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Thank you![edit]

I would like to thank you for all of your help translating and organizing translators during this fundraiser. Every time I sent out a request, the translation was completed in record time. Your collaboration was paramount to the success of the campaign and personally, made my job a very pleasant one. I wish you well in the year ahead and hope our paths cross again.Klyman (talk) 22:54, 20 January 2011 (UTC)

You are welcome. It was a pleasure working with you for this wonderful project. I wish you a prosperous 2011. Regards, --Julian (talk) 18:17, 22 January 2011 (UTC)

Inactive bot on nds.wp[edit]

Hello Julian Mendez,

Your bot Synthebot is flagged with the 'bot' user-right on nds.wp. It has formerly been active with maintaining interwiki links. Thank you for your work! After the deployment of Wikidata there is no need for interwiki bots anymore. If you plan to use your bot for tasks other than interwiki maintenance in the future, please go to your bot's local nds.wp userpage and state what kind of tasks your bot will do in the future. Otherwise the bot flag of your account will be removed one month from now. If you don't plan to use your bot account on nds.wp anymore you don't have to do anything. If you want to keep your bot flag to do other tasks but don't plan to start with these tasks immediately please post a road map on your nds.wp userpage. If you signal interest in keeping your bot flag but fail to take up activity in the time until three months from now, your bot flag will also be removed. Thank you for your understanding. --::Slomox:: >< 14:49, 26 April 2013 (UTC)

Uklanjanje bot zastavice / Removal of bot flag[edit]

(Bosanski) Želim da vas obavijestim da je se na donijela odluka da se uklone bot zastavice kod neaktivnih i/ili interwiki botova. Vaš bot spada u najmanje jednu od ove dvije kategorije. Ova odluka je donešena zbog zbivanja oko Wikidata koje je dovelo do toga da su interwiki botovi postali nepotrebni. Ako želite da zadržite vašu bot zastavicu onda možete podnijeti taj zahtjev ovdje sa dodatnim informacijama o poslovima koje bi bot obavljao i na koji nacin. Imajte na umu da ovo treba da bude konkretan i koristan posao za zajednicu da bi se zastavica zadržala. Ako imate bilo kakvih pitanja kontaktirajte me na mojoj stranici za razgovor. Ukoliko ne reagujete na ovu poruku će se uklanjanje zastavice izvršiti nakon nekoliko sedmica. Međutim, uvijek ste dobrodošli da podnesete novi zahtjev za bot zastavicu.

(English) I want to inform you that on there has been a voting that resulted in accepting the removal of bot flags for inactive and/or interwiki bots. Your bot has been identified to meet at least one of these criteria. This decision has been made due to the new developments with Wikidata by which all interwiki bots have become unnecessary. If you want to keep your bot flag, then please report that here by indicating what new task your bot will be performing and how this will be done. Note however that this has to be a concrete and useful task for the community before it will be accepted. If you have any questions, please let me know on my talk page. In case of no response, the removal of the bot flag will be performed within a few weeks from now. However, after that period you are always welcome to file a new request for a bot flag.

-- Edin(r) 01:23, 27 april 2013 (CEST) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Edinwiki (talkcontribs)

Bot flag on ruwiki[edit]

Dear Botowner!

On behalf of bureaucrats from the Russian Wikipedia I want to notify you, that we are discussing removal of the bot flag from your bot on ru.wikipedia: See lthis. We nominated all bots removal that were inactive for the last year: If you have any future plans for running the bot or want to keep this flag for some other reasons, please, tell us: at this discussion. You can also contact me directly via my user talk - ru:User talk:Rubin16.

If you have no objections or we don't receive any response for a week, we will remove bot flag. Thanks a lot for your previous contributions! rubin16 (talk) 19:39, 7 March 2014 (UTC)

Your bot on English Wikipedia[edit]

A proposal to de-authorize a group of idle interwiki bots on the English Wikipedia is currently in process. A bot account of yours has been included in the list. If you are no longer using this bot, no action is neccessary by you. Should you wish to revive your bot in the near future, please remove your bot from the list here: en:Wikipedia:Bot_owners'_noticeboard#Bot_that_are_inactive_for_the_last_2-4_years_and_may_lose_bot_flag. Thank you for your contributions. For the en: Bot Approvals Group, en:user:Xaosflux 12:05, 28 June 2014 (UTC)

Inactive bot on Japanese Wikipedia[edit]

Julian Mendezさん、こんにちは。



Hi Julian Mendez,

I noticed that your bot on japanese Wikipedia has been inactive for more than a year. If you wish to keep its bot flag, please use once within a month. If you no longer need it, the bot flag will be removed.

Regards, -- Banku on ja.wikipedia 05:20, 12 August 2014 (UTC)

Your bot on nowiki[edit]

Hi! I've removed the bot rights for your bot on nowiki, per our guidelines, which say that the rights should be removed if the bot is inactive for more than a year. If you should need bot status for it again, please reapply. Thank you for your service so far! Jon Harald Søby (talk) 13:48, 17 August 2014 (UTC)

d:Template:Constraint:Diff within range/doc[edit]

Hello, thank you for English translation. But now Russian text is not displayed on d:Template:Constraint:Diff within range for Russian users. Ivan A. Krestinin (talk) 20:09, 14 September 2014 (UTC)

Hello. Thank you very much for pointing this out. I think it is fixed now. Regards, --Julian (talk) 18:15, 15 September 2014 (UTC)

gl:Wikipedia:Bots/Peticións de aprobación[edit]

Ola Julian Mendez.

Comunícoche que, debido a túa inactividade como bot, propúxose a revogación do teus status como tal.

Podes ver a votación en: gl:Wikipedia:Bots/Peticións de aprobación.

Saúdos. --. 22:45, 15 January 2015 (UTC)

Translation request[edit]

Greetings. A while back you helped with translation for single-user login finalization. Could you take some time to review the two messages that will be sent of affected community members soon? The pages are here and here. Thank you for your time, happy editing to you. Keegan (WMF) (talk) 23:19, 2 February 2015 (UTC)