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Arrowverse actors[edit]

Please tell me how Gustin and Amell talking about what the characters they play, the LEAD characters at that, will be doing next season is an insufficient source, but being told Tom Cavanagh is back without actually saying he'll be playing Wells and/or Thawne is? There's no logic to it; for example, let's say we went back to 2009/2010 with Doctor Who, and Stephen Moffat said "Karen Gillan will be playing a main character" but didn't give a character name. Gillan had already played a character in an earlier season, a soothsayer, so the natural assumption would be that she'd reprise the same role. Of course, she ended up playing Amy Pond, a completely different character who had nothing to do with her previous character. It wasn't the first time an actor on that show had played one character and ended up playing another, and it wouldn't be the last time either. For all we know, Cavanagh could end up playing a clone of Wells, or perhaps a descendant. Either way, however, assuming Wells or Thawne will be back based solely on "Tom Cavanagh will be back" qualifies as OR, and arguably has less going for it as evidence than my own sources. -- (talk) 19:06, 26 May 2015 (UTC)

I tried to do some coding difference to make Eobard and Wells there own separate rows but it didn't work (see my test edit). And Doctor Who is an entirely different thing. For 1. the character Gillian portrayed back in the Pompeii episode wasn't even a main character (or even one that people would remember really) so there wouldn't be any confusion, it would almost defiantly be a new character. Whereas with The Flash, Wells was a main character for the first season, if they cast the actor as someone else then that would confuse most people, especially if there was no explanation. A Clone of Wells would still be Wells and it is extremely unlikely that Wells would have a decedent (since he and his wife died when Eobard killed them).
And like I said at the start, I tried to do something with the codding of the table to put Eobard and Wells on separate rows but it didn't work. Consider taking it up on the article talk page to see what other editors think. I think it should stay for now and then be removed should he indeed (however unlikely) be portraying a different character.--Ditto51 (My Talk Page) 19:19, 26 May 2015 (UTC)
Then let's use a show in the same universe as an example: Celina Jade as Shado in the first two seasons of Arrow, then her twin sister Mei in the third. Who's to say that Wells doesn't have a twin brother, or an illegitimate child who comes back from the future like Thawne? And a clone wouldn't necessarily be the same character, with fellow DC characters Superman and Superboy. Or perhaps an alternate universe version of Wells similar to the relationship between Supergirl and Power Girl; Gustin did talk about how Season 2 would feature different timelines. There's plenty of ways to have Cavanagh return as someone completely different, and just assuming he's Wells would once again be WP:OR. Either way, I have started a discussion on the talk page that should hopefully settle this concretely. -- (talk) 19:43, 26 May 2015 (UTC)
Lets be honest here, Shado was dead, there was no time travel, there was no erasing the person who killed her from exsistance. (By the way, even if Wells does come back it is almost defintly going to be a different character). I digress to the Supergirl one. Superman and Superboy look completely different from each other, if they were going down that route then it would be a different actor altogether. Also without some servre gentic manipulation, his son would never look exactly like him to be portrayed by the same actor. (Also that would confuse people even more).--Ditto51 (My Talk Page) 19:56, 26 May 2015 (UTC)