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I don't live on Cullen Ct, but I like the street sign

Welcome to my talk page I use the name Cullen328 on Wikipedia, but you can call me "Jim" because that's my real first name. If you want to start a new conversation, please click "New section" at the top of this page. I keep the old comments from July and August of 2009 that follow the "Contents" here, because these friendly words of greeting made me feel welcome when I first started editing Wikipedia.

The importance of a friendly greeting

Hello and welcome to my talk page. If you want to start a new conversation, please click "New section" at the top of this page. I keep the comments that follow from July and August of 2009 readily visible, because these friendly words of greeting made me feel welcome here on Wikipedia when I first started editing. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 17:38, 6 November 2011 (UTC)

Please offer your thoughts

I would appreciate comments and suggestions on any contributions I make. I am learning.Cullen328 (talk) 03:22, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

Nice work on Jules Eichorn. He's been needing an article for a while.   Will Beback  talk  06:28, 31 July 2009 (UTC)
If I may suggest, now that you've posted the Eichorn article the draft below might be deleted. It's your talk page to do with as you like, but it's a bit hard to edit around.
As for formatting and pictures, a good way to learn is to look around at other articles to see what you think looks best. It can be helpful to break up long blocks of text into subsections. Perhaps it'd be possible to split the biography into two or three eras. Other than that, the formatting is usually kept fairly plain. As for photos, it's easy to upload them: the trick is in finding photos with appropriate licensing. If you have any personal photos then those'd be fine. There are might be pictures of the peaks he did first ascents on in the Wikicommons. File:Cathedral Peak.png is a so-so pic of Eichorn Pinnacle.
As before, feel free to ask if you have any questions. There are several editors here who are mountaineers or just admirers of the Sierra, so you're in good company.   Will Beback  talk  21:13, 31 July 2009 (UTC)
PS: Many editors create "sandbox" pages for drafting articles. For example, User talk:Cullen328/Sandbox.   Will Beback  talk  00:17, 1 August 2009

Your climber biographies

Hey Jim, just wanted to say welcome and thanks for your contributions to the Sierra Nevada climbing history articles. You're filling a niche that's been missing here, I look forward to working with you. --Justin (talk) 11:54, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

I'll second that. Nice work on Allen Steck and welcome to Wikipedia. I don't know who you are planning to write up next but if your taking requests I think Peter Croft (climber) could really use a page. If you ever have any questions please ask. Thanks again for your great additions.--OMCV (talk) 02:25, 29 August 2009 (UTC)
Thanks Justin and OMCV. I am beginning work on Tom Frost and Glen Dawson. Comments on Norman Clyde would be welcomed. I will defintely read up on Peter Croft, OMCV. I am still "learning the ropes" in Wikipedia, to use a climbing analogy, and have all sorts of things in mind. My biggest challenge right now is getting permission to use images. My next biggest challenge is hiking to the top of Mt. Whitney with my wife in ten days - she's never been above 12,000 feet except for the train ride up Pikes Peak. As she's 56 and developing arthritis in her toes, it will be an accomplishment if she (and I) complete the Class 1 feat. Jim Heaphy (talk) 02:34, 29 August 2009 (UTC)
Debra and I made it to the summit of Mt. Whitney at 2:20 PM on Friday, September 11. Jim Heaphy (talk) 00:59, 17 September 2009 (UTC)

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Hello, Cullen328. You have new messages at Center for HIV Law and Policy's talk page.

Regarding user HighWindows[edit]

Information icon There is currently a discussion at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents regarding an issue with which you may have been involved. Thank you.VictoriaGraysonTalk 00:43, 2 October 2014 (UTC)

I commented there and at Talk:14th Dalai Lama. Thanks. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 04:49, 2 October 2014 (UTC)

Please comment on Talk:Chevalier d'Eon[edit]

Greetings! You have been randomly selected to receive an invitation to participate in the request for comment on Talk:Chevalier d'Eon. Should you wish to respond to the invitation, your contribution to this discussion will be very much appreciated! If in doubt, please see suggestions for responding. If you do not wish to receive these types of notices, please remove your name from Wikipedia:Feedback request service. — Legobot (talk) 00:00, 3 October 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for your offer of help with my class project[edit]

Thanks Cullen328! I will definitely be taking advantage of your expertise. Just want to let you know I'll be in touch with details later. J.R. Council (talk) 15:50, 3 October 2014 (UTC)

Image upload - choosing correct copyright licence[edit]

Confusion of what licence to pick[edit]

Hi, Being new to wikipeda, I have only uploaded 1 image and chose template PD-1923 because the photo was from 1905 & I figure the photographer is more than likely deceased.

It was a long very difficult process, totally unlike using FTP to post a website image (which is very easy IMO).


A friend of mine (not a wikipedia editor) has offered to re-take this picture so it can be replaced with a newer one. File:ChristTheKingCathedral.JPG

To me, this should be a relatively simple process. Since it is a church photo, could something be done as per suggestion #3 below? I doubt I could ever help my friend to upload himself-he would certainly ask me to 'do the deed'...


1. So far I have not found a wikipedia 1 page that shows all the copyright licences to choose from.

2. Are there any tutorial articles?

3. Is there any copyright license that could be called PD-NP (Public Domain- Non-Profit)? I seem to recall there was some kind of license for government organizations but I did not check that one out.

The church official I contacted stated they want their images to be freely distributed--he did not use the words 'public domain' but it sounds like that is their intent. As a church organization, would they still be the 'owner' of the images (scans of old photos from 1905 to current day)? Still confusing to me....

JoeHebda (talk) 11:36, 6 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello JoeHebda. Image policy is complex and I need to get to work so I must keep this brief. A few important points: we do not allow a "non-profit" exclusion. Freely licensed images can be used for any purpose including commercial ones. The church in question has no role here, and no copyright over photos taken by others of their building from a public street. Your friend the photographer is the copyright holder. As for details and tutorials, I suggest you study the help pages at Wikimedia Commons. Any photo published before 1923 in the U.S. is in the public domain now, without exception. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 14:46, 6 October 2014 (UTC)

Follow-up Comments[edit]

Thanks for the clarification. So even if I ship my camera to my friend (3-hr drive away) to Superior, WI, he takes the pictures with my camera & ships my camera back, then He is still the copyright holder?

Yes, I did spend an entire afternoon at Commons---left my head spinning. Guess I will have to re-visit to get a better understanding. Maybe a couple more times...

At Superior, WI is our church diocese headquarters & I was told they have pictures on the wall there of all 10 Bishops. For the ones after 1923 I would also have to re-take the same pictures myself? Maybe I can ask someone there at the office (with a camera) to signup with Wikipedia so they can upload & then it's done.

Is it correct that once the photos are uploaded, & a Wikipedia registered photographer puts them into public domain, I can include them in the appropriate Wikipedia article? (so it is a 2-person process?)

At Wikipedia Commons, there are just too many License choices & 'public domain' is very difficult to find. Are there some specific words I should look for that are the same/equivalent as PD?

Thanks for your patience & understanding. JoeHebda (talk) 01:25, 7 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello again, JoeHebda. Please excuse my frankness: it seems that you are trying to do things the hard way. Yes, it is possible for you to make an agreement with your buddy in Superior, Wisconsin to take the photo and assign the copyright to you, so you can upload it to Wikimedia Commons for him. But that is very complex, must be documented in a legally bulletproof way, and is slow. Why can't he just upload it to Wikimedia Commons himself, which is quick and easy?
You seem to think your buddy's photo must be in the public domain. No, that's the hard way, where he totally relinquished his copyright. Why do it the hard way, when the easy way is to simply upload it on Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons license? He retains his copyright, but freely licenses the photograph for use by anyone, credited to him.
Photos taken of bishops in 1923 or after are assumed copyrighted unless we have solid evidence to the contrary. Taking a photo of a copyrighted photo does not eliminate the copyright. It is a derivitive work and the copyright still applies. Imagine if you took a mobile phone photo of a famous photographer's work hanging in a gallery. If you tried to sell coffee mugs with that photo on it, the famous photographer would sue you if you didn't cease and desist. Copyright must be respected even if it is a dusty 1937 photo of a bishop by an unknown photographer. Perhaps that photographer's grandchildren might not want that photo on Wikipedia. We must be sure. We must have permission or solid evidence that permission is no longer required.
You can freely license your own original copyrighted creations. Though many websites infringe copyright all the time, Wikipedia doesn't. We insist on strict compliance.
Yes, there are lots of licenses on Wikimedia Commons, to cover all the bases in difficult situations. But the church photo is straightforward. It is not difficult in any way, unless you or your buddy deliberately make it difficult. The photographer uploads it using the upload wizard, answering the questions truthfully, using the standard, recommended license. It goes very quickly, less than a minute. I do it all the time with no problems whatsoever. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 03:06, 7 October 2014 (UTC)

create an article about something I am closely connected to[edit]

Hi Jim, I decided to write to you, because your expertise (I concentrate on content creation, referencing and expanding mediocre articles, the "Articles for deletion" process, and welcoming and mentoring new editors) may help me get some guidance about how to create an article and how to avoid its deletion. I must stress that I am an absolute beginner in this.

In the page Wikipedia:Your first article the guide starts with rule #1 Wikipedia covers certain kinds of subjects and not others. If the topic is likely to be suitable for an encyclopedia, go ahead; if you're unsure, or the article is about you or something you are closely connected to, you can ask questions here. So here I am, trying to ask because I am not sure, and I don't even know if this is the place for this question. Wikipedia is intimidating as far as finding a way to ask a question, sending it to the right recipient and finding a way to get an answer. I want to create an article about something I am closely connected to. It is not 'about me' or 'about my business', or 'about a friend of mine'. It is about a nonprofit organization and a public charity. I have absolutely no material interest in the posting of the article; I work for the organization 20 hr/day without pay, moreover, I invest huge amounts of money to keep it going and promote its mission. The purpose of creating the article is to give an opportunity for people interested in the subject to obtain free information and education. This charity was created for and works exclusively in the public interest. Furthermore, I am the creator of this organization, but have absolutely no interest in self-promotion, as a matter of fact, my name does not have to be mentioned at all. In the page Wikipedia:A primer for newcomers under Important cautions we find this 1. Don't write about yourself, your friends, your website, your company, your business, your family, a band you're in, your teacher, a word you made up, a story you wrote, or anything else you're closely affiliated with (exception: we welcome academics, museum curators, etc., who write about their area of expertise, subject to our usual policies). I highlight the exception, because I believe that it applies to me and to my nonprofit organization. Museums and academic institutions get an exception for being nonprofits and public charities, but so is my nonprofit organization. Academics, museum curators, etc., get an exception for writing about their area of expertise, but so do I, and unlike these professionals I do it on a 100% volunteer basis. So I believe that the above exception applies to me and to my nonprofit organization. So will I be allowed to create this article, or will it be deleted? Needless to say that if I am allowed to create the article, it will be my first and I will need help with content and referencing. Thanks. Silentfilmlover (talk) 00:14, 7 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello Silentfilmlover. I can't give you a definitive answer for several reasons. Most importantly, I don't have the power or authority to guarantee that your future article won't be deleted. I am just a rank and file editor, admittedly moderately experienced regarding deletions, but am not an administrator and have no special powers. Even if I was an administrator or had "higher" powers than that, I would not have the power to protect any new article from deletion. No one does here.
I will say that I think that it will be exceedingly difficult (though not impossible) for you to write a successful Wikipedia article about an organization that you support so passionately. There are many wonderful local organizations that are worthy of support but not notable enough for a Wikipedia article, in the specific way that Wikipedia defines notability.
In my experience, people in your shoes often get very indignant when an editor expresses the opinion that their topic is "not notable". They will then often search around at random among our 4.6 million articles, discover some crappy article that has escaped scrutiny, or an article perceived as "ridiculous" despite being about a notable topic, and raise a big stink about the matter. Experienced editors have heard this flawed line of reasoning many times, and reply that perhaps both articles, the new one and the counter example, and many more, should all be deleted. But the discussion always zeroes in on the new article, since we debate deletion one article at a time, for the most part.
Such new editors have a very, very hard time writing from the neutral point of view. They may, in all good faith, really, truly believe that they are writing neutrally, but experienced, uninvolved editors will instantly detect their writing style as promotional, and will attack it as "advertising" and "spam". The result is hurt feelings, and all too often, deepening conflict.
Editors passionate about writing a specific article about one specific topic generally have a very hard time here. Editors passionate about improving the encyclopedia by working on a wide range of topics, without advancing any personal agenda whatsoever, are those who are much more likely to flourish. That is a generality, and perhaps you will end up as a counter-example.
I know nothing about your charity, because you have chosen not to identify it for me. Experienced editors, especially those who work in the area of deciding whether to delete or keep articles, can usually determine within a few minutes on Google or another search engine, with perhaps 90% to 95% accuracy, whether or not an article about a given topic is likely to survive. Though quality writing and formatting helps greatly in borderline cases, it can't save an article about a non-notable topic, and a very poorly written article about a notable topic will usually be kept, under the theory that the article can be improved through the normal editing process.
So, if your idea is to go right ahead and write this Wikipedia article, no matter what, then that is your right as an editor, and I can't stop you. Perhaps you will be among the 2% in your shoes who succeed as opposed to the 98% who fail (my estimates). If you choose to take that path, please be fully prepared for intense scrutiny and harsh criticism. I hope that no harshness will come from me.
There is a much slower path that can "buffer" you a bit from the harsh reaction that writers of new articles often encounter, and that is the Articles for Creation process. A reviewer will evaluate a draft article and either accept it or make recommendations for improvement. Problems with this approach are that there is a big backlog with long delays, that not all reviewers are as highly experienced as one might hope, and that passing an AfC review is not a guarantee that the article will survive a deletion attempt. I think they strive for a 50-50 chance of surviving a deletion debate. And I have heard estimates that only about 10% of AfC drafts are now being accepted.
If you choose to proceed, please read, study and assimilate Your first article and A Primer for newcomers. Do not submit a non-compliant article to the encyclopedia. That is a guarantee that our new pages patrollers will pounce on your hard work.
If you give me the name of your charity, I will give you a frank, honest opinion. Best wishes to you. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 02:18, 7 October 2014 (UTC)

Jim, Is this the way to reply to you - by editing the article? I hope this reaches you.

Fist of all thanks for your time and your thoughtful, frank and outspoken comments, that was exactly what I needed. No worries, no matter the outcome I am not the type who will 'raise a big stink about this'. I am a peace-loving guy and I am here to learn, so I appreciate your help.

The name of my charity is Silent Hall of Fame. I care about formerly distinguished silent movie stars who made a significant contribution, but have not been rewarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. My mission is to correct this deficiency. This is a unique and very difficult undertaking. It will take a huge amount of effort and money, and a long time to achieve this. I have started by posting bios of these silent personalities and streaming their films for free in order to bring their names back into the public discourse. Obviously, the broader support I can get, the better the chances of success, this is why I want to post an article here so that the public can learn about this charity, what we are doing and what we aim to achieve. The website is

Thanks. Silentfilmlover (talk) 19:22, 7 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello Silentfilmlover. I will look into your charity later. In the mean time, you may be interested in Romola Remus, an article I expanded. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 20:28, 7 October 2014 (UTC)

Jim, I will definitely need your article expanding help if we get to that point. Let me know what you think about my charity when you get a chance to look at it and about the prospects of a Wikipedia article. Thanks.Silentfilmlover (talk) 22:08, 11 October 2014 (UTC)

(talk page stalker) @Silentfilmlover: I had a look earlier and couldn't find any independent published sources that had in-depth coverage of your charity. Do you have any pointers? --NeilN talk to me 22:16, 11 October 2014 (UTC)

Please comment on Talk:Neil deGrasse Tyson[edit]

You have been randomly selected to receive an invitation to participate in the request for comment on Talk:Neil deGrasse Tyson. Should you wish to respond, your contribution to this discussion will be appreciated. For tips, please see WP:Requests for comment#Suggestions for responding. If you wish to change the frequency or topics of these notices, or do not wish to receive them any longer, please adjust your entries at WP:Feedback request service. — Legobot (talk) 00:01, 9 October 2014 (UTC)

Contracted to completely revise an author's entry[edit]

Hi Jim,

I'm Kahlyn. An author hired me to rewrite his biography for Wikipedia, complete with picture and such. I've done so and he's approved everything, but I'm unsure of how to replace one entry with an updated entry. It sounds like you are the perfect person to give me the proper information, and I'd greatly appreciate your help.Kahlyn (talk) 12:14, 10 October 2014 (UTC)Kahlyn

Hello Kahlyn. Who is the author? Your comment indicates that the author and you may have a misunderstanding of how Wikippedia works. Why would you want to completely remove the existing biography? What is wrong with it? Cullen328 Let's discuss it 15:10, 10 October 2014 (UTC)
Hello {{|Jim}}. The author is Joe McKinney. His entry is very basic and he's had several books come out since it was entered on Wikipedia. He's just had another book released this week and will have at least two more major works released in the next twelve months. In addition, he's won another Bram Stoker Award in 2014. I don't want to remove the entry. I want to update it with a well-researched entry, complete with a photo of the author and an updated listing of his publications. What steps should I go about to do this? Kahlyn (talk) 22:33, 10 October 2014 (UTC)Kahlyn
Kahlyn, you might find this article by a leading public relations executive to be worthwhile. You might want to check in with CorporateM, who is a respected paid editor, and is familiar with "best practices" in that area. You should describe your proposed additions on the article's talk page, citing the reliable sources you suggest using. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 23:17, 10 October 2014 (UTC)
Hi Kahlyn. Do you mind sharing the draft with us? Also, would you be able to provide 2-3 profile stories that cover him in substantial depth to confirm he meets Wikipedia's requirements for an article? CorporateM (Talk) 23:48, 10 October 2014 (UTC)
@CorporateM: Are you aware he already has an article? Joe McKinney (author) --NeilN talk to me 23:51, 10 October 2014 (UTC)
Yuppers. Hadn't looked at it yet though. Looking at it now, I see that among the broken links and primary sources this source includes a claim to notability, however asking for profile stories would still be my go-to first step so I can compare them to the draft. CorporateM (Talk) 00:07, 11 October 2014 (UTC)
CorporateM, that link is about another guy named Joe McKinney - a poet and actor, not a novelist and cop. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 00:43, 11 October 2014 (UTC)
Oh, oh, I was looking at the wrong page! CorporateM (Talk) 01:30, 11 October 2014 (UTC)
Hi Jim. I would be glad to share the draft with you. He's not asking for an article -- just a rewrite of his entry in Wikipedia that is more up to date and professional. As Corporate notes, the entry in existence is very basic and doesn't cover what he's done to date. Where would you like me to copy the entry? I think you'll find in reading the proposed entry and seeing the extensive research supporting the information written there, you'll understand what Joe and I have been trying to do. Let me know what you'd like me to do. I greatly appreciate your help. Kahlyn (talk) 00:26, 11 October 2014 (UTC)Kahlyn
I suggest that you post the draft in your sandbox page, Kahlyn, and link to it on the talk page of the article. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 00:38, 11 October 2014 (UTC)
I'll do that now. Thank you. Kahlyn (talk) 02:23, 11 October 2014 (UTC)Kahlyn I just copied it to my sandbox and I think I've forwarded it to your talk, but just in case, I thought I'd let you know it on my page. Thanks again. Kahlyn (talk) 02:49, 11 October 2014 (UTC)Kahlyn
"Joe McKinney lives in the Hill Country of Texas near San Antonio with his wife and children, all of whom are properly trained for the zombie apocalypse." Come on, Kahlyn, you don't really think that sentence is appropriate for an encyclopedia article, do you? You need to rewrite that draft, keeping the neutral point of view in mind. You need to remove any unreferenced promotional claims, such as "Naturally, his work contains a strong procedural element and a level of realism reflective of the work he does." I also recommend removing the unsuccessful nominations for awards. Keep the awards he won, but we need references. Your references need to be properly formatted. See Referencing for beginners. You may also benefit from reading Your first article and A Primer for Newcomers. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 03:01, 11 October 2014 (UTC)
Hi Jim, Sorry, I did add a small joke for a zombie writer in his biography. I'll remove it immediately. The quote, "Naturally, his work contains a strong procedural element and a level of realism reflective of the work he does" comes from an interview with him regarding the influence of his work as a San Antonio Police Officer on his writing. I will insure it is properly cited. As for the unsuccessful nominations, those still carry weight in the World Horror Association. I will insure they are cited properly. I will read the material you have advised for me, knowing it will be very helpful. When I make the changes to the draft, I will let you know so you can review it again. Thank you again for all your help.Kahlyn (talk) 14:25, 11 October 2014 (UTC)Kahlyn
Interviews should be used very cautiously if at all. They are published by a credible, independent source, but that source is merely acting as a conduit for the information's author (the article-subject). However, sometimes the journalist doing the interview may make comments in the interview that are useable, it may be used for non-controversial information like date of birth, or it may have a good quote to include the article-subject's point-of-view on something. Regarding awards, I feel the community is more accepting of them on BLPs than companies, but you can see the criterion I use at WP:ORGAWARDS. WP:PRIMARY says primary sources "are often accounts written by people who are directly involved" and says that proper secondary sources are "removed from an event". The awards themselves are independent from the article-subject, but they are not independent of "the event." Awards that are truly significant to his profile should be included in other stories profiling his life that are independent of both the award organizers and the article-subject. CorporateM (Talk) 15:00, 11 October 2014 (UTC)

Teahouse Questions[edit]

Hey Cullen! Thanks for expanding on my answer here, had no idea about the issues. So I know what's going on, is bottom posting still an issue? I'm still seeing editors posting questions at the bottom of the page at a rate that appears to be more often than normal. ~SuperHamster Talk Contribs 07:21, 13 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello, SuperHamster. There may still be a glitch with the mobile site. I do not understand the technical issues. See the bottom thread at Wikipedia talk:Teahouse for details. At least we are getting questions. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 14:45, 13 October 2014 (UTC)
Great, thanks. ~SuperHamster Talk Contribs 19:14, 13 October 2014 (UTC)

Please comment on Talk:Derek McCulloch[edit]

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Congrats... You gave an awesome answer in the Teahouse![edit]

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A good answer is one that fits in with the Teahouse expectations of proper conduct: polite, patient, simple, relies on explanations not links, and leaves a talkback notification.

Earn more badges at: Teahouse Badges
I learn a lot from your answers as a host.
  Bfpage |leave a message  13:55, 16 October 2014 (UTC)

I appreciate it, Bfpage. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 17:01, 20 October 2014 (UTC)


Mensch5.png The Barnstar of Integrity
For a job well done helping others at Wikipedia:Teahouse/Questions even when encountering cases of incivility. Alexf(talk) 16:44, 20 October 2014 (UTC)
Thank you very much, Alexf. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 16:59, 20 October 2014 (UTC)

Wendy Davis (politician)[edit]

I guess the election is getting closer so things are getting nastier. Can you please keep an eye on the article and especially the talk page where stuff like this is happening? --NeilN talk to me 22:54, 20 October 2014 (UTC)

It is on my watchlist, NeilN. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 14:39, 21 October 2014 (UTC)
Thank you. --NeilN talk to me 14:44, 21 October 2014 (UTC)

Please comment on Talk:Tom Ridge[edit]

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Input needed[edit]

Can you give your input here?VictoriaGraysonTalk 04:23, 23 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello VictoriaGrayson. I won't comment on that article right now, because I lack more than passing knowledge of the topic. Also, I don't want anyone to think that canvassing is going on (it isn't). But I will put the article on my watch list, read it several times (once so far) and ponder the issues. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 04:51, 23 October 2014 (UTC)

Biography Articles[edit]

The dicussion you wanted to start Zafiraman (talk) 07:19, 24 October 2014 (UTC)

Do you have a question for me, Zafiraman, or something you want to discuss? Cullen328 Let's discuss it 07:24, 24 October 2014 (UTC)
You said you wanted to discuss biography articles Zafiraman (talk) 07:29, 24 October 2014 (UTC)
My custom signature indicates that I am willing to discuss anything about Wikipedia. I did my best at the Teahouse to answer your question about how biography articles are recognized. If you still have questions, Zafiraman, please ask either here or at the Teahouse. Thank you. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 17:20, 24 October 2014 (UTC)
On some articles, at the top you get &intro=BLP Intro how are articles designed to show this? Zafiraman (talk) 09:04, 25 October 2014 (UTC)
Please give an example of such an article, Zafiraman. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 16:51, 25 October 2014 (UTC)

Wayne Rooney is an example Zafirman (talk) 20:05, 25 October 2014 (UTC)

I do not see &intro=BLP Intro at the top of that article, Zafiraman. Maybe there is a bug related to the browser you are using. I am reading the article right now on the desktop site using Chrome on an Android smart phone. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 20:30, 25 October 2014 (UTC)

Look at the Uniform Resource Locator on a computer it says it there Zafiraman (talk) 22:43, 25 October 2014 (UTC)

Postural Restoration WP:MEDRS[edit]

Jim, You had previously left a dispute on the talk page for "Postural Restoration" regarding medical sources. I have looked into the issue and am wondering what specific sources you thought were not reliable for the use in medical articles when editting the sources used i have tried to use those from medical journals or collective medical research articles. Please provide your thoughts as to how the sources can be bettered to fit a medical page on wikipedia.

Alex.e.miller (talk) 19:17, 24 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello, Alex.e.miller. I replied at Talk:Postural Restoration. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 22:25, 24 October 2014 (UTC)


hi sir, then would you like to upload this image for me ,please?please reply soon.Jojolpa (talk) 05:27, 26 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello Jojolpa. Why do you think that this image is eligible to be uploaded to any Wikimedia project? Please be very specific and detailed in your response, demonstrating your understanding of copyright law. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 05:36, 26 October 2014 (UTC)

My school[edit]

My school is an Elementary School! — Preceding unsigned comment added by Sparky 321 (talkcontribs) 23:10, 27 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello Sparky 321. Elementary schools are usually mentioned in articles about their school districts, or in the education sections of articles about the city or town where the school is located. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 00:00, 28 October 2014 (UTC)

Please comment on Talk:Anita Sarkeesian[edit]

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Leela Bordia[edit]

Hello Jim

Thanks for taking time out to consider reading my article on Leela Bordia. I am a novice and first time contributor to Wikipedia. I have read your message and am currently rewriting and creating the article as directed by you.

Will need your advice time and again and i hope you shall be kind enough to favor me with it.

Thanks once again and regards

The iWriter ```` — Preceding unsigned comment added by The iWriter (talkcontribs) 10:47, 29 October 2014 (UTC)


I have made some further inputs to the said Article on Leela Bordia. Please have a look at it and give me your suggestions on whether i am on the right path and plz guide regarding corrections if any, since i am just a beginner.


The iWriter ```` — Preceding unsigned comment added by The iWriteru (talkcontribs) 12:54, 29 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello The iWriter. Your article needs to be written in prose, as opposed to the list of attributes you start your draft with now. Her name should be in bold only at first mention, as opposed to twice. You must remove all promotional language and words of praise, unless they are part of direct quotes from reliable sources. Your references should not be bare URLs, but should be filled out as complete references. Please read Referencing for beginners to learn how to do that. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 03:02, 31 October 2014 (UTC)

Whittier cancelation![edit]

I got a message that the page I made for my school got deleted! I don't know why! It said it was speedily deleted! I also received a message that Owais khursheed patrolled it! Does that mean he deleted it? I'm super sad! I just want answers! The page was kinda bad anyway... — Preceding unsigned comment added by Sparky 321 (talkcontribs) 22:13, 29 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello, Sparky 321. At the Teahouse, I explained that we usually keep articles about high schools, colleges and universities. When you told me here on my talk page that it was an elementary school, I explained that such a school would have to be of unusual architectural or historical significance in order to have an article on Wikipedia. I explained that we usually cover primary schools in school district articles, or education sections of articles about towns or cities. I had nothing to do with deleting your article, but the decision is in line with policy, guidelines and previous consensus. Your deleted article now redirects to Minneapolis Public Schools, which seems to be the right decision. When you say "The page was kinda bad anyway...", that is also evidence that things were handled properly.
Read the messages on your talk page carefully.
I understand that you are a young student, and are a bit disappointed. You are welcome to contribute to Wikipedia but your work will be held to adult standards. Please do not add any "kinda bad" content to the encyclopedia. Work on it at least until it is "pretty good" and please consider asking experienced editors to review your drafts before moving them to main space. Thank you. Cullen328 Let's discuss it 01:13, 30 October 2014 (UTC)