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>Hi there, noticed your nice formatting work on Chicago. I was wondering where >you were pulling the radio station information from? 97.1 is WDRV-FM, "The >Drive", and has been for a few years now. It looks like whatever DB you may >be pulling the info from has old information. Perhaps you can query WDRV on >the FCC site, if that's not what you were already using.

I'm glad you like the formatting. I've been pulling the data from Arbitron. I tried the FCC but came up empty handed. If you find something let me know. I used to work in radio and every station worth its salt keeps their info updated with Arbitron because that's how they make their money. Arbitron is like the Nielsen of radio and they get their ad dollars by showing their status with them. I noticed 3 other stations that had out of date info with Arbitron and I checked on some of them and saw that some of their status was in limbo (buyout's etc.) which would make sense if their was some kind of change in ownership to wait until the next reporting period to make their change.

AP rhetorical questions[edit]

Thanks for [1] -- I've been trying to remove those for a while, but could never get the wording quite right. Nicely done. Cheers, David Iberri (talk) 12:12, 21 February 2006 (UTC)