those domains to my stalk-list as well. Kuru (talk) 19:23, 22 November 2014 (UTC)

MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics[edit]

I saw you removed the speedy on network medicine. So I was wondering: do you think one would work on MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, for example? (That one appears to be written by someone with a COI.) Biosthmors (talk) pls notify me (i.e. {{U}}) while signing a reply, thx 00:52, 23 November 2014 (UTC)

Probably. It isn't unambiguously promotional, but it doesn't seem notable. A better solution might be to merge it to Mark Siegler with a short summary in that article. ~Amatulić (talk) 16:12, 23 November 2014 (UTC)

Much obliged[edit]

I thank you for that undeletion request. I was amazingly underwhelmed by the last attempt at this article, a clear lack of research on this by others. I was able to make a couple minor changes from the old article, but unsurprisingly, very little was used. again my thanks. Have a happy holiday season! ®amos wants you in his office, NOW! 22:43, 25 November 2014 (UTC)

You're welcome. The first-ever revision was rather lengthy, but I didn't think much of it was useful. ~Amatulić (talk) 23:01, 25 November 2014 (UTC)

Noormohammed satya[edit]

Hello Amatulic. You may recall that User:Noormohammed satya had been indefinitely blocked for copyright violations and sockpuppetry, and that two months ago you unblocked him on the condition that he find a mentor. The user has continued to edit occasionally since his unblock, albeit without first securing a mentor, and perhaps as a consequence he has introduced copyright-infringing text into at least two articles. I notified him about these problems a couple times, most recently on 27 November, but there has been no response. As you were the unblocking admin, could I trouble you to have a look at the situation? The user was already the subject of a fairly extensive Contributor Copyright Investigation back in 2012 and we're not keen on the prospect of having to reopen it. —Psychonaut (talk) 19:06, 29 November 2014 (UTC)

Dreams Not Reality[edit]

Hello, it's Laura writing. As you can see, someone is trying (again) to damage the page Can you please do something to protect our page??? Thanks for your help! Have a nice week end! -- (talk) 12:20, 6 December 2014 (UTC)Limbagio-- (talk) 12:20, 6 December 2014 (UTC)

The page is protected from anonymous IP edits for 3 months. You will have to be logged in to a confirmed account to edit it. ~Amatulić (talk) 14:00, 6 December 2014 (UTC)

WP:REFUND#File:Borderline madonna us vinyl.jpg[edit]

I've completed the list. --George Ho (talk) 07:57, 10 December 2014 (UTC)

December 2014 ANI[edit]

Information icon There is currently a discussion at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents regarding an issue with which you may have been involved. The thread is Conflict of interest account repeatedly inserting promotional material. Thank you.

The above notification for information only. There is no suggestion of malfeasance on your part. DieSwartzPunkt (talk) 16:23, 24 December 2014 (UTC)

I have no idea what this was about, can't see anything in the archives of that page by that thread name. ~Amatulić (talk) 17:17, 3 January 2015 (UTC)


I know, you wasted time investigating this while I was working on it too:-) Can't tell you how many times I've worked up some elaborate answer at various forums only to edit conflict with three other people.--Fuhghettaboutit (talk) 17:05, 3 January 2015 (UTC)

Not a problem, it took me only a few minutes to figure out that you already took care of it. ~Amatulić (talk) 17:16, 3 January 2015 (UTC)

Help please[edit]

Can you please help me with this Wikipedia:Deletion review/Log/2015 January 4, I've never had to do one of these before, and I can't seem to figure out what in the hell I am doing wrong.--Yankees10 03:20, 4 January 2015 (UTC)

Nevermind, I see what I did.--Yankees10 03:38, 4 January 2015 (UTC)

Interview for The Signpost[edit]

This is being sent to you as a member of WikiProject Articles for creation

The WikiProject Report would like to focus on WikiProject Articles for creation for a Signpost article. This is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to your efforts and attract new members to the project. Would you be willing to participate in an interview? If so, here are the questions for the interview. Just add your response below each question and feel free to skip any questions that you don't feel comfortable answering. Multiple editors will have an opportunity to respond to the interview questions, so be sure to sign your answers. If you know anyone else who would like to participate in the interview, please share this with them. Thanks, Rcsprinter123 (shout) @ 20:34, 4 January 2015 (UTC)

Care to help?[edit]

I believe User:Hum1969 has many socks and who was banned from the CPTDB boards. See here: Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard/Incidents#Ban_proposal_for_User:Hum1969 (talk) 16:36, 11 January 2015 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Action Radius[edit]

Hello, I was looking at your comment on the above mentioned AFD. Looking at the article you nominated to merge this one into, doesn't look to meet WP:GNG or WP:NALBUMS either. Before I nominated another article I thought I would get your opinion.- McMatter (talk)/(contrib) 02:39, 12 January 2015 (UTC)

I didn't look closely at the Big Sounds of the Drags article before I left that comment. That article is completely unsourced, although with some of its songs included in notable video games and a Rovi review on Allmusic (I can't find much else), I'd say the notability is there, but borderline. I won't object if you nominate it for AFD, although I think the article could be a keeper if someone added citations. ~Amatulić (talk) 04:00, 12 January 2015 (UTC)

Irish Car Rentals Comment[edit]

Hi, I'm the creator of the page Irish Car Rentals which was recently nominated for afd. After the discussion the result was keep which was performed by you. But the page is still not showing among the pages created by me. Can you please tell me why? Mr RD 15:51, 12 January 2015 (UTC)

(talk page stalker) Hello @Mr RD:, if you look at the history of the article it was created by User:Martynjpipe, this is why it would not show up.- McMatter (talk)/(contrib) 15:53, 12 January 2015 (UTC)
But the article was speedy nominated and was actually blank (mostly). I made the page on my user draft and then moved it to the main space. Does this overlap my contributions? Mr RD 15:56, 12 January 2015 (UTC)
@Mr RD: If you examine the deletion log of the page, you will see that you are one of its creators. It was created multiple times. When it was last restored, it was restored with all the contribution history intact, including contributions from 2007 that pre-dated yours. ~Amatulić (talk) 18:11, 12 January 2015 (UTC)
Ok. Now I get it. Thank you for the information. Mr RD 18:29, 12 January 2015 (UTC)

Mata Amritanandamayi and her 2012 attack[edit]

Hey, you and User:Scalhotrod have been in a bit of a disagreement over what should be included. I tried to rewrite the "2012" section, cleaning up the English and maintaining verifiability, while minding the talk page recommendations and mediation. This includes the BLP idea that Satnam's significance ends when he leaves Amma's life. I ended up effectively writing what User:Abhayakara came up with. I'm inviting you to have a look at it in my sandbox. --Anon423 (talk) 00:41, 16 January 2015 (UTC)

@Anon423: It isn't really a disagreement. I agree that what Scalhotrod is restoring should be said in the article, the problem is that Scalhotrod is restoring a copyright violation, and that isn't acceptable on Wikipedia.
What you wrote in your sandbox looks OK, except that both sources you cite are all about the attacker's death. It seems odd that your proposed revision wouldn't mention it. As such, it sort of misrepresents the sources by omitting their main purpose. ~Amatulić (talk) 01:02, 16 January 2015 (UTC)
My apologies, I had no idea it was copy vio. There's so little there, it's hard to believe that it wasn't paraphrased. I've just been responding to Special:PendingChanges list reviews. As for the sources, that happens often. --Scalhotrod (Talk) ☮ღ☺ 07:22, 16 January 2015 (UTC)
Hmmm, you're right. I was simply using the sources already in the article, while trying to remake the section following WP guidelines. I suppose then the question becomes one of why those sources were chosen - which would be to explicitly include mention of his death. Maybe we should find alternative references that, like our biographical policies, focus on Amritanandamayi. --Anon423 (talk) 14:30, 16 January 2015 (UTC)

Nice job cleaning up /High-frequency_trading[edit]

Spent a lot of time on it and it really needed a good clean up !!!

cheers !!!

looks amazing now

Brad Katsuyama is a financial services executive, working as the president, CEO and co-founder of the IEX, the Investors Exchange. Katsuyama is also the focus of Flash Boys, a non-fiction book by Michael Lewis about high frequency trading (HFT) in financial markets. Brad Katsuyama led a team that implemented THOR, a securities order-management system that splits large orders into many different sub-orders that arrive at the same time to all the exchanges through the use of intentional delays. Starting at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the largest future exchange in the world is the location where Spread Networks started a 827 mile long fiber optic line all the way to the Bats Exchange, Inc in Northern New Jersey.

ending idea

Starting at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange[1] Spread Networks spent $300,000,000 million to shave off two miliseconds connecting the largest future exchange in the world is the location where started a 827 mile long fiber optic line all the way to the Bats Exchange, Inc in Northern New Jersey. David Adam Kesstalk / 19th of January 2015 (UTC)

Octopus unprotection[edit]

Hi! Way back in 2010, you put octopus on indefinite semi-protection for persistent vandalism. Since then, the page has received many edit requests and a recent complaint about semi-protection from a very active and helpful IP. Given all this in conjunction with the fact that the protection is 4.5 years old, I humbly request that you unprotect the page. If you do, I promise to keep a close eye on it and revert any vandalism. If persistent vandalism returns to the point where it is a problem, I'll let you know. A2soup (talk) 09:24, 17 February 2015 (UTC)

@A2soup: The edit requests, particularly the fact that most of them have been declined, suggest that the protection is doing its job — especially with respect to preventing the disruption about plural forms and whatnot which resulted in the prior protections. I'll unprotect it for now and see what happens, but some biology articles are just magnets for disruption, probably due to being favored subjects in elementary schools (with Lemming and Yeti being other examples). ~Amatulić (talk) 20:35, 17 February 2015 (UTC)
Thanks! I understand your concerns and will do my best keep everything in order. Let me know if you are considering protecting it again. A2soup (talk) 23:19, 17 February 2015 (UTC)


Can you reply please at the Muhammad talk page? Cheers homeboy. I'm feeling slightly mellow (talk) 00:19, 28 February 2015 (UTC)

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