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Welcome to Wikipedia![edit]

Hello Blastwizard, welcome to Wikipedia!

I noticed nobody had said hi yet... Hi!

If you feel a change is needed, feel free to make it yourself! Wikipedia is a wiki, so anyone (yourself included) can edit any article by following the Edit this page link. Wikipedia convention is to be bold and not be afraid of making mistakes. If you're not sure how editing works, have a look at How to edit a page, or try out the Sandbox to test your editing skills.

You might like some of these links and tips:

If, for some reason, you are unable to fix a problem yourself, feel free to ask someone else to do it. Wikipedia has a vibrant community of contributors who have a wide range of skills and specialties, and many of them would be glad to help. As well as the wiki community pages there are IRC Channels, where you are more than welcome to ask for assistance.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on my talk page. Thanks and happy editing, Alf melmac 10:01, 21 September 2005 (UTC).

Saw your infobox on the FASTA article...[edit]

Hi, So you are an expert in BLAST? Next time my team-lead asks me a question about comparing a PSI-BLAST and a SW based search result; I'm gonna bug you. Its cool to see someone like you contributing here, plz inform me if you wish me to help out on any page and I'll try my best. Here's one page that needs help: Comparative genomic hybridization or more necessarily the article: array-based CGH.

Plz msg back whenever you can. --hydkat(msg me) 20:41, 11 March 2006 (UTC)


There is a somewhat delayed reply to you at User talk:Sannse/Methionylglutaminyl...serine -- sannse (talk) 23:24, 11 March 2006 (UTC)

Coffee Break![edit]

Perfectly percolated Esperanza blend coffee, just for you!

Ever felt like needing a break from time to time? ... then see you at the Esperanza Cafe! --hydkat 06:28, 13 March 2006 (UTC)

Changes made to FASTA[edit]

A user has made a radical change to the FASTA page... I'm not sure whether his entry which is exact opposite of mine is correct or not. (and if he is right - I've got it horribly wrong!) Can you plz check out the page and tell me his entries are OK? --hydkat 05:49, 14 March 2006 (UTC)

Thanx --hydkat 12:30, 14 March 2006 (UTC)

Protein-protein interaction prediction[edit]

Hi. Are you aware of this new page: Protein-protein interaction prediction? It was off to an unlucky start, being listed on Articles for Deletion.

Welcome to Esperanza[edit]


Welcome, Blastwizard, to Esperanza, the Wikipedia member association! As you might know, all the Esperanzians share one important goal: the success of this encyclopedia. Within that, we then attempt to strengthen the community bonds, and be the "approachable" side of the project. All of our ideals are held in the Charter, the governing document of the association.

Now that you are a member, you might be interested in some of our programs. A quite important program is the StressUnit, which seeks to support editors who have encountered any stress from their Wikipedia events, and are seeking to leave the project. So far, Esperanza can be credited with the support and retention of several users. We have a calendar of special events, member birthdays, and other holidays that you can add to and follow.

In addition to these projects, several more missions of Esperanza are in development, and are currently being created at Esperanza/Possibles.

I encourage you to take an active voice in the running of Esperanza. We have a small government system, headed by our Administrator general, Celestianpower, and guided by the Advisory Committee , KnowledgeOfSelf, JoanneB, Titoxd and FireFox. The elections have ended.

If you have any other questions, concerns, comments, or general ideas, Esperanzian or otherwise, know that you can always contact me via email or talk page. Alternatively, you could communicate with fellow users via our IRC channel, #wikipedia-esperanza (which is also good for a fun chat or two :). I thank you for joining Esperanza, and look forward to working with you in making Wikipedia a better place to be!

Thanks! -M o P 01:23, 17 March 2006 (UTC)

  • I would like to welcome you as well. - 20px Flag of Ontario.svg Flag of Canada.svg nathanrdotcom (TCW) 02:28, 17 March 2006 (UTC)

Yes It is a Genocide[edit]

First I did not only put Turkish sources. I gave BBC, Scotsman and News 24 as sources. I am not a fully Turkish anyway... You argue that the events in Algeria was not genocide because France as hasn't been indicted for genocide before an international court of justice for these events. Do you think Turkey or Ottoman State was indicted before any court. But you name the 1915 events as Armenian Genocide with no verdict. Typical double standard. If France wants justice it has to be just. And I am sorry but I find you an ultra-French nationalist.David Falcon 19:10, 22 April 2006 (UTC)

No it is not. I am in no way a ultra nationalist you picked the wrong guy, I am in actual fact a left wing liberal. It is just that I'm picky when it comes to the use of the wrong vocabulary, and your non neutral point of view in the matter is blatant.
It is not because I'm French, I would do the same thing for other country pages, it just happens that I usually have a closer look at the page on France as I probably know more about it than the average wikipedian. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia not a forum for your opinion. If you were citing references from academic historians studying the matter rather than media sources and politicians which are neither neutral nor reliable (even the BBC), I would be more enclined to consider your point of view. The Ottoman Empire collapsed before the notion of international courts of justice existed that would be why it was never indicted for genocide. You should look at the definition of a genocide, it is the killing of group of people based on their ethnic or racial origin in the purpose of anihilating their population. As I said, French armed forces massacred a lot of Algerians (and the figures are still debated by historians, and is probably a large number) but not in the intention of exterminating these people. It was a civil war, and French forces were using very brutal retaliations, collective punishments and torture which I do not condone in response to terrosits acts (reminds me of two superpowers I would not cite here). In addition there were more arabs fighting alongside the French than within the FLN, so the accusation of the ethnic selectivity for the killings do not stand. You seemed to have a very peculiar definition of a genocide. In your definition, the US in vietnam war should be indicted for genocide as they were responsible for 2-4 million civilians killed. I think not because of the South Vietnamese alongside them - they were responsible for atrocities, maybe war crimes, but not genocide. I really think it is you who have double standards, as the fratricide killings between Algerian factions during the independance war were at least as deadly, and what about the the Harkis and the way they were treated after the independance or is it OK because the killings were between people from the same origin?
I also said that you were free to create an article on the massacres perpetrated by the French in Algeria and have a link in the page on History of France. It is just that the events in Algeria and your accusations do not belong to the page on France, you can't use it as a large part of the section on French history. If you know your history of France, you will see that in a thousand years of history the country has seen many more massacres. Why would this one would take precedence on others?
You said you are not fully Turkish which I didn't know anyway and does not change anything to the debate. That is unless you feel bad about my reference to the armenian genocide which conveniently has an article in wikipedia, instead of taking a significant part of the article on Turkey. Blastwizard 13:28, 23 April 2006 (UTC)
      • You use 'genocide' term for the Armenian case though there is no court decision and while the Turks strongly reject the claims, but you cannot mention the term of 'genocide' in Algerian case. What is the difference between them? The difference is the race or religion. All the genocied committed by the European powere were forgetten. David Falcon 09:16, 28 April 2006 (UTC)
For the Armenian genocide,the word genocide was coined later (1943) so could not have been used at the time. If you read the article on the Armenian genocide you will see that there was some sort of international trials and the perpetrators were condemned in absentia for crimes that would nowadays fall under the definition of genocide.I don't say that Americans perpetrated a genocide, I say that with your definition it would be the case, actually the oppression of Kurds by Turkish authorities could also fall into this definition of cultural genocide but it's far fetch because Turks are not evil westerners ;-). I explained in details why the term genocide do not apply to the case of Algerian war of independence but you persist in ignoring that. Beside which the French armed forces killed a lot of Algerian people, I would not put figures here are they are too difficult to verify; what defines a genocide is not the number of victims anyway but the motive of the killings based on racial or ethnic criteria (not religion). The massacres were perpetrated as a brutal repression of uprising not because they were muslims or arabs they would have been killed regardless of their origin, and that may constitute war crimes or non respect of the customs of war in respect to civilian populations but as it was not a war between two standing armies there would be a lot argumentation and wether it was a war. You also forget that 20% of the population in Algeria is of berber origin and not arab, actually arabs were the first colonisers of Maghreb but you claim that all the victims were arab muslims, so you ignore quite a lot of people! And no genocides perpetrated by European powers were certainly not forgotten, as the best known example of genocide is the Holocaust perpetrated by nazi Germany with the complicity of the Vichy regime in France and facist regime in Italy to name but few!!! Blastwizard 10:07, 28 April 2006 (UTC)

FYI. I {A none Frenchman :-) } have put Algerian Genocide Claims up for speedy deletion. The given reason is: "Recreation of deleted material: See Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Algerian Genocide and Talk:Algerian Genocide Claims". BTW I have for most of this year (on and off) been working through Genocide and Genocides in history trying to reduce cliams like this one, because I think the overuse of the word Genocide undermines its impact for those acts which were Genocides. You may be interested in this talk page section on this issue particularly the reference in the section to Prosecutor v. Radislav Krstic - Appeals Chamber - Judgment - IT-98-33 (2004) ICTY 7 (19 April 2004) paragraph 8. --Philip Baird Shearer 11:25, 29 April 2006 (UTC)

Thanks, I really appreciate your work on genocide and entirely agree with you, the term should not be used as lightly as many unfortunately do. I'm equally appalled by negationism but that is another matter. I also feel relieved as I tried as hard as I could to be neutral, and I'm glad someone who could not be accused of French nationalism (as I have been accused of by User:David Falcon) got involved. Blastwizard 13:46, 29 April 2006 (UTC)

Esperanza Newsletter, Issue #1[edit]

Reach out is a program aimed at allowing users to bring issues that they have had in Wikipedia to a listening, sympathetic and caring audience:
"No one can know how we feel if we do not say. We cannot expect to get understanding if we do not ask for it. No one will dispute that sometimes life's issues are too much for one person. It is fair to say that sometimes Wikipedia's problems fall under the same heading. This is a place where you can bring the bruises that can sometimes be got on this project for attention."
The Stress alerts program aims at identifying users who are stressed, alerting the community of thier stress and works in tandem with the Stressbusters at trying to identify causes of stress and eliminating them.
Note from the editor
Welcome to this new format of the Esperanza Newsletter, which came about during the last Advisory Council meeting - we hope you like it! The major changes are that each month, right after the Council meeting, this will be sent out and will include two featured programs and a sum up of the meeting. Also, it will be signed by all of the Advisory Council members, not just Celestianpower. Have an Esperanzial end of March, everyone!
  1. Future meetings are to be held monthly, not fortnightly as before.
  2. Bans and Access level changes (apart from autovoice) in the IRC channel are to be reported at the new log.
  3. In the IRC channel, there is going to be only one bot at a time.
  4. The charter requires members to have 150 edits and 2 weeks editing. Why this is the case will be clarified.
  5. A new Code of Conduct will be drafted by JoanneB and proposed to the Esperanza community.
  6. The NPA reform idea is to be dropped officially.
  7. Charter ammendments are to be discussed in future, not voted on.
  8. The Advisory Council is not going to be proposed to be expanded by the Advisory Council themselves, if others want to propose it, they will listen.
Celestianpower, JoanneB, Titoxd, KnowledgeOfSelf and FireFox 17:47, 26 March 2006 (UTC)

Esperanza Newsletter, Issue #2[edit]

The Barnstar Brigade is a new program aimed at giving more very deserving yet unappreciated users barnstars. It will officially start on 2006-04-09, but signing up is encouraged before this date:
"Here in Wikipedia, there are hundreds of wikipedians whose work and efforts go un-appreciated. One occasionally comes across editors who have thousands of good edits, but because they may not get around as much as others, their contributions and hard work often go un-noticed. Sadly, these editors often leave the project. As Esperanzians, we can help to make people feel appreciated, be it by some kind words or the awarding of a Barnstar. A project the size of Wikipedia has thousands of editors, so there are plenty of people out there who deserve recognition, one just has to find them. The object of this program is not to flood editors with Barnstars, but to seek out people who deserve them, and make them feel appreciated."
The Stress alerts program aims at identifying users who are stressed, alerting the community of thier stress and works in tandem with the Stressbusters at trying to identify causes of stress and eliminating them.
Welcome to the second issue of the new format Esperanza Newsletter - we hope you still like it! This week, it was delivered diligently by our new dogsbody. MiszaBot (run by Misza13): any execution complaints should go to him. Content comments should be directed at the Esperanza talkpage. Thanks!
  1. The next elections: Approval voting as before and, also as before, an previous leadership member can run. Please submit your name for voting in the relevant section of this page. Voting starts on 2006-04-23 and ends on 2006-04-30. There will be three places up for grabs as KnowledgeOfSelf is leaving Wikipedia. Please see the previously linked page for full details.
  2. The Code of Conduct is now ready for extensive discussion! Specific comments should go to the Code of Conduct talk page, discussion of having one at all should be directed to the main Esperanza talk page.
  3. The current process for accepting proposals for new programs has been deemed fine. All Advisory Council members and the Admin Gen are to endevour to be bold when viewing discussion. If they feel that consensus has been reached, they will act accordingly.
A plea from the editor...
The propsed programs page is terribly underused! Please leave any comments, good or bad, on the page, to help us determine the membership's thoughts on the ideas there.
Celestianpower, JoanneB, Titoxd, KnowledgeOfSelf and FireFox 19:53, 6 April 2006 (UTC)

Old Skool Esperanzial note[edit]

Since this isn't the result of an AC meeting, I have decided to go Old Skool. This note is to remind you that the elections are taking place now and will end at 23:50 UTC on 2006-04-29. Please vote here. Thanks. --Celestianpower háblame 20:42, 23 April 2006 (UTC)

Esperanza Newsletter, Issue #3[edit]

The Administrator Coaching program is a program aimed at preparing Wikipedians for Adminship or helping them understand the intricacies of Wikipedia better. Recently, changes have been made to the requirements of coachees. Please review them before requesting this service.
This would be something like the Welcoming Committee, but for people who have figured out the basics of editing articles; they're not newcomers any more, but they might want some help in learning new roles. Some might like suggestions about how to learn vandal patrol, or mentoring on taking an article to featured status, or guidance with a proposal they plan to make at the Village Pump, for example. In this way, Esperanza would help keep hope alive for Wikipedia because we would always be grooming the next generation of admins.
The Stressbusters are a subset of Esperanza aiming to investigate the causes of stress. New eyes on the situation are always welcome!
Note from the editor
As always, MiszaBot handled this delivery. Thank you! Also, congratulations go to Pschemp, Titoxd and Freakofnurture for being elected in the last elections! An Esperanzial May to all of the readership!
  1. Posting logs of the Esperanza IRC channel are explicitly banned anywhere. Violation of this rule results in deletion and a ban from the channel.
  2. A disclaimer is going to be added to the Esperanza main page. We are humans and, as such, are imperfect.
  3. Various revisions have been made to the Code of Conduct. Please see them, as the proposal is ready to be ratified by the community and enacted. All members will members to have to re-confirm their membership after accepting the Code of Conduct.
  4. Referendums are to be held on whether terms of AC members should be lengthened and whether we should abolish votes full stop.
  5. Admin Coaching reform is agreed upon.
Celestianpower, JoanneB, Titoxd, Pschemp and Freakofnurture
20:29, 7 May 2006 (UTC)

A short Esperanzial update[edit]

As you may have gathered, discussions have been raging for about a week on the Esperanza talk page as to the future direction of Esperanza. Some of these are still ongoing and warrant more input (such as the idea to scrap the members list altogether). However, some decisions have been made and the charter has hence been amended. See what happened. Basically, the whole leadership has had a reshuffle, so please review the new, improved charter.

As a result, we are electing 4 people this month. They will replace JoanneB and Pschemp and form a new tranche A, serving until December. Elections will begin on 2006-07-02 and last until 2006-07-09. If you wish to run for a Council position, add your name to the list before 2006-07-02. For more details, see Wikipedia:Esperanza/June 2006 elections.

Thanks and kind, Esperanzial regards, —Celestianpower háblame 16:00, 23 June 2006 (UTC)

August Esperanza Newsletter[edit]

Program Feature: To-Do List
The Esperanza To-Do List is a place where you may list any request, big or small, for assistance. If you need help with archiving your usertalk, for example, all you need to do is list it here and somebody will help you out. Likewise, if you need help with some area of editing on Wikipedia, list it here! Again, any matter, trivial or not, can be placed on this page. However, all matters listed on this page must not be of an argumentative nature. You do not need to be a member of Esperanza (or this program) to place or fulfill requests on this page. If you don't have any requests, consider coming by and fulfilling a few! This program has not been very active, but has lots of potential!
What's New?
In order to help proposed programs become specific enough to make into full-fledged programs, the In development section of the proposals page has been created. Proposals that are promising, but need to be organized in more detail are listed here. Please take a look at what is there, and help the proposals turn into programs.
To improve both the layout and text of the front page, in an attempt to clarify the image of Esperanza, the front page is going to have some redesigning take place. Please take your creative minds to Wikipedia:Esperanza/Front page redesign to brainstorm good ideas.
Many thanks to MiszaBot, courtesy of Misza13, for delivering the newsletter.
  1. In order to make sure all users who join Esperanza are welcomed, a list of volunteers who are willing to welcome new Esperanzians is at Wikipedia:Esperanza/Members#Esperanza_welcomers. Please add yourself if you are interested; we want to make sure all new Esperanza members are welcomed!
  2. The In development section of the proposals page has been created.
  3. Proposals page: Some proposals have been moved to the aforementioned "In development" section, some have been left as a proposal, and others have been archived. For those proposals that were a good idea but didn't necessarily constitute a program, General Esperanzial Actions has been created.
  4. Two small pieces of charter reform will be decided on in a straw poll at Wikipedia talk:Esperanza/Governance. One involves filling the position of any councillors who may leave, the other involves reforming the charter.
  5. Until cooperation with the Kindness Campaign is better defined, it remains as a proposed program.
  6. There is a page for discussing the front page redesign.
Natalya, Banes, Celestianpower, EWS23, FireFox, Freakofnurture, and Titoxd
05:03, 14 August 2006 (UTC)
Although having the newsletter appear on everyone's userpage is desired, this may not be ideal for everyone. If, in the future, you wish to receive a link to the newsletter, rather than the newsletter itself, you may add yourself to Wikipedia:Esperanza/Newsletter/Opt Out List.

Molecular and Cellular Biology Wikiproject Newsletter![edit]

We have a new newsletter!
As you've no doubt noticed, there's a new Molecular and Cellular Biology Wikiproject newsletter, which will be sent out about once a month to all WP:MCB members. This newsletter is designed to perform two equally important functions. Firstly (and obviously, perhaps) it will serve to inform the members of the MCB project of such things as important discussions, votes, and article improvement drives. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the periodic correspondance will hopefully encourage a greater level of participation from the MCB community by acting as a gentle reminder of many of the the interesting tasks that are awaiting completion. If you prefer to receive this newsletter in the form of a link, or not receive it at all, you can add your name at Wikipedia:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology/Newsletter/Opt Out List.
New project feature: MCB Article Improvement Drive
Have any pet MCB subjects that you think need attention? Have you been longing to be part of a team of like-minded editors working toward a common goal? If so, the MCB Article Improvement Drive is for you! On the first of every month a new article is selected by the MCB with the goal of promoting it to good article status. Make your nominations and cast your votes now, because the first article will be chosen on September 1!
In an effort to organize and motivate the MCB activities, it has recently been proposed that a member of the MCB project take the role of "director", who would be responsible for the administrative side of the MCB project, including but not limited to coordinating recruiting efforts, spamming the newsletter, and maintaining the Article Improvement Drive and MCB Portal. A special discussion/vote page has been created for this proposal, and the vote will run until 23:59, 10 September 2006 (UTC), unless the community decides otherwise.
Odds and ends: what else you got?
06:39, Sunday August 27, 2006 (UTC)
If you wish to opt out of having the newsletter posted on your talk page in the future, you may add yourself to the opt out list
Newsletter concept and layout blatantly "borrowed" from the Esperanza newsletter

sequence alignment on the Main Page[edit]

I wonder if you noticed that the today's main page; Today's Featured Article is sequence alignment! --hydkat 06:31, 28 August 2006 (UTC)

This month's WP:MCB Article Improvement Drive article[edit]

ClockworkSoul 22:49, 4 September 2006 (UTC)

Molecular and Cellular Biology WikiProject Votes[edit]

Nuvola apps kcmpartitions.png The Molecular and Cellular Biology WikiProject has recently opened two surveys that will help to decide the direction of the project. First, nominations are currently being accepted for the position of coordinator of the project. Second, votes and additional suggestions for the official title of that position are also being taken. As a member of the project, we hope that you'll drop by and voice your opinion. – ClockworkSoul 03:51, 18 September 2006 (UTC)

September Esperanza Newsletter[edit]

Program Feature: Barnstar Brigade
Here in Wikipedia there are hundreds of wikipedians whose work and efforts go unappreciated. One occasionally comes across editors who have thousands of good edits, but because they may not get around as much as others, their contributions and hard work often go unnoticed. As Esperanzians we can help to make people feel appreciated, be it by some kind words or the awarding of a Barnstar. This is where the Barnstar Brigade comes in. The object of this program is to seek out the people which deserve a Barnstar, and help them feel appreciated. With your help, we can recognize more dedicated editors!
What's New?
September elections are upon us! Anyone wishing to be a part of the Advisory Council may list themselves as a candidate from 18 September until 24 September, with the voting taking place from 25 September to 30 September. Those who wish to help with the election staff should also list themselves!
Appreciation Week, a program currently in development, now has its own subpage! Share your good ideas on how to make it awesome there!
The Esperanza front page has been redesigned! Many thanks to all who worked hard on it.
Many thanks to MiszaBot, courtesy of Misza13, for delivering the newsletter.
  1. The proposals page has been updated, with some proposals being archived.
  2. Since the program in development Appretiaion week is getting lots of good ideas, it now has its own subpage.
  3. The September 2006 Council elections will open for nominations on 18 September 2006. The voting will run from 25 September 2006 until 30 September 2006. If you wish to be a candidate or a member of the elections staff, please list yourself!
  4. The new Esperanza front page design has but put up - many thanks to all who worked on it!
  5. TangoTango has written a script for a bot that will list new members of Esperanza, which will help those who welcome new Esperanzains greatly!
Natalya, Banes, Celestianpower, EWS23, FireFox, Freakofnurture, and Titoxd
04:04, 18 September 2006 (UTC)
Although having the newsletter appear on everyone's userpage is desired, this may not be ideal for everyone. If, in the future, you wish to receive a link to the newsletter, rather than the newsletter itself, you may add yourself to Wikipedia:Esperanza/Newsletter/Opt Out List.

This month's WP:MCB Article Improvement Drive article‎[edit]

ClockworkSoul 21:00, 2 October 2006 (UTC)

One more vote for the coordinator of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Wikiproject[edit]

Since two of the three editors nominated for Coordinator of the MCB Wikiproject declined their nominations, one more vote has been posted: should the remaining nominee, ClockworkSoul, be named as the coordinator, or should nominations be reopened? Every opinion counts, so please vote! – ClockworkSoul 17:46, 17 October 2006 (UTC)

Molecular and Cellular Biology Wikiproject Newsletter[edit]

The project main page has gotten a facelift!
When people visit the project, the very first thing that they see tends to be the project's main page, and with this in mind, the main page has been completely overhauled. To enhance readability the various "goals" sections have been merged, and a detailed "how you can help" section has been added. To increase accessibility for more established members, the links to any resources that were in the main body text have been moved onto the navigation bar on the right. Finally, the whole page has been nicely laid out and given a nice attractive look.
New project feature: peer review
I'm proud to announce the addition of out newest feature: peer review! The MCB peer review feature aims serve as a stepping stone to improve articles to featured article status by allowing editors to request the opinions of other members about articles that they might not otherwise see or contribute to.
Project progress
The article worklist
We’ve had quite a bit of progress on the worklist article in the past month. Not only has the list itself nearly doubled in size from 143 to 365 entries, but an amazing three articles have been advanced to FA status, thanks in great part to the efforts of our very own TimVickers! Remember, the state of the worklist is the closest thing we have to quantifying the progress of the project, so if you get the chance, please take a look at the list, pick a favorite article, and improve it!
Collaboration of the Month
Last month's Collaboration of the Month, cell nucleus, was a terrific success! In one month, the article went from a dismal stub to an A-class article. Many thanks to all of the collaborators who contributed, especially ShaiM, who took on the greatest part of the burden. This month's Collaboration of the Month, adenosine triphosphate, isn't getting nearly the attention of its predecessor, so if you can, please lend a hand!
The project has a new coordinator, ClockworkSoul! The role - my role - of coordinator will be to harmonize the project's common efforts, in part by organizing the various tasks required to make the project run as smoothly and completely as possible. Many thanks to those who supported me and those participated in the selection process.
ClockworkSoul, project coordinator
18:16, 21 October 2006 (UTC)
If you wish to opt out of having the newsletter posted on your talk page in the future, you may add yourself to the opt out list
Newsletter concept and layout blatantly "borrowed" from the Esperanza newsletter

This month's winner is proteasome![edit]

ClockworkSoul 22:08, 1 November 2006 (UTC)

November Esperanza Newsletter[edit]

Program Feature: Admin Coaching (needs coaches!)
Admin Coaching needs coaches!!! If you are an administrator, or even a generally experienced user, do consider signing up to be a coach.

Admin Coaching, now being coordinated by HighwayCello, is a program for people who want help learning some of the more subtle aspects of Wikipedia policy and culture. People are matched with experienced users who are willing to offer coaching. The program is designed for people who have figured out the basics of editing articles; they're not newcomers any more, but they might want some help in learning new roles. In this way, Esperanza would help keep hope alive for Wikipedia because we would always be grooming the next generation of admins.

What's New?
The Tutorial Drive is a new Esperanza program! In an effort to make complicated processes on Wikipedia easier for everyone, Esperanza working to create and compile a list of tutorials about processes here on Wikipedia. Consider writing one!
A discussion on how Esperanza relates to the encyclopedia has been started; please add your thoughts.
Many thanks to MiszaBot, courtesy of Misza13, for delivering the newsletter.
  • The list of proposed programs has been updated, with some proposals being archived.
  • There is now a new program: the Tutorial Drive! Consider writing a tutorial on something you are good at doing on Wikipedia.
  • The suggestion of adding a cohesive look to all the Esperanza pages is being considered; join the discussion if you are interested!
  • In order to make a useful interlanguage welcome template, those involved in translation projects will be asked what English Wikipedia policies are most important and confusing to editors coming from other language Wikipedias.
  • A discussion of Esperanza's role in Wikipedia is being held, with all thoughts of all Esperanzians wanted!
  • Shreshth91 informed everyone that he will be leaving the Esperanza council as life is rather busy; his spot will be filled by the runner up from the last election, HighwayCello.
Natalya, Banes, Celestianpower, EWS23, FireFox, The Halo, Shreshth91 and HighwayCello
20:33, 1 November 2006 (UTC)
Although having the newsletter appear on everyone's userpage is desired, this may not be ideal for everyone. If, in the future, you wish to receive a link to the newsletter, rather than the newsletter itself, you may add yourself to Wikipedia:Esperanza/Newsletter/Opt Out List.

This month's winner is RNA interference![edit]

This month's MCB Collaboration of the Month article is Peripheral membrane protein![edit]

ClockworkSoul 18:48, 14 January 2007 (UTC)

Metabolic network[edit]

Hi there, I've tried to find a definition to add to the start of this page. TimVickers 17:35, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

WP:CVU status[edit]

The Wikipedia:Counter-Vandalism Unit project is under consideration to be moved to {{inactive}} and/or {{historical}} status. Another proposal is to delete or redirect the project. You have been identified as a project member and your input as to this matter would be welcomed at WT:CVU#Inactive.3F and at the deletion debate. Thank you! Delivered on behalf of xaosflux 15:18, 10 August 2007 (UTC)

naval troops[edit]

for some reason you have a problem with the fact that troupes de marine means naval troops. you may of course rename them if you become president of france, but for the time being we will stick with the name they actually have. perhaps you dont understanding the french or english phrases involved. if you still don't agree, please discuss it on the talk page so that your error can be further made clear to you. Mesoso2 (talk) 10:21, 24 November 2007 (UTC)

Please have a look at my answer in the discussion page. Blastwizard (talk) 11:00, 24 November 2007 (UTC)


I added the statement to the English TDM entry that the TDM had their own separate basic training base. Is this still true? Also I plan to add more of the amphibious landings performed by the TDM and La colo to show the "marine" side of their history. Jmosman (talk) 13:56, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

When I did my military service at 1er RIMa back in 1997; the basic training was the same as any infantry basic training in the French army, the AMX 10 RC crew had to go to a cavalry school near Marseille for training drivers and gunners in addition to the basic training. The regiment was composed of half conscripts and half professionals. The basic training for professionals was of course longer than that of conscripts and certainly more thourough but the general content was the same. As far as I remember, the instruction squadron, was also in charge of training recruits from a Combat Helicopter Regiment that was not Troupes de marine and they had the exact same training. At the time, the Troupes de marine had not on the contrary to other armes a specialisation school for its commissioned officers, they were training in the relevant specialisation school from other armes (Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery,...); since November 2003 there is a specialisation school "Ecole de l'outre-mer et de l'étranger". I have old pictures from my military service, during a training exercice in the Meditterranean sea onboard Ouragan LPD with the San Marco Regiment, the Infanteria de Marina and the Corpo de Fuzileiros, if I can find them I will scan them and add them to the page. Blastwizard (talk) 15:07, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Thankyou for your message of long ago to which i have not replied having been busy with other things. The consensus on the page seems to be that the french title should be used, so i will have to accept that. Nonetheless "la marine" translates as "navy" and thus the posessive construction "de marine" does without any doubt translate as the english posessive adjective "naval". The English word "marine" means 'of the sea' and so "marine troops" would be "troupes de (la) mer" in French. Mesoso2 (talk) 18:58, 20 April 2008 (UTC)

I still maintain that your litteral translation is wrong, first of all the word marine in English was almost certainly borrowed from French language and has exactly the same meaning as in English, and it originates from the latin root mare which means sea. Then, naval refers to military ships, and although troupes de marine were in the past part of the navy, now they are part of the army and their role amongst French armed forces is overseas operations, either seaborne or airborne as other marine units around the world. Blastwizard (talk) 08:55, 25 April 2008 (UTC)

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Well I clicked on the wiki link from other article and the article didn't exist and I was offered to start, which I kindly did, and I suppose it is a standard way of doing in wiki since the option is available. The idea is that anyone else can contribute to the article, which would not be the case if it was in my user directory. Blastwizard (talk) 14:53, 15 July 2010 (UTC)