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Please re-instate article The Iguanas (Michigan band) or at least have its info. merged into the Iggy Pop article

Because the article on Iggy Pop's early band was deleted, we can no longer access any information about this band on English Wiki. Right now the Iggy Pop article says absolutely nothing about this band, even though they are well-known to garage rock collectors and aficionados. They recorded several records, which are included on several compilations. And, I believe that they have an album. The tragedy of such deletions is that they effectively kill off historical scholarship that editors have worked hard to compile. Obviously, it should be expected that any article, even one covering an obscure topic, should be well-sourced. Iggy Pop is famous enough that an article on his early band should be considered worthwhile, provided it is well-sourced. In all likelihood, the problem was not the article itself, but its title: it was inaccessible because it did not mention Iggy Pop in the title. The title should have read The Iguanas (60s band with Iggy Pop), or something to that effect. There is a Spanish article on the band (and in other languages), but none in English, the home nation of this band. Could Wiki please re-instate the article, for the sake of editors and readers who want to know more about this band? Not having it makes our work so much harder. If Wiki cannot bring back the article, then at least merge its content into the Iggy Pop article. Please. Garagepunk66 (talk) 17:57, 10 May 2015 (UTC)