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As I understand it (I'm a WikiNewbie), I can use this page to explain myself, and you can use it to talk to me. I think the main purpose of posting to a user-page is to discuss the cross-topic behaviour of a WikiEditor, and that's what I'm expecting to deal with here. If you want to discuss edits that I've done on some specific article, please use that article's talk page. All articles that I edit (unless the edit is minor) are added to my watchlist.

I prefer email; you can email me here [[1]]; but I do watch my watchlist.

I'm a (rotten) Buddhist, and a professional software developer. I live in Oxford, in the UK; I was born in this town, but I've lived in quite a few other places in the intervening years. Politically I lean towards autonomist anarchism and environmentalism; but my attitudes in both areas are pretty-much moderate - sort-of wishy-washy pinky-green with a delicate hint of deepest black. I was taught Western Philosophy at university.

I've tangled recently with both psychotherapists and lawyers; I messed with psychoactive chemicals in my youth; I lurve the Grateful Dead and several other old hippie bands; I've lived as an adult in the UK and the USA, an as a child in Malaya and France; and I'm a vegetarian (I can cook - we veggies have to learn to cook, otherwise we don't get fed a proper diet).

I think that more or less covers everything I know anything about!

Comments on Mipham Gyatso talk page=[edit]

I _think_ Sylvain's last reply to your comments got in between your comment and signature, so I moved it back, based on edit history. If this is _not_ the case then I do apologize, but it was a little confusing otherwise. Regards, Zero sharp 16:43, 15 December 2006 (UTC)