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Disputes over style issues

Today you've edited Kaifeng Jews three times, merely to change the spelling of a single word from the way it's been since it was first added nearly two years ago, to one that you seem to prefer. I am reverting to the original spelling. Please refer to WP:MOS and do not change it again without a compelling reason. Zsero 21:56, 14 January 2007 (UTC)

It's because it's spelled with a "z" on planet earth. Next you'll be changing the word "Color" to "Colour" and any mention of weights and measurements to metric. (Ghostexorcist 22:05, 14 January 2007 (UTC))
RTFM. I won't be changing "color" to "colour" without a compelling reason why, in that particular article, it should be spelled that way; but you can be sure that any time you change "colour" to "color" without a compelling reason I will change it back. Zsero 22:20, 14 January 2007 (UTC)
That's seems really fruity that you are willing to follow me around. I think that counts as stalking. I do not like guys!(Ghostexorcist 22:26, 14 January 2007 (UTC))

Tulpa discussion

I'm curious as to how you appeared in the discussion area of Tulpa's. I am curious over your interest in them. Your athiest. If you niether believe in heaven or hell (i believe in no such hell). Do you accept spirits in a type of dimension other to our own? Is there any 'higher power' to your beliefs? i am curious.. and if so.. your an 'agnostic' not Athiest. Hope to hear from you soon. --Wizard 03:28, 26 January 2007 (UTC)

Your right, I’m an atheist. But just because I don’t believe in something doesn’t mean I don’t find it interesting. I love studying the various esoteric sides of the world’s religions. I became interested in the Tulpa when I read Alexandra David-Neel’s Magic and Mystery in Tibet. I've even got books on Egyptian Gnostic, Jewish and Taoist magic; Christian curses; Pennsylvania Dutch cures and Tibetan mysticism. (Ghostexorcist 04:10, 26 January 2007 (UTC))
I just checked if you replied before i went to bed, that's nice that you replied. I see now also that you've flamed me pretty bad on the Tulpa page. I'll remove all my text i've ever put on it tommorow when i find time. I didn't realise i was out of conduct. I put that text up there on the article years ago now and someone expanded the article adding information about the x-files and the like. But beyond that i started the discussion and various people have asked me for advise and all of them seem to have had thier details and text deleted also. So i realise now, my conduct was inappropriate. It was a small page when i started.. nothing was on it. Now that it has text, i see it must be kept professional in context with the rest of the site. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Shadowmage321 (talkcontribs) 05:43, 26 January 2007 (UTC).
My comments were not meant to be negative. I wasn't trying to "flame" you as you call it. I was unaware that you had started the page. However, as I've stated, the pages are meant for the betterment of the article. I was being nice; most people would have completely deleted your info from the discussion page and then sent you some hate mail on your own talk page. (Ghostexorcist 05:48, 26 January 2007 (UTC))
I realize you said you would delete your discussion when you found the time, but I went ahead and did it for you. Again, my actions are not meant to be negative. Feel free to add as much as you want to the Tulpa article, but be sure that you use viable "published" sources and not your own research or experiences. (Ghostexorcist 19:27, 26 January 2007 (UTC))

Nanjing Fight

Dear Ghostexorcist, we had some chat on Guo Cheng Yao (lei tai), I've previously contacted the president of the Wan Laisheng association, and we have agree to produce a full chronicle on that event. Moreover, Master Lau Kai Man, seconde generation froma Ku Yu Cheung has already been contacted, as well as some local journalists in Nanjing. I would be glad you to accept to collaborate in that, since in my opinion you seem to be one of the most acedemic wushu historians in the net. Feel free to collaborate or not, and of course, to answer or not. Mail: [User: Jan She Ji]

Thanks for thinking about me. I've sent you a reply via email. (Ghostexorcist 01:15, 28 January 2007 (UTC))

Orphaned fair use image (Image:Zhou Tong.JPG)

Thanks for uploading Image:Zhou Tong.JPG. The image description page currently specifies that the image is non-free and may only be used on Wikipedia under a claim of fair use. However, the image is currently orphaned, meaning that it is not used in any articles on Wikipedia. If the image was previously in an article, please go to the article and see why it was removed. You may add it back if you think that that will be useful. However, please note that images for which a replacement could be created are not acceptable under fair use (see our fair use policy).

If you have uploaded other unlicensed media, please check whether they're used in any articles or not. You can find a list of 'image' pages you have edited by clicking on the "my contributions" link (it is located at the very top of any Wikipedia page when you are logged in), and then selecting "Image" from the dropdown box. Note that any fair use images not used in any articles will be deleted after seven days, as described on criteria for speedy deletion. Thank you. This is an automated message from BJBot 18:08, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

You can delete it. I uploaded another photo. (Ghostexorcist 18:14, 2 February 2007 (UTC))

Orphaned fair use image (Image:Avatar220epshot.jpg)

Thanks for uploading Image:Avatar220epshot.jpg. The image description page currently specifies that the image is non-free and may only be used on Wikipedia under a claim of fair use. However, the image is currently orphaned, meaning that it is not used in any articles on Wikipedia. If the image was previously in an article, please go to the article and see why it was removed. You may add it back if you think that that will be useful. However, please note that images for which a replacement could be created are not acceptable under fair use (see our fair use policy).

If you have uploaded other unlicensed media, please check whether they're used in any articles or not. You can find a list of 'image' pages you have edited by clicking on the "my contributions" link (it is located at the very top of any Wikipedia page when you are logged in), and then selecting "Image" from the dropdown box. Note that any fair use images not used in any articles will be deleted after seven days, as described on criteria for speedy deletion. Thank you. This is an automated message from BJBot 13:13, 4 February 2007 (UTC)

Orphaned fair use image (Image:Kataraclub.jpg)

Thanks for uploading Image:Kataraclub.jpg. The image description page currently specifies that the image is non-free and may only be used on Wikipedia under a claim of fair use. However, the image is currently orphaned, meaning that it is not used in any articles on Wikipedia. If the image was previously in an article, please go to the article and see why it was removed. You may add it back if you think that that will be useful. However, please note that images for which a replacement could be created are not acceptable under fair use (see our fair use policy).

If you have uploaded other unlicensed media, please check whether they're used in any articles or not. You can find a list of 'image' pages you have edited by clicking on the "my contributions" link (it is located at the very top of any Wikipedia page when you are logged in), and then selecting "Image" from the dropdown box. Note that any fair use images not used in any articles will be deleted after seven days, as described on criteria for speedy deletion. Thank you. This is an automated message from BJBot 13:19, 4 February 2007 (UTC)

Image:Four Generals.jpg

Greetings. I've deleted the requested image. I enjoyed Image:Four Generals.jpg. I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, but the real world keeps distracting me. Cheers. --Fire Star 火星 15:00, 4 February 2007 (UTC)

He's not fat; he's big-boned.
JFD 11:53, 5 February 2007 (UTC)

Yay Vandals

Apparently we are teh gayzors! H2P (Yell at me for what I've done) 19:45, 7 February 2007 (UTC)

Some one named Deep requested it and actually removed the picture we both like several times. You can review our dialouge in the history/talk section. One thing, can you (or someone with access) please delete the orphaned image I just uploaded. I don't like stray pictures of Devi floating around here.


There is no reason to delete your picture. Although it is not detailed enough to be a heading picture, it would be a welcome addition to the gallery section towards the bottom. (Ghostexorcist 00:31, 22 February 2007 (UTC))

Muslim Chinese martial arts

nice to see your edits i would be glad if you can add some pics,and expand the template .7day 07:31, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

I personally don't have any pictures to contribute to the page. I just put the styles in alphabetical order and deleted ALOT of incorrect citations. Just like I said on the talk page; incorrect citations are just as bad as no citations at all.
I noticed that when you last reverted any changes, you deleted all of the {{Fact}} tags. Please do not do this since 80% of the page was incorrectly cited. (Ghostexorcist 07:55, 23 February 2007 (UTC))
quite bloody shameful to see such childish vandalism on the part of user:7day. I do agree that the page in question is due a serious overhaul seeing it is full of POV and essentially is a mirror of in order to bring the article's overall quality, a lot of sources need to be found and sections needed to rewritten with a NPOV and expanded upon, and I do not consider cutting and pasting from the internet as finding sources. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Ghostridingwhips (talkcontribs)
I agree! (Ghostexorcist 08:18, 23 February 2007 (UTC))


Hi, I'll try to keep an eye on the users who are nearing 3 reverts. Report them to Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/3RR if they have already done so. You can alert admins to the whole situation at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents. If you feel new users are blatantly removing content from the article, contact me for page protection. - Gilliam 15:24, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

Ghostexcorcist, I apologize if I seemed rude. I did not intend to be rude.Your version of the churning episode is a very minor version. It's not one commonly accepted by most schools of Hindism and may confuse a novice reader. It is important to note that the common version is Shiva alone consuming the poison. I have put citations. Please put your citations.Raj2004 01:35, 6 March 2007 (UTC)

No. In Kalahasti, Shiva is worshipped as an embodiment of air Vayu itself. But you are correct in stating that the article states that Vayu is an avatar of Shiva.
I hope this clarifies. Raj2004 00:32, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

excellent edits

Raj2004 01:07, 8 March 2007 (UTC)

About YOU

In the About Me section on your page you seem to be attacking Christians more than anything. I think stating your an Athiest is enough. Okay? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

You need to get off your high horse just for one minute! Christianity is pretty much the main religion of the western world. I think It’s obvious that I’m a westerner, so I’m just saying I do not believe in those things. If you go back and read it again you will see that I also said:

"I feel there is NO one "true religion". If I was religious, I would say that every god, from every religion is just a smaller facet of a much larger whole--ONE GOD, MANY FACES."

What does that mean to you? It should show that I have respect for all religions (even though I don't believe in them). Now that we have an understanding, stop leaving me whiney messages on my talk page! Okay? (Ghostexorcist 21:12, 3 March 2007 (UTC))

Okay. And what horse (Good termonology though I'll have to use it sometime)? If anything a giant otter! In case you haven't noticed Christians are compelled to convert others...I dont know why but we are (well, at least I am) Im sorry about my whiney message. I was under the influence of sappy music. And your very right I should respect all beliefs. Im gonna go day dream now. Bye! Not a sponge 23:55, 7 March 2007 (UTC) (See! I signed it!)


You asked me to provide a citation for my book reference to Zelazny's Lord of Light on the Kalki page. What kind of citation are you are looking for, a book about the book?
    I gather you haven't read Lord of Light. The main character's name is Kalkin, popularly known as "mahasamatman," translated as "great-souled Sam." (He is also known as Maitreya.) His atman (or at least his disembodied consciousness) had been (technologically) dispatched to an analog of Nirvana in a past age, in which he had conquered the demons and tried to establish an enlightened civilization, but was thwarted by others bearing the "attributes" of various Hindu gods who preferred to rule as dictators. He is summoned back by Yama and Ratri from the analog of Nirvana, to overthrow the self-appointed "Lords of Karma" who have corrupted the way of Dharma. Other characters debate whether he is an avatar of Vishnu. He combats Kali and Agni, rides to war on a white horse brandishing a sword that has never been defeated, again (single-handedly) conquers the demons, re-enacts the life and teachings of the Buddha, and explicitly brings an end to an age of darkness and corruption.
    In an interview in 1973, Zelazny spoke of doing considerable research in Hindu history and beliefs in preparation for writing this book, but does not cite specific texts. (He describes it as the book on which he had to do the most research of all of his works.) You can download the interview at; select track 17. I would write to him for a confirmation, but he died in 1995.
    In any event, the connections are quite as obvious as the Vidal book. Does that one require a citation to some other book too? If you like I could change "is directly based on" to "extremely closely tracks," but the change would be meaningless. --SteveG23 02:17, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

No I've never read it. You can just cite the book itself (author, Name, publisher, etc.). Yes, the Vidal book needs one as well. I assume the Kali in the book is the demon and not the Goddess? The Demon Kali is Kalki’s nemesis in the Kalki Purana. I wrote the article on Kali. (Ghostexorcist 07:42, 19 March 2007 (UTC))
As to Kali, that is one thing he is unclear about – but possibly intentionally, I believe, in as much as the characters are all humans who, with paranormal abilities and aided by technology, have chosen these roles, and sometimes do not fill them well. There are strong hints that while they adopted Hinduism as a convenient mechanism to rule, few if any of them were originally Hindus when they left Earth.
    The Kali character for most of the book is never called a demon, but the goddess of dance and also of destruction; I strongly suspect that aside from narrative convenience, this may be a sign of the ignorance of the characters rather than the author. Likewise for a while Shiva has some attributes of Agni - but this is specifically explained. (Despite the availability of reincarnation, sometimes the "gods" are killed or destroyed and must be replaced by others not accustomed to the roles.)
    What with many (technologically contrived) reincarnations and other developments, the main character is not clear for a while on who Kali originally was. The "demons" are non-human, and in fact non-material local life forms, immortal, hostile and rational, and clearly sexless, and it would not have made narrative sense to identify any of them as having unique personal characteristics. --SteveG23 11:36, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

Zhou Tong

Probably the best way to mention this guy in Wu Song is to create a separate section, like those "Extended Universe" parts for Star Wars characters. --Mongol 19:59, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

I've never heard about the Legend of Zhou Tong, either the cartoon book nor that local opera (that opera you mentioned was of a kind local opera only performed in a limited area in a province, Fujian, of China.) I don't believe they adopted the storied from each other. Most likely they both got the basic story from SuoYueQuanZhuan (about Yue Fei), and extended it. Anyway, in short, Zhou Tong is not a famous character in China at all. As the result, I was really surprised to see his entry in English Wikipedia was so long. You did do a lot of research. --Mongol 16:46, 20 March 2007 (UTC)
The comic book takes place before Zhou takes Yue as his disciple. One chinese blog page says this about the comic book: "这套书籍讲述了他从投军到剿灭太湖水寇,抵御辽军,最近归隐,传授技艺于岳飞的一生经历。"
I have a feeling that Zhou Tong's wuxia biography was based upon this comic book. The descriptions of both sound similar and one of the covers from the comic book is exactly the same (plus more detail and color) as one from his biography. It features what I can only assume is a young Zhou Tong tugging on a ladies leg under water. I have my own copy of Zhou’s fictional biography, but my Chinese literacy is embarrassing at the moment. You can view the book's cover here. (Ghostexorcist 18:43, 20 March 2007 (UTC))
A link you mentioned in your notes, Zhou Tong, is another guy 周通, not this guy you are interested in, 周侗. And I got aware of that novel, of which you have the cover uploaded, during my editing of Zhou Tong (周侗)'s Wikipedia entry in Chinese. That novel was recently written, and only sold tens thousands of copies. Yes, the comic books cover Zhou Tong's stories when he was young, but that is just a prelude, like "Batman Begins". They want to publish a series of books to make more money, so they invented some kind of reasonable preludes. So the brief history of Zhou Tong's stories: He was mentioned as Yue Fei's archery master by Yue's grandson in the 13th century; his story then got more details in the novel ShuoYueQuanZhuan in the 18th century; then even more details with in the format of novels and comics at the end of 20th century. And then all of those were compiled by you in 2007. :) --Mongol 18:58, 20 March 2007 (UTC)
I know the Zhou Tong from the Water Margin is a different person, that’s why I added his name to the top to cut down on confusion. I also know the novels and comic books about Zhou are new. I believe his fictional biography was published in 1986. I’m not sure when the comic book was made. I would like to write a book on Zhou when I gather enough info about him. I wrote 99% of the Yue Fei page. All of Yue’s biography info used to be on Zhou’s page. (Ghostexorcist 19:07, 20 March 2007 (UTC))

Elijah Ba'al Shem of Chelm

I know the Jewish Encyclopedia says

 "Elijah of Chelm, in the middle of the sixteenth century,
 was the first person credited with having made a golem with a Shem,
 for which reason he was known as a 'Ba'al Shem.'"  

But it flat out contradicts _itself_ in the immediately preceding paragraph. You may want to refer to the article on Golem for a selection of references that treat the topic in greater detail. I'm not sure what the JE was trying to say--perhaps that something about Elijah's technique was unique, like the particular name used--but it doesn't come through. If you know what that uniqueness is, then by all means let's include that (as long as it isn't original research). But the Talmud (B, Sanhedrin 65b) refers to RAVA as creating a Golem in the _2nd Century_ (and others later see ibid 67b), and RASHI says that RAVA did that using the Sefer Yetzirah--so I'd say the JE is just in error here. --Jason Richards 16:17, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

Cow urine

I know there's no article yet, and I figured there never would be, because I didn't understand its significance. Thanks for explaining it, I've reverted myself. Grandmasterka 00:58, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

Needing Help With Photo Copywright

Hi once more, I have a question about a recently uploaded photo that I want to use for Liuhe Pagoda of China. The article lacked any picture, and it really needs one, considering that it is one of the greatest Song Dynasty (or any) Chinese pagoda standing today.

The image is found at this link here:

If you would be so kind, I'd like to have you or somebody else verify the copywright license (it's some random American guy's vacation blog pic). In the meantime, I have given it the GFDL presumed tag, but if I do not verify the copywright stuff, it will be deleted in 7 days!

Thanks for your help, --PericlesofAthens 06:19, 23 March 2007 (UTC)


You might put up a request for translation at Wikipedia:WikiProject China/Translation. If I have some spare time, I might take a look at it also. --Yuje 08:02, 25 March 2007 (UTC)

Zhou Tong

Professor Lorge will be useful in guiding you through various strata of legend. JFD 00:23, 27 March 2007 (UTC)

Peer Review for Song Dynasty

Hello, I've recently put a lot of work into the Song Dynasty article, and I was wondering if you had the time to give a little peer review, providing suggestions, advice, opinions, etc. I'm shooting for featured article status, and it is very close in my opinion to reaching it.

Wikipedia:Peer review/Song Dynasty/archive1

Thanks, --PericlesofAthens 20:21, 30 March 2007 (UTC)


Hmmm... my Thai is limited, but I think "Jao Tong" is a more accurate transliteration. I asked a Thai friend, and she says "Chow Thong". So let's go with that :) --Bkkbrad 01:12, 9 April 2007 (UTC)

Thanks a bunch. (Ghostexorcist 01:19, 9 April 2007 (UTC))

The stories of Zhou Tong

I read the articles you mentioned. The content in [1] was just copy/pasted from [2], which probably was also copied from somewhere else. Basically, it is a summary of all kinds of Zhou Tong's stories merged together. It's not trust worthy at all. For example, the first paragraph reads: "Readers who like Yue Fei Legends would be familiar to Yue's master, Zhou Tong. However, Zhou also appeared in Shuihui. Who was this mysterious guy?" Well, we both know, Zhou did NOT appear in Shuihui at all. He was just back-referred as the master of a few characters in Shuihui. In the second paragraph, it spoke some facts: "This is a Zhou Tong in the history indeed. He was a general of Song Dynasty, as the martial art master of Yue Fei. He was famous of his archery skills. Yue learned archery from him since 7 years old, and could shoot arrows from both sides. However, Yue's spear skills were taught by someone else." Well, I believe that that was based on the line Yue Fei's grandson's one sentence saying Yue learned archery from Zhou Tong. In the third paragraph, it says: "There is not much historic record of Zhou Tong. However, after artificial manufacturing by folk tales, this character got more details. The common stories are summarized as below.". Hah, now we know what this is about.

In summary, I believe that Yue Fei's grandson mentioned Zhou Tong in one sentence as Yue Fei's archery teacher. And his story kept on growing since late Qing Dynasty till today. --Mongol 06:38, 9 April 2007 (UTC)

Endal (dog)

Hello there

have just seen your comments

I have set up a page linked to famous dogs called Endal (dog) . I keep getting various message about cleaning up the item.

The article is factual and written by me (despite problems listed below) and is Endal's current profile that we use with the media. Endal has as well as helped me physically he has also had a profound psychological benefit too which I have tried to show in the article, it is not all about clever tricks. This is not taken from a canine partner's leaflet!!!

Endal has to date had over three hundred film crews film from all around the world film him and is currently having a movie made about his life's story which I think meets the criteria of being famous. A simple internet search of Endal brings ups stacks of info on him

I suffered a head injury in the 1991 Gulf war that left in a coma for five years. I have had to learn to read write and talk all over again, hence I am having difficulty understanding how or what is required of me to make the page appropriate. I am trying my best to be part of this fantastic project but feel it is like "nailing jelly to the wall" in trying to produce an acceptable item, but I am not one to give up. I had hoped that this project was accessible to all regardless of disablity etc?

Thank you so much for you assistance with regards to this matter —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Allenandendal (talkcontribs) 10:19, 9 April 2007 (UTC).

Adding links to copyright violations


Welcome to Wikipedia. We invite everyone to contribute constructively to the encyclopedia. However, the external links you added to the page Phoebe Cates do not comply with our guidelines for external links. Wikipedia is not a mere directory of links; nor should it be used for advertising or promotion. Since Wikipedia uses nofollow tags, external links do not alter search engine rankings. If you feel the link should be added to the article, then please discuss it on the article's talk page before reinserting it. Please take a look at the welcome page to learn more about contributing to this encyclopedia. Thank you. --Yamla 14:53, 9 April 2007 (UTC)

Welcome to Wikipedia? I've been here a while. (Ghostexorcist 15:39, 9 April 2007 (UTC))

Ma Mingda

Thanks for the tip. Thank heaven for Project MUSE. (Mustn't leave out JSTOR either.) JFD 22:35, 16 April 2007 (UTC)

I'm on the road a lot, so that depends entirely on whether or not a nearby university lets non-students use its library. JFD 22:56, 16 April 2007 (UTC)

Endal (dog)

I am not terribly sure what it is that is going to be achieved here. Within the assistance dog industry in the UK this man is known as being a very good story teller. There are thousands of assistance dogs in the UK who go about their work with their disabled partners day in day out, the unsung heroes of the canine world.

Why does this dog deserve a Wiki entry? The countless articles about this dog and his apparent talents don't really address the serious issues of dispute.

Using the wayback machine to study early press reports about this couple, clearly illustrates the story has far more detail now that it ever did before! Does memory improve with time?!

I find it really contentious that Wiki would support an article that will not stand up to peer review. If people wish to learn abut the Endal story they simply need to google, this adds nothing to Wiki at all; in fact, it detracts from the impartial, neutral nature of the site. 19:58, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

Why the hell are you contacting me about this? I was the person who posted the admin tags about wikifying and sourcing the article, I didn’t write it. I think the dog should have an article because it has received several awards and has been featured in news print and on tv. It therefore meets the "notability" criteria. (Ghostexorcist 20:50, 17 April 2007 (UTC))

What sort of Q? is that? No need to be unpleasant about it!

Just making the points that fiction cannot become fact merely by retelling a story and also that the story does not stand up to peer review. IF it did, someone other than Parton would have written the entry! 22:28, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

I have nothing to do with the article. I suggest you contact someone who does. Have a nice day. (Ghostexorcist 00:59, 18 April 2007 (UTC))

Yue Fei / Help desk

Hi. Just to let you know that the formatting of the infobox was still incorrect after my edit, so I took it back a couple of steps to the version by Beetstra (you'll see it in the diffs anyway). I wanted to let you know, just in case there was any part of your test edits that you wanted to keep, in which case, you'll need to add them again. Hope that's OK. Regards, Adrian M. H. 17:44, 21 April 2007 (UTC)

That is weird. I have noticed an increase in strange glitches in Wikipedia lately, so maybe this is another of those. I'd suggest following Mr.Z Man's advice and asking at the Village Pump. It's staffed by people with more technical knowledge than me. Best of luck in getting it sorted anyway. Regards, Adrian M. H. 17:51, 21 April 2007 (UTC)
Greetings. I've been away for a bit, has the glitch worked itself out? --Fire Star 火星 14:13, 24 April 2007 (UTC)
That is weird. Can you log out and edit the article as just an IP? I'll look into your and the article's protection logs to see if I notice anything unusual. --Fire Star 火星 19:33, 24 April 2007 (UTC)
I don't see anything unusual in either your logs or the article logs or history. I'm going to suggest that you contact a Wikipedia bureacrat, they are users who have more tools at their disposal to look into things. A list of current (and former) Wikipedia bureacrats can be found here: --Fire Star 火星 19:59, 24 April 2007 (UTC)

Could you help me write this article?


I was wondering if you would be willing to help me write either Seikichi_Iha or Shorin-ryu_Shido-kan. Tkjazzer 21:48, 22 April 2007 (UTC)

Kali pics

You have removed two photos of Kali thus far. I think you need to discuss major changes like that before you do anything. The person who uploaded your most recent deleted photo claims to have snapped a shot of a "temple mural in Madurai". He posted that on the talk page when various photos of Kali were under attack from extremely religious editors. I suggest you take it up with User:Balajiviswanathan.(Ghostexorcist 04:20, 25 April 2007 (UTC))

Removing images which do not have proper copyright notices given is not a "major change" and there is nothing to discuss except to try to determine who does own the copyright. I have already posted a message on that user's talk page. (And his image actually is very poor to begin with, with it being slanted and light flashing off of it, etc., so I don't know why you'd want it there to begin with.) DreamGuy 04:24, 25 April 2007 (UTC)

Re: Kaifeng Jews

Oh, so you were the one who was writing the book! I was trying to figure it out because from your comment it seemed that you didn't believe in it (Jews under Yui Fei). How is the book coming along? Will you let us know when it's published?

To be perfectly honest, the reason why my interest in the Kaifeng Jews lasted for more than a short while is that I fell in love with the synagogue and some of the things the Kaifengers wrote. Yodaat 01:52, 27 April 2007 (UTC)

You definitely haven't made the job easy for yourself! It's hard enough to put yourself into one society / culture / time period and think like the people, know what they knew, etc. Is there a lot of information out there about the Kaifeng Jews in the early second millenium -- their lifestyle, traditions, etc?
What made you interested in the Kaifeng Jews to begin with (before you started your book)? Yodaat 04:01, 27 April 2007 (UTC)
Thanks for your long response; it was very interesting! (Also, thanks for the reference to the book -- it seems like something I was looking for but couldn't find.)
When do you think the Jews came to Kaifeng? Yodaat 02:10, 1 May 2007 (UTC)


I have reverted the abovementioned article and invite you to re-edit being sensitive to content that is already in the article. I have also left a request on the article's discussion page. I invite collaboration and dialogue in relation to this page and have added it to my watchlist.

Namaste in agape
Walking my talk in Beauty

B9 hummingbird hovering (talkcontribs) 13:17, 28 April 2007 (UTC)

Yue Fei Tattoo

I could not gather enough solid evidence to support the true Chinese characters that were tattooed onto Yue Fei's back. The curriculum of the Chinese primary school states 精忠报国. However, there exists one other popular variation of the tattoo. In my opinion, none can be considered accurate as more evidence is required for determining the actual characters.—Preceding unsigned comment added by Erdan (talkcontribs)

Re: Notes


Whew, that was interesting. It's not surprising that the Shinlung and the steles got the years wrong -- it's easy to confuse these things in oral histories.

Even if Jews were killed in Guangzhou, they could've been very small in number -- perhaps even no established community. But 878 isn't that long ago, relatively.

I've still got to think over all of that -- as the second word of this reply may indicate.

Thanks again, Yodaat 01:25, 3 May 2007 (UTC)


IN the article on Kali, you seem to have taken matter or references almost completely from a certain single book : ^ a b c d e f g Pinney, Christopher. Photos of the Gods: The Printed Image and Political Struggle in India. Reaktion Books, 2004 (ISBN 1861891849). In what manner is this encyclopaediac, unless you are willing to give a single western scholar all credibility in what is an essentially political view, and to the exclusion of all other? Brihas 17:26, 5 May 2007 (UTC)brihas

i think long editing of articles on so sensitive a matter as religion has made you defensive. i always check beforehand the identity of the person who made a particular edit. but there is one specific issue that needs to be brought to your notice. not being Indian, you cannot be expected to understand that almost every faultline, rift between the Hindu and Muslim communities arrived in English ships, with the European inability to comprehend the lack of communalism in India. The same is true of Western scholars or scholars that studied in the West. So I would advise you to discuss these matters with people intimately familiar with India before creating or editing religion-based articles.Brihas 22:32, 5 May 2007 (UTC)Brihas


I removed it because Spider-Man is a fictional character, and it had little relevance in a fictional biography. Maybe you can put it in the article on Spider-Man in popular culture. Alientraveller 10:38, 7 May 2007 (UTC)

I know he is a fictional character. That fits into the "no shit" category. I've added the info to his powers and equipment page. (Ghostexorcist 10:40, 7 May 2007 (UTC))

Please clarify

You disputed the military history tag on Zhou Tong (monk). Could you please make it clear that your removal has nothing to do with a personal POV on the monk or soldier issue. Thank you. Wandalstouring 17:38, 11 May 2007 (UTC)

Zhou Tong (monk) assessment for WP:CHINA

Hey, I am wondering about some of the sources that you used for the Zhou Tong article, so I haven't upgraded its rank to A class yet. Please respond to my concerns on the comments page (accessible from the WP:CHINA tag), and I will probably change the ranking.--Danaman5 22:19, 11 May 2007 (UTC)

Sorry, the comments are actually under the WP:CHINA template on the talk page of the Zhou Tong article (click "see comments"). Anyway, I was just wondering if the biographies you used are classical works or modern. Featured Articles that use classical texts as sources have been questioned before.--Danaman5 00:11, 12 May 2007 (UTC)

Comic book

Thanks for the link to the Zhou Tong comic. I'm a recovering comic addict so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. JFD 01:32, 13 May 2007 (UTC)

I've added a number of {{nrd}}'s to images you've uploaded.

You have uploaded a number of illustrations from the same book under fair use. While a single illustration might be fair use - 10 from the same book certainly isn't. Please read WP:FUC - and add rationales for the images you think meet fair use. Links here:

Megapixie 14:30, 13 May 2007 (UTC)