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AFT5 newsletter[edit]

Hey again all :). So, some big news, some small news, some good news, some bad news!

On the "big news" front; we've now deployed AFT5 on to 10 percent of articles, This is pretty awesome :). On the "bad news", however, it looks like we're having to stop at 10 percent until around September - there are scaling issues that make it dangerous to deploy wider. Happily, our awesome features engineering team is looking into them as we speak, and I'm optimistic that the issues will be resolved.

For both "small" and "good" news; we've got another office hours session. This one is tomorrow, at 22:00 UTC in #wikimedia-officeconnect - I appreciate it's a bit late for Europeans, but I wanted to juggle it so US east coasters could attend if they wanted :). Hope to see you all there!


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Proposed deletion of Joachim Horn-Bernges[edit]

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The article Joachim Horn-Bernges has been proposed for deletion because it appears to have no references. Under Wikipedia policy, this newly created biography of a living person will be deleted unless it has at least one reference to a reliable source that directly supports material in the article.

If you created the article, please don't be offended. Instead, consider improving the article. For help on inserting references, see Referencing for beginners, or ask at the help desk. Once you have provided at least one reliable source, you may remove the {{prod blp}} tag. Please do not remove the tag unless the article is sourced. If you cannot provide such a source within seven days, the article may be deleted, but you can request that it be undeleted when you are ready to add one. Wgolf (talk) 21:09, 24 September 2014 (UTC)

Power Dive (film) and Sky Bandits[edit]

See revisions. FWiW Bzuk (talk) 17:10, 2 November 2014 (UTC)

Great! I created a stub on actor James Newill and linked to it from Sky Bandits (1940 film). --Bensin (talk) 18:57, 3 November 2014 (UTC)

Georges Méliès filmography[edit]

Hi Bensin! Thanks for taking an interest in the Georges Méliès filmography and editing it. I'm just writing to explain why I undid the edit, since it's a slightly complicated issue and I really do appreciate the interest.

As the essay WP:CITEIMDB points out, IMDb isn't a reliable source for most information about a film. This is especially true of Méliès's films, where the French and English titles he used himself are mixed up indiscriminately with other titles of more dubious provenance (some are literal translations of foreign-language titles, some are titles used for pirated releases of the film, some are just plain errors, etcetera).

So, to keep the filmography neat and make it a more reliable resource than IMDb, I strongly recommend that Méliès's authentic titles, i.e. the first ones to appear in his own catalogues, are the titles used in the body of the filmography. Notable alternate titles can go in small text underneath, as is done in many cases in the list, but a more reliable source would be needed for them than IMDb. (For more information, take a look at the invisible comment on the page, under "List of films.") I hope that's clear and makes sense.

Thanks again, and I'm sorry I had to undo the edit.--Lemuellio (talk) 15:13, 25 November 2014 (UTC)

@Lemuellio: No worries! Thanks for taking the time to explain. That was very polite! It seems you've put a lot of work into that filmography for a long period of time which is much appreciated. Keep up the good work! --Bensin (talk) 19:05, 26 November 2014 (UTC)