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Two-way Interaction Ban

Sitush may agree to a two way interaction ban provided that any Arbcom action including filing, commenting on, enforcement, clarifications, ect are exempted. Such an iBan would include talking about each other, commenting to each other, writing articles about each other, reverting anothers edits, and commenting on ANI cases involving one another. Would you agree to those terms if he did?--v/r - TP 15:45, 18 September 2014 (UTC)

Sounds good. I shall be VERY relieved. And I certainly would need the same exemption if ArbCom got involved with this silliness. My only question is, where's the "go to" place if he violates it? (
And I do believe, as someone said in last 24 hours, that if there is some general wikiproject/community-type discussion a number of people are involved with that we are involved with, we can generally comment on the kinds of points the other might make, but not specifically quote/reply/bait/etc them and thus must be very careful of anything we should say in any such discussion. Hopefully there will be little of that!! I never did run into him until last year anyway. Thanks. Carolmooredc (Talkie-Talkie) 15:53, 18 September 2014 (UTC)
The go-to place would probably be an email to an admin that you trust or Arbcom at this point.--v/r - TP 15:58, 18 September 2014 (UTC)


Any objection if I closed the discussion Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Countering_systemic_bias/Gender_gap_task_force#Redaction_of_17_odd_comments.3F? Your question was quite legitimate, but it has been answered, I hope to your satisfaction, and newcomers to the thread will have to wade through a lot of material to get to the conclusion, which isn't very interesting.--S Philbrick(Talk) 22:13, 19 September 2014 (UTC)

Certainly; archive it. Carolmooredc (Talkie-Talkie) 22:49, 19 September 2014 (UTC)
As an aside, I plan to meet with Jimbo Monday, and hope to chat about Gender Gap issues. I'm interested in knowing what initiatives the Foundation is actively working on at the moment.--S Philbrick(Talk) 23:30, 19 September 2014 (UTC)
I assume it's just a continuation of whatever, including funding for research studies. But you should read his comments on his talk page recently where he's thrown out some ideas that would impact retaining women editors, if not specifically gender gap-focused. Will be interesting to see.
Have you looked at Draft GGTF resources page. That's the big version. At some point - if a woman can edit without constant B.S. - I'll put up the short, more focused version on task force resources page. This is the kitchen sink version. Carolmooredc (Talkie-Talkie) 23:51, 19 September 2014 (UTC)
I looked at an earlier version of the resources page, but you've added a lot, nice. One thing I like is that it is organized. Some of the lists I have seen are hodge-podges, which is understandable, but frustrating. --S Philbrick(Talk) 00:34, 20 September 2014 (UTC)
I had chats with both Jimbo and Lila Tretikov. While gender gap did not come in in the conversation with Jimbo, it did in the conversation with Lila. it did not go into detail, but I was encouraged by her response, which indicated strong support for addressing the issue.--S Philbrick(Talk) 18:44, 23 September 2014 (UTC)
Yay! Just keep on trucking and try to avoid the messy potholes, though it sometimes is tempting to splash around in the little ones. :-( Carolmooredc (Talkie-Talkie) 18:48, 23 September 2014 (UTC)

ANI notice

Notice posted as you are related to, but not the subject of, the ANI.
Information icon There is currently a discussion at WP:ANI regarding Eric Corbett's behavior. The thread is Personal attacks and incivility by Eric Corbett. Thank you. —EvergreenFir (talk) Please {{re}} 04:55, 23 September 2014 (UTC)

Gender gap strategy

Please check out Gender gap strategy/Toolkits which is linked from Gender gap strategy

I am seeding that page with items taken from the wonderful resource list you created (which I also linked) I want to make sure that you get the credit for the heavy lifting; I added a note at the beginning, let me know if there is a better way to give you credit.

I am looking into turning the list into a sortable table, though running into some challenges, we'll see if it works. --S Philbrick(Talk) 21:09, 24 September 2014 (UTC)

Will check it out soon (crappy verizon internet connection and storms permitting). Getting credit isn't that a deal to me on Wikipedia, since content changes so much, but thanks for thinking of it. Getting out the word is my big thing. Hopefully that Arbitration won't happen and things will get calmer soon since I have a delicious list of articles I'd like to work on. Carolmooredc (Talkie-Talkie) 00:01, 25 September 2014 (UTC)