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I was first![edit]

(or was it just blanked...)

Wow, a big white talk page to write on! :) Anyway, I see that you are working with the spanish Prem Rawat article, my spanish is less than perfect, but after it was brought to the attention of our article over in the english version, I decided to read it, and honestly, I'm not trying to hide anything here, I was kind of shocked. I see much of the article is based on Cagan's book. We had months of discussions about that book, and arrived at the conclusion that it could only be used for non-controversial details or with corroboration from other reliable sources. Where you aware that her book was about as close to self-published as you can be without reasonably expecting the general public to know that it was? The publishing company never published any other book, and the Executives of Mighty River Press have direct strong links to Prem Rawat. The book also gets many facts (specifically dates) flat out wrong. I would be happy to dig through our archives and provide the links to our Cagan discussions if you are interested; although I would also understand if you would rather not, as I soon discovered, this one article can be all-consuming in terms of one's free time. I don't like revisionism, and as a History teacher I get a serious knee-jerk reaction to fix it when I see it. This seems like one of those cases. It may also interest you to know that Jimbo passed by the english article not too long ago and inserted text about Prem Rawat being a cult leader into the lede, with the edit summary of "This is, without a doubt, the most important thing readers need to know". It was, of course, stricken almost immediately by admitted students of Rawat who are active on the article. Feel free to reply on my talk page instead if that's more convenient, or ignore this message completely, that's ok too! -- Maelefique (talk) 19:29, 29 January 2012 (UTC)