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Hello, Loup Solitaire 81, and Welcome to Wikipedia!

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French in Algeria[edit]

Well people in Algeria realize that the French language didn't work so they're switching to English and by the time it's gonna be the second language after Arabic of course. --Houcinovic (talk) 16:41, 9 September 2014 (UTC)

You're right, I think you'd better learn English instead of French, which is more useful nowadays, at least in the foreseeable future (up to 2060? You said Chinese?) but I think that's bad to "throw the stone" (French expression... Works in English?... sorry but I'm French) on us : if our ancestors were not kind to your people and only thought about petroleum that's not our fault, we, kids of the 2000's (I was born at the end of the 20th century and never faced the 1960's war with France) and that's not kind to us to be bullied or hated. A recent study says French language will be the most important language by 2050 after English and Chinese (but I really doubt Chinese would take over English if they're not more important than the whole occidental world, I mean European languages (Germanic like English or German and Latin ones like French, Spanish or Italian and Portuguese : Chinese is a really stranger language very hard to master for us European speakers). My feeling is that, we, French-born language speakers, would greatly benefit from a larger user base of French speakers, that's a dream to me as we are not numerous enough in French-speaking Europe and Quebec (tiny 80 million speakers) to match the quality and quantity of the English-speaking culture (which is however very different, I dare to say we have a stone to bring to humanity), but if you, as Algerian people, don't want to pardon our history and appreciate our language which I love, that's fine and good luck with English if it better benefits to your people ! But please don't use propaganda on Wikipedia, I really care of neutrality on this encyclopedia, even if not everything is perfect (you're welcome to give your advices if you think some things are wrong, but your modifications seemed wrong to me to my humble knowledge).

Best regards,

"Loup Solitaire".