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List of Hobbit Families[edit]

The list of Hobbit Families page is both outstanding and informative. The Hanes names is indeed not true. My intent was to remove the change later this week. If it is at all possible, would you consider allowing me to add the familly name back in for a few days as we are creating a hobbit week at work for this week only?

UKIP negativity again!![edit]

Please do not undo referenced and cited edits to UKIP's profile page. UKIP's membership has risen as of yesterday from 28,000-29,000+ as has been confirmed by the Official UKIP website which I referenced. Unexplained reversion of edits in the future will be reported as vandalism. I note you included the WP:IRS link for recognising reliable and unreliable websites. I would suggest that you have some pretty intense and unbalanced bias if you cannot recognise a official political party website citing exact membership figures as not being a reliable reference. If you have a personal problem with UKIP as it seems you do have from earlier messages from other users who take issue with your edits, and you are trying to label them/us as "Far Right" for example, and you cannot refrain yourself from unbiased edits, I suggest you refrain from editing the page altogether. Regards. User:RoverTheBendInSussex (talk) 00:19, 17 June 2014 (GMT)

One- I would have thought an official site was fair enough reference. I use official references for football transfers etc and that has never been brought into question. Two- I have since added a third party reference. Three- I notice your multiple edits to UKIP's page because of unreliable first hand references. I wonder why then the Liberal Democrats Wikipedia page uses a Liberal Democrats run reference for its membership number. Yet you haven't changed that one have you? I accuse you of having a agenda taking note of multiple comments in your 'talk' page. Examples; Removing outdated analysis, accusations of Negativity towards UKIP from more than one user, trying to highlight UKIP as a "Far Right" party (LordFixit 07:16, 15 April 2014) and now this. It seems you have a direct issue with UKIP and I am getting really bored of correcting your insisting in keeping negativity of UKIP on the page. It is getting boring! User:RoverTheBendInSussex (talk) 21:20, 17 June 2014 (GMT)


I am actually 27. The "2001" represents when I started going to High School.

Radagast Changes[edit]


You recently changed the Radagast entry. You said that the image belonged in the adaptations section of the articles, but I would argue that the infrobox should be used when implementing the image. On similar articles such as Dumbledore and Katniss Everdeen, an image is displayed in the info box which depicts an actor playing the part in an ADAPATATION of the work. I believe that the change was both warranted and helpful to the article. I am planning on readding the image to the infobox, but changing the wording to solve the continuity issue. I hope we can both agree that Radagast has earned a place that would benefit from an image of the character in Tolkien's Arda. Thanks, and sorry for any confusion!

--Emnp3 (talk) 17:09, 11 November 2014 (UTC) > Tom C


Hi, it seems that the consensus may have changed. An article deemed "good" by the administrators of the Middle Earth Portal ( contains an image like the one we are discussing. I think that the consensus may not be an actual consensus. Would you mind leaving it as it was, until we get to the bottom of this from the admins? As many other groups that cover these types of topics (Book and Movie characters) follow this form, and it is an arguably more visually appealing and informative entry when the image is displayed in the info box. Another example would be ( where Treebeard is depicted in an ADAPTIVE work by the Artist Inger Edelfeldt.

--Emnp3 (talk) 20:25, 11 November 2014 (UTC) < Tom C

In a related move I have nominated two non-free Middle-earth images for deletion at Wikipedia:Files for deletion/2014 November 11. You might want to chime in there. De728631 (talk) 22:04, 11 November 2014 (UTC)