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Michael Goodyear, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada




Michael Goodyear (Dalhousie University)

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Sex in the Public Square

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Help: Table
{| class="wikitable" border="1" |+ <big>Comparison of Four 21st Century Classifications of the Liliaceae</big> ! colspan=3 style="border-right:solid black 2px; background: #ccf"|Tamura<ref name="Tamura 1998b"/> !! colspan=2 style="border-right:solid black 2px" | Takhtajan<ref name=Takh09/> !! colspan=3 style="border-right:solid black 2px; background: #ccf" | Taxonomicon<ref name=brands/> !! colspan=3 | APweb<ref name=Mabberley/> |- ! style="background: #ccf;"|Family !! style="background: #ccf;"|Subfamily !! style="border-right:solid black 2px; background: #ccf"| Tribe!! Family !! style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Tribe !! style="background: #ccf;"|Family !! style="background: #ccf;"|Subfamily !! style="border-right:solid black 2px; background: #ccf"| Tribe !! Family !! Subfamily !! Tribe |- | rowspan=4| Liliaceae || rowspan=3|Lilioideae || rowspan=2 style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Lilieae || rowspan=3| Liliaceae || style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Lloydieae ||rowspan=6| Liliaceae || rowspan=4|Lilioideae ||style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Lloydieae || rowspan=6| Liliaceae || rowspan=4| Lilioideae || rowspan=3| Lilieae |- | style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Lilieae || style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Lilieae |- | style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Tulipeae || style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Tulipeae || style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Tulipeae |- | colspan=2 style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Medeoloideae || colspan=2 style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Medeolaceae || style="border-right:solid black 2px"| ''Medeola'', ''Clintonia'' || Medeoleae |- | rowspan=2 colspan=2| Calochortaceae || style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Calochorteae || colspan=2 style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Scoliopaceae || colspan=2 style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Calochortoideae || colspan=2| Calochortoideae |- | style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Tricyrtideae || colspan=2 style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Tricyrtidaceae || colspan=2 style="border-right:solid black 2px"| Streptopoideae || colspan=2 | Streptopoideae |}

Comparison of Four 21st Century Classifications of the Liliaceae
Tamura[1] Takhtajan[2] Taxonomicon[3] APweb[4]
Family Subfamily Tribe Family Tribe Family Subfamily Tribe Family Subfamily Tribe
Liliaceae Lilioideae Lilieae Liliaceae Lloydieae Liliaceae Lilioideae Lloydieae Liliaceae Lilioideae Lilieae
Lilieae Lilieae
Tulipeae Tulipeae Tulipeae
Medeoloideae Medeolaceae Medeola, Clintonia Medeoleae
Calochortaceae Calochorteae Scoliopaceae Calochortoideae Calochortoideae
Tricyrtideae Tricyrtidaceae Streptopoideae Streptopoideae

style="border-bottom: 3px solid grey
style="border-right:solid black 2px


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{| class="toccolours" style="float: right; margin-right: 0em; margin-right: 1em; font-size: 85%; background:#c6dbf7; color:black; width:20em; max-width:40%" cellspacing="5" | align="left"| |- | align="left"| '' |}

"She has, as you well know, a terrible hatred for France, with which nation it is most difficult for her to keep on good terms, but she controls this passion except when she thinks to her advantage to display it. She detests Your Majesty, but acknowledges your ability. She cannot forget the loss of Silesia, nor her grief over the soldiers she lost in wars with you."
Prussian ambassador's letter to Frederick the Great.[5]



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[[File:Scadoxus multiflorus 0005.jpg|thumb|''[[Jungpflanze]]'' in Gambia]]



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Hippeastrum puniceum
Hippeastrum puniceum at Kadavoor.jpg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Subfamily: Amaryllidoideae
Tribe: Hippeastreae
Subtribe: Hippeastrineae
Genus: Hippeastrum
Species: H. puniceum
Binomial name
Hippeastrum puniceum
(Lam.) Voss[6]

Amaryllis punucea Lam.

| synonyms = ''species1'' <small>Authority1</small><br/> ''species2'' <small>Authority2</small>



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<ref name=Will80>{{cite journal |last=Williams |first=M. |year=1980 |title=Self-sterility in ''Hippeastrum'' (''Amaryllis'') species |journal=Amaryllis Bulletin |volume=1 |page=20 }}</ref>

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{{Autoimages |title=''Hippeastrum'' cultivars |align=left |width1= 450|height1= 600|image1=Hippeastrum Lemon Sorbet.1c.UME.jpg|caption1='Lemon Sorbet' }}
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<div style="text-align:left; ">{{Legend2|#0000FF|''A. p. piscivorus'' |border=1px solid #aaa}}{{Legend2|#aaa| [[Intergradation]]|border=1px solid[[intergradation]]}} </div>

      A. p. piscivorus        Intergradation


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Books and documents[edit]





  • Adanson, Michel (1763). Familles des plantes. Paris: Vincent. pp. I: 1–199; II: 1–640. Retrieved 9 February 2014. 
Chronological list of authors. Part I: Page 1-
Table of 58 families, Part II: Page 1
Table of 1615 genera, Part II: Page 8
Index: Page 511-20