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2009 Senate Vote Count[edit]

I conceed that perhaps the vote count is not needed in the form of all caps, however a table displaying how each senator voted is indeed historic and extreamly relevant to the decision yesterday. You had a large number of democrats vote down the measure, a key swing republican/democrat senator Monserrate of Jackson Heights make a swing vote against the measure, and Gov. David Paterson is out praising the historic record of a first time vote in NYS Senate. Advocates of Gay Marriage believe that now there is a "path" (Gov. Patersons words) on what votes need to be considered. I do not see how a wikipedia page on NYS Gay Marriage could leave out that important record. I urge you to reconsider. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Nycutiepi (talkcontribs) 16:45, 3 December 2009 (UTC)


Aloishochwald (talk) 20:45, 5 May 2008 (UTC) AloishochwaldAloishochwald (talk) 20:45, 5 May 2008 (UTC) Thank you by help improve my article.


Changed my mind - it isn't worth it - Read the discussion on Voice Feminzation and AlexR userpage . I cleaned up most of the flame. Have a great life. You have a beautiful attitude!VoiceOfOne 22:34, 22 May 2006 (UTC)


FRC - Wikipedia:Requests_for_comment is one of the stages of dispute resolution.

If you have access to google use Dispute as your search. Alex is trying to say that we are bad users. Check out the Dispute resolution sidebar for an overview of the process. Wikipedia:Negotiation was ignored as well as Wikipedia:Current surveys.

I am so agree with you! I have placed {{Calm talk}} on the top of the Talk:Voice_feminization and Talk:Cisgender to see if it will calm AlexR down. I will be ignoring the AlexR rants for now as every time I have tried to explain anything and use logic, it seems to infuriate him. ... and I almost forgot, did you know that for 'EVERY USER', if you are on their User: or UserTalk: page that you can go to the toolbox and click on "User contributions" to see everything that user has done? Talk to you in June. FemVoice 20:45, 29 May 2006 (UTC)

Hey, it has been a long time since I posted. Seems that you have been having a quieter time without the problem. I checked the one article I updated, and it seems that most people find it ok, and have not made major changes to it. Now that everything has quieted down, maybe I will make some more changes. Again, thanks for your support. FemVoice 22:32, 10 January 2007 (UTC)

Let it go[edit]

Of course. The reason I did not go to any groups was that I didn't like the fighting. I tried to reason - did not work. I even thanked him for all his effort, and was insulted. That was the last straw. So, for me - I just walk away. My father said if you argue with an idiot, and someone walks by - they just see two idiots arguing.

Besides - good wikipedians don't fight

FemVoice 05:15, 31 May 2006 (UTC)

Someone agreed with me[edit]

I have someone that actually agreed with a change and reverted AlexR's rvv of what I did. I am ammazed! If you are curious see cisgender. FemVoice 21:17, 1 June 2006 (UTC)

I am not 'Voice of One'[edit]

I am 'Voice ov One' of is my room-mate, who came away from here crying ov is me.

AlexR made her cry. She said that he was abusive and self centered. I figured she was wrong. So I logged in and created the account FemVoice and looked, researched, found it wrong and changed it. AlexR got mean. I tried to reason with AlexR. I found out I was wrong and she was right.

I think we spend too much time together because like an old couple, we can finish each others thoughts. But no, 'VoiceOfOne' says she will not get back on to this site. She really was the one to write the voice-feminization article. I will try to do the best I can with it and ask questions of her as I go but it would have been done already if AlexR had left her alone.

Take care.

FemVoice 04:08, 2 June 2006 (UTC)

If you are curious about what I have been up to[edit]

Thanks for looking at the merge. Still not 100% done, but it looks better over there. I can't think of anything that I need right now, but I will keep you in mind after I make a few more changes. FemVoice 05:19, 17 June 2006 (UTC)

Walter Dean Myers[edit]

Thanks for your kind note. That article was listed at WP:MEA in the Literary Encyclopedia list, but you must have started it after the list was made. And a good start it was, too! Jacqui 14:23, 30 July 2006 (UTC)


Hi there - we chatted before on the Catch-22 talk page about sorting the character mess out. I know you have been lookig at the pages I have updated, and as no one else as given an opinion I wondered if you would give yours (I ask only cos I know you are interested).

1. What do you think of the pages I have merged and updated e.g. Orr, Doc Daneeka, and Aarfy, ho do you think they could be improved in general. 2. I want to make an extra page detailing the timeline of the events in the novel - do you think it would work, be a valued page.

Cheers, please leave thoughts on my talk page, --Lethaniol 17:56, 23 September 2006 (UTC)

Don't worry they are my own words (or more precisely I have cut and pasted the previous entries and then bulked it out with my own words). I have used a slightly modified template being recommended by Wikiproject Novels Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/CharacterArticleTemplate. I am glad you think I have may have pinched them from off the web - it suggests that they can't completely rubbish - though I admit they still need work. As for merging characters - I have made it clear on the talk page what I am doing - and as no one is complaining I am just getting on with it. I think careful merging will make the characters/storyline/plot much easier to access and understand - and highlight the most important themes. When you do get time, it would be much appreaciated if you could have a careful read through the new entries and correct or bring to attention if this template could be improved.
Many thanks Lethaniol 09:29, 25 September 2006 (UTC)

Muchas gracias[edit]


Hey Czolgolz, thanks a lot for supporting me in my recent RfA. It succeeded, and I am very grateful to all of you. If you ever need help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask. Also, feel free point out any mistakes I make! Thanks again, —Khoikhoi 04:57, 21 October 2006 (UTC)

Well, at least you made a good choice. ;-) —Khoikhoi 23:54, 21 October 2006 (UTC)

Catch-22 and Yossarian[edit]

Hi Czolgolz,

It is very lonely in Catch-22 world, and I feel I need someone to comment on the work I have done recently - in particular what do you think about the new Catch-22 article wikiproject novel template - anything that should be removed/added/expanded etc... And also what about the timeline in Yossarian's article - appropriate? Thanks in advance for any comments - hope you are enjoying the mid-terms. Cheers --Lethaniol 22:16, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

US Casualties of War[edit]

I take them from [1].

You're welcome. Sadly, you are right about the "forgotten war" statement... Warrior on Terrorism 20:17, 16 November 2006 (UTC)

Civil unions in South Africa[edit]

Hi I am a gay attorney in South Africa and lecture in the law of persons at the local university as well. The Supreme Court of Appeal in the Fourie descision, instructed parliament to change the Marriage Act. However, when it came to the crunch, the Marriage Act was left untouched and the Civil Unions Act was passed. The effect of the Civil Unions Act is that parties to a civil union have the same rights as parties entering into a marriage in terms of the Matromonial Property Act. The parties can elect to call the union a marriage or a civil union. Furthermore, in all legislation, except the Marriage Act, where "husband" or "wife" is mentioned, "same sex spouse" is now read into the legislation. I therefore stand by the assertion that South Africa has civil unions, although they are as close as damnit is to swearing, to a marriage. Regards Andrew massyn 19:55, 10 March 2007 (UTC)

Thank you for your response, I was incorrect. If I were you, I'd include what you just told me in the article, as it lists SA as a same sex marriage country. You obviously know much about this, so you'd be a good one to bring the article up to date. Thanks for your response. Czolgolz 20:57, 10 March 2007 (UTC)
I will bring the Act home and do a comprehensive update. Best Wishes. Andrew massyn 12:57, 11 March 2007 (UTC)

Requesting Page Protection[edit]

I saw on another article that you asked about how to request that a page be protected. I had the same question, and a nice wikipedian provided me with this: "You can send them either to WP:RFPP or to the appropriate subpage of WP:AN." I've just used the first link, and there are instructions there on how to do it. Hope that helps. croll 22:09, 26 March 2007 (UTC)

The News[edit]

Glad to be of service. Regards, Bolivian Unicyclist 23:17, 30 May 2007 (UTC)

AfD nomination of Unseen character[edit]

An article that you have been involved in editing, Unseen character, has been listed for deletion. If you are interested in the deletion discussion, please participate by adding your comments at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Unseen character. Thank you. -- Jreferee (Talk) 18:41, 14 August 2007 (UTC)


Hey, thanks again for editing the Betsie ten Boom page. You have really made a big difference! OnFire4Jesus (talk) 12:08, 8 April 2008 (UTC)


Hi :) Just wanted to make you smile for a sec. OnFire4Jesus 20:09, 9 June 2008 (ET)

Singingcutie's block[edit]

You were certainly right about Singingcutie's limited future on Wikipedia[2] but I'm a little puzzled about one thing. Why didn't you leave her "proper" warning templates like {{uw-vandalism1}}, {{uw-vandalism2}}, etc? Maybe she would have understood the situation better if you had? Hope you don't mind me asking, Yintaɳ  22:50, 20 May 2009 (UTC)

You don't have to be an admin to warn vandals. Anybody can do that. And if you get WP:TWINKLE vandalism can be reverted easily as well. Yintaɳ  23:12, 20 May 2009 (UTC)

100 Years of Solitude[edit]

Ah, yes, you're right about "dictatorial"; my mistake, I thought the change had been the other way around. Sorry. As for "sex organ": it's not a quotation unless it has quotation marks around it; "penis" is the more obvious English word, but if you want to quote, then go ahead and do so. And if you're treating "banana massacre" as a historical event (odd, I'd have thought), then surely you'd capitalize both words, à la "World War Two" (not "World war two"). But I'm not going to edit war on this. --jbmurray (talkcontribs) 10:31, 25 July 2009 (UTC)

I don't know how to use this "talk" feature -- But I've removed a comment on the 100 Years entry, under "critique," because I think it was placed there by the author of an insignificant essay about the book. There are many, many valuable and insightful critiques and writings about "100 Years," but the one I removed (from a minor essay, later published in a children's book, by an Irvin Winsboro) is not important or helpful. And again, I strongly suspect that the author himself, who is not an expert on L. American literature, has inserted the comment in order to promote himself. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Salahaldin (talkcontribs) 19:23, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest[edit]

My edits on the article about One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (novel) in the imagery section were reverted by you, and you said "good, but unsourced". I admit that without a source, the statements I made cannot stand by themselves. However, since the information I posted was souced from the book, would it make sense to post the information again, adding the novel itself as reference? Brownsc (talk) 19:17, 31 October 2009 (UTC)

I agree that the significance of McMurphy falling in the water is open to interpretation, however, do you think it would make sense to add the rest of the Christ imagery (such as when Bromden "he led the twelve of us to the water" or when McMurphy says "let's be fishers of men", or the cross-shaped board on which McMurphy receives ECT)? Although I haven't found these opinions anywhere else, I think it is at least worth mentioning as possibly being Christ imagery. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Brownsc (talkcontribs) 19:48, 14 November 2009 (UTC)

Articles for deletion nomination of Baby Train[edit]

Ambox warning pn.svg

I have nominated Baby Train, an article that you created, for deletion. I do not think that this article satisfies Wikipedia's criteria for inclusion, and have explained why at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Baby Train. Your opinions on the matter are welcome at that same discussion page; also, you are welcome to edit the article to address these concerns. Thank you for your time.
Please contact me if you're unsure why you received this message. Staxringold talkcontribs 07:27, 20 February 2010 (UTC)

Capital punishment[edit]

You may not have intended it, but saying that states no longer "offer" hanging struck me as pretty funny. I've got a mental picture of a prisoner entering preferences on a website, selecting from a menu that offers choices for last meal, type of clergy, and method of execution. He gets to the last one and it says, "Sorry, hanging is no longer offered. Please make another selction." ←Baseball Bugs What's up, Doc? carrots→ 14:49, 12 January 2011 (UTC)

"Our special tonight is cyanide gas..." Yep. So now, of course, I must bring up this bit of dialogue in one (or maybe more) of The Three Stooges films:
Warden: You have a choice of having your head chopped off or being burned at the stake.
Moe: I'll have my head chopped off.
Larry: Me too.
Curly: Not me, I'd rather be burned at the stake.
Moe and Larry: Why???
Curly: Well, a hot steak's better than a cold chop! N'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk!
We'll be back with more high comedy after this commercial break. ←Baseball Bugs What's up, Doc? carrots→ 15:04, 12 January 2011 (UTC)


The character descriptions are longer then the plot itself. Not only trivia, too much detail violates copyright. Would hugely piss off the people who own the rights to Cuckoo's. Lots42 (talk) 19:18, 28 January 2011 (UTC)

Remember the Global Economics class project?[edit]

Remember the Global Economics class project?

It's up for deletion at Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Wikipedia:WikiProject Global Economics. I'm notifying people who particpated on the talk pages there. Voceditenore (talk) 17:45, 2 March 2011 (UTC)

Last Occurences[edit]

Do you think we should bring that page back ?

Ive asked a few other people and they agree, it was a genuine enclyopedic article , Much like the front page of wikipedia ; what happened on this day and so on. If you want we could create it and work on it ? Goldblooded (talk) 16:23, 16 June 2011 (UTC)

Its back![edit]

Ive brought it back , Id appreciate it if you gave me support and help me prove its a worthy article. Thanks. Goldblooded (talk) 19:29, 21 July 2011 (UTC)


Parsecboy deleted it again. (Hes been stalking me anyway)

I saw your comment on his talk , I suppose we could raise the issue on the deletion review but to be honest they never listen so we'd be wasting our time. We could either create sub lists or i could get the list and post it on my page and you could refer to that and feel free to edit it. I thought it was one of wikipedia's best articles to be frank. Goldblooded (talk) 15:47, 22 July 2011 (UTC)


Nuvola apps edu languages.svg
Hello, Czolgolz. You have new messages at Discospinster's talk page.
Message added 02:59, 21 August 2011 (UTC). You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

... discospinster talk 02:59, 21 August 2011 (UTC)


Nuvola apps edu languages.svg
Hello, Czolgolz. You have new messages at Discospinster's talk page.
Message added 22:11, 21 August 2011 (UTC). You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

... discospinster talk 22:11, 21 August 2011 (UTC)


Rumour is that Gaddafi has also been arrested, but even if not, he's finished — Preceding unsigned comment added by Philadelphia 2009 (talkcontribs) 23:33, 21 August 2011 (UTC)

Agreed goodnight (assuming its nightime where u are) Philadelphia 2009 (talk) 23:37, 21 August 2011 (UTC)


In Chapter 4, on p. 33 of ISBN #0-684-83339-5. And I quote: "He had been told this by Yossarian, who made it possible for Dan Daneeka to collect his flight pay each month without ever climbing back into the womb." Trumpet marietta 45750 (talk) 23:33, 26 September 2011 (UTC)

I need a favor related to Free speech in the media during the 2011 Libyan civil war[edit]

I need a favor. Can I ask you to look at the deletion discussion at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Free speech in the media during the 2011 Libyan civil war? You don't need to take my side. I just think we need more voices in order to have a good discussion. Right now there are just two of us going back and forth and that isn't healthy, so I'm trying to get more editors involved. Thanks. Jeff Ogden (talk) 01:42, 1 October 2011 (UTC)

Gaddafi end date[edit]

Its really simple. If you want to play dumb with me, I'll play more dumber than you. If you want to give stupid reasons for undoing my work saying "works for me", I can give more stupid reason to counter it "yes Im the most reliable Encyclopedia ever". I have already put the link at the table to discuss, and if you refuse to play ball, then I guess we have to go it to our own way. Period. (talk) 03:31, 17 February 2012 (UTC)

Timeline of MSL Curiosity mission[edit]

There is a history on this article, beginning with the AfD sequence for earlier versions of this page. No communication from the editor has happened thus far, despite repeated asking, begging, pleading, bribing, threatening, warning or reporting [3]. When the user is warned, they log out and edit under an IP. When they need to use features only available to account users, they log back in to the same account, and continue undaunted. It was only the specter of a sockpuppet investigation which resulted in any use of edit summaries, whatsoever. I just wanted to alert you, because everyone else has already watched this unfold, and I didn't want you to not have all the pieces of the puzzle when dealing with this particular editor. It's enough to drive one to drink. Cheers. OliverTwisted (Talk) (Stuff) 02:15, 17 August 2012 (UTC)


Hi there. Thanks for keeping an eye on List of top 300 Major League Baseball home run hitters. When reverting, you may need to manually edit the page to a last known good date. The editor whom you reverted the edits from had made two previous edits before the third one which you reverted. Zepppep (talk) 04:51, 15 September 2012 (UTC)

List of unusual deaths[edit]

Hello, Czolgolz,

It seems to me that the Wikipedia’s List of unusual deaths is lacking or missing at least two deaths:,2285561

British Conservative Party legislator Stephen Milligan (Godalming, Surrey, 05/12/1948-London, 02/07/1994) died perhaps because a dangerous practice of starving himself of oxygen to heighten sexual pleasure.

American actor David Carradine (Hollywood, California, 12/08/1936-Bangkok, Thailand, 06/03/2009) also died because of autoerotic asphyxiation.

Alejandro Ochoa G., Guadalajara, Mexico. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 14:49, 11 April 2013 (UTC)

A barnstar for you![edit]

Barnstar of Reversion Hires.png The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
Thanks for your recent anti-vandal work. Bearian (talk) 16:34, 7 May 2013 (UTC)

SSM in Brazil[edit]

  1. Why would common sense need sources since they are already available in their own Wikipedia articles? We can't put source for each of those countries.
  2. Inaccurate how? New Zealand and Uruguay will only have it in August and France didn't pass it yet, Canada got a Catholic plurality rather than majority and Iceland is generally accepted as European.
  3. It is not just trivia. We are the first in the periphery of the Western world to do so, having it before Germany, Luxembourg, even Finland. A country with an HDI below 700 in the Southern Hemisphere and a Roman Catholic conservatism pushing against social change in many aspects. We already have it at the article for New Zealand and it is not as much as a strong height. Lguipontes (talk) 00:51, 15 May 2013 (UTC)

Chick tract[edit]

Why is it that you and others can source and take things from his site(like chick tract references, and his beliefs) but I can't? I'm not infringing on a copyright anymore than you are by sourcing him. I'm sure that Jack Chick didn't give anyone else on wikipedia permission to use his name or talk about his tracts. Besides, the testimonies aren't copyrighted only "Chick tract" is. The testimonies are from normal everyday people that were benefited by chick tracts, and deserve to be there as much as the criticisms and pop-culture. Hjurgelis (talk) 15:41, 14 June 2013 (UTC)Hjurgelis

Disambiguation link notification for August 2[edit]

Hi. Thank you for your recent edits. Wikipedia appreciates your help. We noticed though that when you edited Sueño de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central, you added links pointing to the disambiguation pages Alameda Central and Maximilian I (check to confirm | fix with Dab solver). Such links are almost always unintended, since a disambiguation page is merely a list of "Did you mean..." article titles. Read the FAQ • Join us at the DPL WikiProject.

It's OK to remove this message. Also, to stop receiving these messages, follow these opt-out instructions. Thanks, DPL bot (talk) 10:32, 2 August 2013 (UTC)

Disambiguation link notification for August 21[edit]

Hi. Thank you for your recent edits. Wikipedia appreciates your help. We noticed though that when you edited List of M*A*S*H characters, you added a link pointing to the disambiguation page Beacon Hill (check to confirm | fix with Dab solver). Such links are almost always unintended, since a disambiguation page is merely a list of "Did you mean..." article titles. Read the FAQ • Join us at the DPL WikiProject.

It's OK to remove this message. Also, to stop receiving these messages, follow these opt-out instructions. Thanks, DPL bot (talk) 11:35, 21 August 2013 (UTC)

Living MOH recipients list[edit]

I just noticed you removed some of the additions I made to this article. If you ever want to get this list to Featured status they are going to require an abbreviated history of the battle itself. Take a look at the other MOH lists that are featured. If you look at the FLC you will note that was a requirement. (talk) 17:28, 17 October 2013 (UTC)

Its no big deal to me, as an IP editor I can't submit anything to FLC anyway. I was just trying to build up the article a bit while I had some free time. (talk) 17:39, 17 October 2013 (UTC)

Current & ongoing Doonesbury edits[edit]

Thanks for the note on the Nate/Amy addition. I'm in the process of re-reading the strip from scratch and trying to check and update the Wikipedia entry as I go. Happy for any feedback. Slworona (talk) 16:18, 25 October 2013 (UTC)

Steubenville rape case[edit]

The IP's edit was actually pretty accurate--juveniles aren't convicted, but adjudicated delinquent. HangingCurveSwing for the fence 23:00, 26 November 2013 (UTC)

December 2013[edit]

Hello, I'm BracketBot. I have automatically detected that your edit to Status of same-sex marriage may have broken the syntax by modifying 1 "()"s. If you have, don't worry: just edit the page again to fix it. If I misunderstood what happened, or if you have any questions, you can leave a message on my operator's talk page.

List of unpaired brackets remaining on the page:
  • , [[Same-sex marriage in Hawaii|Hawaii]] (2013), and [[Same-sex marriage in New Mexico|New Mexico)]] (2013). [[Same-sex marriage in Illinois]] will become legal on June 1, 2014.

Thanks, BracketBot (talk) 01:18, 20 December 2013 (UTC)

Third Amendment[edit]

Given that Amendment 3 redirects to Third Amendment and that Amendment 3 has been used without specifying that it is Utah's, why don't you think that it is appropriate?Naraht (talk) 03:40, 24 December 2013 (UTC)

Proposed deletion of Veterans of the Spanish Civil War who died in 2014[edit]

Ambox warning yellow.svg

The article Veterans of the Spanish Civil War who died in 2014 has been proposed for deletion because of the following concern:

This could very well be a list of one. Likewise, it's odd to sit around waiting for someone to die just to make this list useful. Whatever info is here can be moved elsewhere.

While all constructive contributions to Wikipedia are appreciated, content or articles may be deleted for any of several reasons.

You may prevent the proposed deletion by removing the {{proposed deletion/dated}} notice, but please explain why in your edit summary or on the article's talk page.

Please consider improving the article to address the issues raised. Removing {{proposed deletion/dated}} will stop the proposed deletion process, but other deletion processes exist. In particular, the speedy deletion process can result in deletion without discussion, and articles for deletion allows discussion to reach consensus for deletion. freshacconci talk to me 23:04, 6 January 2014 (UTC)

Independent Olympians on All Time Medal List[edit]

Czolgolz, if you believe your changes to the text, then why didn't you change the table as well? And thus you see the original inconsistency that I had noticed in this section and was trying to clean up.

I agree that it would seem that ANY win by an Independent Olympian (IOA) EVER might imply that there should not be an IOA entry on this non-winners table. However, I acknowledge that some past editor has placed the IOAs on this non-winners table, so rather than remove them from the table, I tried to explain why they would be there.

I agree that my effort to explain the existing inconsistency could have been clearer. What if it was entered as a note just under the table (works nicely, since IOAs are at the bottom of the table) saying something like:

"Unlike an individual NOC, which represents a specific country, each Olympics with Independent Olympians (IOAs) is referring to a new, standalone, group - the IOAs who won medals in 1992 have no relationship to the IOAs in 2000 nor 2012."

After the 2014 Olympics are over, the table can be updated to show that IOAs competed in 3 different Olympics without winning a medal, and the text adjusted to say "... in 2000, 2012 and 2014". (Looks like this table is not intended to be updated daily as the 2014 Olympics slowly unfold)

Thoughts? Jmg38 (talk) 18:53, 12 February 2014 (UTC)

Mars One and Rhawn Joseph[edit]

I see you undid my revision 605369937 to the "Mars One" article. This is a bad idea. As I explained in the Talk page of Mars One, Dr. Rhawn Joseph and his website (to which all references in the text I removed point to) have actually nothing to do with the Mars One project. If you search, you will find no source that points to their connection, except itself. This website is well-known for publishing absurd pseudo-science. I will revert this change again as it is already creating misinformation online with people quoting this Wikipedia article, see this for example. M3tro (talk) 11:36, 27 April 2014 (UTC)

Yes, it was one of my first edits ever and I didn't notice the edit summary section! Will not forget in the future. Cheers. M3tro (talk) 09:09, 28 April 2014 (UTC)

Spanish Civil War[edit]

Hello I'm Maun87 , i see you on "list of living spanish civil war veterans"

I wanted to ask you , i didn't find any proof of existence of fernando luis gonzalez and no whereabouts of Dufek Karel , have you any reference ? or maybe we can delete names ?

Sorry for my english it's not my mother tongue lol — Preceding unsigned comment added by Maun87 (talkcontribs) 16:51, 6 June 2014 (UTC)

John Green philosophy[edit]

Okay, so I understand your point. But there are references to John being called a philosopher (check the Green brothers article). Additionally, I think it would be fair to at least include the "Existentialists" category on the article, since John has made several videos on the topic of an existential crisis, and in his novels, notably TFIOS, the characters discuss the topic as well. 21st-century philosopher, in my opinion, is also a fair category. Let me know what you think Soulbust (talk) 04:16, 4 November 2014 (UTC)

For Hank, I can concede it is a stretch of sorts to call him a philosopher (more of a stretch than with John) but watching videos, one could say he does present philosophies. Soulbust (talk) 04:19, 4 November 2014 (UTC)

Alright, thanks for the feedback. I'll be adding 21st-century philosophers on John, as well as the Existentialism tag. As for Hank, I'll just leave his categories alone. Thanks again. And sorry for that bummer situation with John. Soulbust (talk) 04:25, 4 November 2014 (UTC)

'new' Polish veterans[edit]

Regarding 'List of surviving veterans of World War II'. I've added a couple of vets, but changes were reverted because of wrong formatting. I'm not good with Wiki, could you add them for me? Additional data on the vets on their respective pages on Polish Wiki.

Stanisław Witold Aronson - 1925 - Order of Polonia Restituta recipient - Home Army -  Poland

Stanisław Oleksiak - 1924 - former president of World Association of Home Army Soldiers, Order of Polonia Restituta recipient - Home Army -  Poland

Kazimierz Śliwa - 1925|11|22 - honorous president of Okręg Pomorski of the World Association of Home Army Soldiers, the youngest of cichociemni - Home Army -  Poland

Aleksander Tarnawski - 1921|1|8 - cichociemny - Polish Armed Forces in the West -  Poland

Leszek Żukowski - 1929|2|11 - president of World Association of Home Army Soldiers - Gray Ranks -  Poland

Apologies for the undo on List of young adult writers[edit]

Hi. I undid your undo on List of young adult writers (which I suppose makes grammatical sense, though it sounds silly) because I think deleting information for "notability" (particularly in an underrepresented area) should be a discussion and not a single editor's choice. However, I should have discussed it with you first and it was rude of me not to do so. HullIntegritytalk / 15:36, 9 February 2015 (UTC)

Revert on 2011 Libyan Civil War (well, the page it redirects to)[edit]

The content I removed was part of the 2014 civil war, which I added a link to. Since there is almost no context for it in the 2011 page and the 2014 page wasn't even linked before, I don't really think it fits in well there. ansh666 05:24, 11 February 2015 (UTC)


Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Robert Young (longevity claims researcher) (2nd nomination) EEng (talk) 01:49, 4 March 2015 (UTC)

Thanks ...[edit]

... for clearly, concisely, and politely pointing out my error in editing Extreme points of the United States. After reading your edit summary, I had a major head slap moment, realizing that I had very carefully looked at Google Maps to determine the latitude, compared them to determine that the Texas point did indeed have a larger number. But of course that means that it is further NORTH not further South. The lesson learned here: being careful in the details (i.e., the exact latitude) can't protect me from missing the larger points (bigger means further north). A great victory for collaboration! Thanks again. YBG (talk) 15:24, 15 April 2015 (UTC)

List of United States Presidential firsts[edit]

Any chance you could source the birth-state firsts you've added? Shouldn't be too hard; you can probably use the same source for each. pbp 14:44, 22 April 2015 (UTC)

Paper Towns / Hatchet, etc.[edit]

Howdy. I am User:Mitchazenia, who is also running the Young Adult Literature class. I understand Themes section is OR, but it was kind of hard explaining to English majors that they don't need themes. Obviously, this is being worked on for next semester. I suggested to them to use scholarly journal articles to back them up, but unfortunately our time has run out. Clearly there is an issue, but understand they are new. Mitch32(The created world is but a small parenthesis in eternity.) 18:29, 4 May 2015 (UTC)

Not a problem. Remember, everyone doing this is new (I'm only new in teaching, not editing). I appreciate the apology, but I just wanted to make sure that you weren't going to mass revert. You reverted literally during the class and there was some concern running around. The students have been actually active tonight even. I've also gotten several who are going to edit after this class anyway. Some are great writers. Mitch32(The created world is but a small parenthesis in eternity.) 03:13, 5 May 2015 (UTC)
This class as part of the Wikipedia Education Program. I am also on the board of Wikimedia New York City. Mitch32(The created world is but a small parenthesis in eternity.) 03:32, 5 May 2015 (UTC)
Thanks. Also, just do me a favor and be a little lighter in the edit summaries. A lot of these students are newbies and are obviously a bit nervous. They aren't perfect. :) Mitch32(The created world is but a small parenthesis in eternity.) 03:44, 5 May 2015 (UTC)