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Dear LFaraone user,

In a truly most respectful way, one would attempt to suggest that you may have possibly made at least one possible small mistake, when you demanded that there should exist NO articles on Wikipedia whatsoever about the software Joomdle.

The following is the archived discussion page which includes the reasons to request this deletion:

In general terms, the reasons refer to lack of notability... in short, one would understand that you consider this software to be NOT important enough so that other people may deserve to learn about it... how did you reach this conclusion? did you ever do some research about Joomdle?

In order to provide you with some background, it could be useful if you learn about the existence of a software named Joomla:

Besides, there exists another software named Moodle:

Then, it may now be easier for you to understand "Joomdle", which is basically a software allowing for seamless integration between Joomla and Moodle, particularly providing one-single-login capabilities.

The Joomdle project keeps its own website where you (if at all interested) may learn more about it:

It is also indicated amongst the list of plugins available for Joomla:

There is a number of videos available which explain how to integrate Joomla and Moodle using Joomdle:

Although it may be quite easy to consider that the notability of this software is pretty self-evident, it may be comprehensible that you could have possibly made a mistake when you somehow decided that Wikipedia users should NOT be entitled to learn about the possibility of integrating Joomla and Moodle, because in your personal opinion this software is not "notable" enough...

It would be extremely elegant from you if, when eventually returning to Wikipedia, you might acknowledge the mistake, which you may also correct yourself by starting a new Joomdle wiki.

Thank you,


Lovecostarica (talk) 04:53, 17 October 2014 (UTC) a