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Do not add my username to lists like missing wikipedians!

I recently took some time off from Wikipedia and made myself focus on my everyday life... actually going outside more, talking face to face with people. I've begun to realize that I miss out on a lot of living by spending so much time here.

Moreso than that, I find myself doing much more "vandal fighting" and pointless administrative-type stuff than actually writing content. The level of vandalism and bullshit I see daily on Newpages is overwhelming to me. There are many more people out there who would rather create attack pages, stupid childish jokes, self-promotionn pages and general nonsense than actual useful content. While I think this is probably a symptom of a greater problem, nowhere else can I see what could be a great project destroyed on a daily basis by stupid kids, morons and vainglorious assholes.

I wish I could see Wikipedia as something worth spending my time on, writing more articles about interesting people like Maggie Cogan, but just thinking about it makes me feel like "why bother?"

Most of all, I'm sick of the endless game we all get dragged into by moronic internet trolls, where they do stupid stuff and we file reports and block their socks. Wikipedia needs to do MUCH MORE to preserve itself than this endless whack-a-mole and playing the game. We need to file real abuse reports with ISPs and force them to be accountable for their users abuse of our site.

The weather here has been beautiful lately. Chances are, I'll be out enjoying it. You should be too, there's an enitre world out there you're missing out on by spending your time in this fake one.

I regularly clear old discussions from this talkpage. It's allowed under policy.