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Are you the one who deleted my contribution to Trust Law's history from this morning? — Preceding unsigned comment added by HafizHanif (talkcontribs) 01:40, 24 September 2014 (UTC)


My edit is based on authentic information, I can assure you. please stop deleting them

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Liberation page[edit]

I didn't make a mistake, it was intentional. Most in the men's movement would mostly entirely disagree with the page, and it completely misrepresents what men's rights is about. While I could I have been more diplomatic perhaps, the page seriously irritated me. Firstly, the page talks about the patriarchy, which has been thoroughly disproven time and time again and wholly distorts the view of the men's rights movement. Second, it's entirely in a "profeminist" point of view, which is the exact opposite of the men's movement, which is set on opposing feminism and its destructive effect on men's rights and society as a whole.

I deleted everything on the page because it is an absolute shame to have it on here, and it completely misses what the men's movement is about.

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