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Editing Wikipedia since May 18, 2010
On IRC as: AndrewN

Welcome to my talk page.
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If I have left a message on your talk page, please reply there. I watch any talk pages I post on, and will reply there.
If you leave a message here I will reply here, so make sure you watch my page. If needed, I will post a talkback notice on your page.

  • Please be respectful, and Assume Good Faith when posting on my talk page. Keep discussions Civil.
  • Be thorough if you have a question. The more information you give, the better I can help
  • Link to edits in question. I have made hundreds of edits, so please link to the specific edit or page you are referring to.
  • Questions will be answered in a timely fashion. Please be aware, I may not always quickly reply however due to real life.
  • I will ignore and delete any personal attacks, rude posts, or hostile posts. No exceptions.

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If you still have a question, add a new section and please include:
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If you believe you have corrected your article, please re-submit the article according to re-submission instructions on the page. You do not need to request that I re-review your article personally. There are several editors involved in this project, and you are likely to receive a faster response.
If you need specific assistance with an issue in your article, don't hesitate to ask, but with work and school, responses may take several days.