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My final statement[edit]

Until such time as the unfair reapplication of a sanction against me by Nick-D is revoked I will not be returning. Since Nick-D has treated me unfairly and nobody seems to care then obviously this encyclopedia is not as neutral as I thought. If you support this stupid decision then DO NOT post here! Barts1a / Talk to me / Help me improve 10:39, 6 November 2012 (UTC)


I noticed your username commenting at an Arbcom discussion regarding civility. An effort is underway that would likely benifit if your views were included. I hope you will append regards at: Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Civility enforcement/Questionnaire Thank you for considering this request. My76Strat (talk) 10:12, 29 November 2012 (UTC)

MfD nomination of User:Barts1a/Peace/doc[edit]

User:Barts1a/Peace/doc, a page you substantially contributed to, has been nominated for deletion. Your opinions on the matter are welcome; please participate in the discussion by adding your comments at Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/User:Barts1a/Peace/doc and please be sure to sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~). You are free to edit the content of User:Barts1a/Peace/doc during the discussion but should not remove the miscellany for deletion template from the top of the page; such a removal will not end the deletion discussion. Thank you. Revent (talk) 19:50, 2 June 2013 (UTC)

Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/March 7 2012 Apple media event concern[edit]

Hi there, I'm HasteurBot. I just wanted to let you know that Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/March 7 2012 Apple media event, a page you created has not been edited in at least 180 days. The Articles for Creation space is not an indefinite storage location for content that is not appropriate for articlespace. If your submission is not edited soon, it could be nominated for deletion. If you would like to attempt to save it, you will need to improve it. You may request Userfication of the content if it meets requirements. If the deletion has already occured, instructions on how you may be able to retrieve it are available at WP:REFUND/G13. Thank you for your attention. HasteurBot (talk) 19:55, 17 August 2013 (UTC)