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On your old EE Guy account[edit]

Hello there. I noticed from your comment here that your pervious account (EE Guy) was blocked, and I looked into it to see why. It turns out that the user name you chose just happened to look like the style used by a notorious sockpuppet referred to as MascotGuy. I'm afraid that you were just caught in the crossfire and the blocking of your account was an accidental mistake.

I raised the point here, the consequence of which was only that your account name was removed from the list of accounts associsated with MascotGuy. So although it's nothing to do with me, I thought I would apologise for the mistake on behalf of whoever made it. I hope that it hasn't soured your experience of Wikipedia, and that you continue to make good contributions to the project.

-Stelio (talk) 08:24, 15 May 2009 (UTC)