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Dear Hello71, I am new to Wikipedia and I don't see a way to contact you. I have created a page in memory of my recently deceased Uncle, British composer James Stevens. You placed a review at the top with large ! marks. I have put links at the bottom of the page to verify the authenticity of his work. Would you please remove the marks at the top of the page so as not to detract from his accomplishments. He was a very creative and accomplished musician. You need only check some of the links to verify:

My entry to Wikipedia is not for any personal or financial gain, it is only so that his memory work remains recognized. That was his wish. Sincerely, Erol Sommer — Preceding unsigned comment added by Erolsommer (talkcontribs)

Awwwhhhhh :((( lakasam booo hooo hoo deeee — Preceding unsigned comment added by ChesireKatt (talkcontribs) 19:39, 13 December 2013 (UTC)