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This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia.

Belated apologies[edit]

So, some considerable time has passed, and obviously I am now semi-retired. I'd like to apologize for a lot of my actions towards the end of my time as a highly-active member here; I overstepped the mark by a hell of a long way, and helped blow a situation well out of proportion (this primarily being the March 92S debacle). I don't apologize to whoever was hiding behind the Jaggee account, as I still stand by my comments there (and that account's behaviour was what lead to my heightened paranoia and anger) - but to everyone else I pissed off in the motorsport-related saga, I do strongly apologize. I made mistakes in some of the articles I wrote, and edited; and I was unable to take the criticism as it was worded, or the fact that I perceived a situation where people didn't actually care about content, but only cared about driving me off (this part of the apology being aimed at The359 in particular, but Falcadore and Pc13 caught some of that as well, if I remember correctly.) We all made mistakes there, but there's no condoning my behaviour at all. I have no idea if I will ever fully return, and if I do, I would be happy for someone to keep an eye out for any mistakes I make every now and again, as long as they're able to do so in a manner that won't make me fly off the handle in a massive way again! I will, however, do the odd bit of anti-vandalism work as and when I spot it (and indeed, have been doing so on and off since I left.) Lukeno94 (tell Luke off here) 20:48, 17 July 2014 (UTC)

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