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Old topics[edit]

Old topics - some of which I'm proud of:

Science, Research, Technology and Art[edit]

  • Symbiotic Algorithm - deleted for original research
  • Was thanked for Patent article (19 June 2006)
  • All terrain skating - deleted for product promotion, which I had not noticed at the time, although I could have written it more generally. Never found the time to make a second round and fix it.
  • Warning.SVG - re-posted my art not noticing that the first one uploaded by mistake, and which I wanted deleted, was speedily deleted.
  • My work on model engineer Jan Ridder - was deleted for notability. It was later restored to my joy, after an argument and vote (2011). But at some stage later, deleted again - when I was not following it.
  • My work on Humor was mostly revoked - probably because of the way I wrote it. There is a rich set of sources in the archive of my edit, showing differences in the perception of and usage history of humor in different nations and cultures, specifically discussing the British, US, German, Japanese and Jewish cultures. I also discussed various localities and roles in jokes, and ancient humor including biblical humor.
  • Moved my edits on ('Am I Right?' website) to private space, then decided to delete.
  • My work on Sailing Dead Downwind Faster than the Wind was revoked by someone who thought I was claiming it was a hoax. Although in fact, I was giving the phenomenon a short and clear technical and scientific explanation. Never found the time to fix that, although the way the article is written currently is in the style of a fringe-science website.
Scams, Bad Science and Conspiracy Theories[edit]

I generally believe that Wikipedia SHOULD have an entry for these people, organizations and ideas, and clearly mark them as fringe science explaining what is wrong with them. In the past these people, organizations and ideas were simply brushed off. IMHO, with the state of communications and belief systems they should be tackled head on. But I understand that in most cases this opinion of mine is not accepted.

This issue takes up quite some space on my original talk page, in a few sections, both about fringe science and scams, and about POV claims in history and current events.

  • I was able to save Davison Associates from being deleted, but then had a long fight to clearly mark them and their Inventionland headquarters as being deceiving along with their record of fraudulent behavior proclaimed by the US court of law as being one of the better examples of an invention promotion scam. (2011)
  • Declined to write about or vote for a serial killer (marked for deletion)
  • I wrote against the 'Baghdad battery' showing it being fringe science. Not sure what was done with that.
  • I gave sources and wrote about the false, fraudulent and at times dangerous claims about H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) in household remedies, in toothpaste and in "alternative medicine" usage - at times even lethal usage. Most of my edits have slowly been revoked or "diluted". Many by anonymous users.

History, Politics and Judaism[edit]

  • Rabbi Moshe Aharon Leifer - deleted for notability. I decided not to contest it, although I had good proof of notability, because the Rabbi (according to his son) would not have liked to be written about on the web in any case.
  • My article on Adil Najam - previously deleted article (twice!), contested on grounds of notability and self promotion. I found much of the self promotion claims to be true, but was able to prove notability and find some reliable sources, while clarifying some of the claims about him such as the claim that he was a Nobel laureate. The discussion includes the story of my research about this man, of whom I had not heard, prior to my encounter of his name in the context of economy on the Wikipedia. (May 2008)
  • My work restored a previously deleted article on Bryan Mark Rigg researcher and writer about "half-Jews" in the Nazi Wehrmacht (army), sourcing and clarifying his history and claims.
  • I was invited to WikiProject Judaism - but declined, because I wanted to focus on science and technology.
  • I was invited as a woman to join the wikimedia group "Closing the gender gap" - but declined explaining that I am male, although I support their efforts. (And that the name Moshe has nothing to do with "She" and is the Hebrew form of Moses).
  • I discussed the Gaza flotilla raid - hoping to bring the closest to NPOV as possible from the sources. (May 2012)
  • I briefly edited Zionist and discussed the allegations about an organized group for Wikipedia editing with a Zionist (or rightist Zionist) bias and POV. At first I refuted the claim, but then discovered that it was true, and gave sources to it.
  • I wrote about Richard Falk and his involvement in the American Movement for One Government, which I doubted, but turned out to be true (after writing to the library that stores the records of this organization.

Finally I opted to steer away from these discussions, unless I can bring a NPOV point of view, or clearly show that the current situation is POV. (I am Israeli and a Zionist, but believe that the truth - which in the end is NPOV - is above all).

  • I recently wrote about the town of Halhul while researching about the battles fought by the Maccabees and war elephants (and the famous death of Eleazar the Maccabite unfortunately crushed under an elephant after attacking the wrong one), finding many interesting sources about this town, its current events and its history. I also updated much information about various Shtetles - former Jewish towns of Europe, such as Jewish Altona, Hantchin, Hanipoli and many others, reflecting my work in the Hebrew Wikipedia. I've also done research and wrote about war criminals of the Nazi regime, and about various massacres and expulsions of Jews along the ages.

Bot corrections[edit]

New topics[edit]


Category:WP:LETGO, which you created, has been nominated for possible deletion, merging, or renaming. If you would like to participate in the discussion, you are invited to add your comments at the category's entry on the Categories for discussion page. Thank you. John Vandenberg (chat) 14:01, 9 January 2014 (UTC)

thank you for notifying me. I replied there and on the WP:LETITGO page. פשוט pashute ♫ (talk) 01:09, 10 January 2014 (UTC)
oh well they didn't let go. פשוט pashute ♫ (talk) 18:16, 18 January 2014 (UTC)


Hi, and thanks for your work on the English Wikipedia.

I noticed an article you worked on. Just a short note to point out that we don’t normally link:

  • dates
  • years
  • commonly known geographical terms (including well-known country-names), and
  • common terms you’d look up in a dictionary (unless significantly technical).

(This even applies for infoboxes.)

Thanks and my best wishes.

Tony (talk) 07:36, 12 March 2014 (UTC)

Dates and years are linked, if its an historical event, for two reasons:
a. For context, what else happened on that date and year.
b. For listing of important events by year and date. Published books for example. And of course, historical events.
Countries and ethnicities are definitely linked, tell me that everyone knows who exactly the Ruthanians are (or were, according to the article, today the term is not used much)...
Locations with an important history, towns in places not common, and even places like New York and London occasionally get linked, as in Global City as opposed to City which originally included the 'Global City' section, so when discussing New York City and London, only Sao Paulo and Istanbul are linked.
Terms that are important and relevant to the topic discussed, should be linked to as well. If for example I mention a 'death-camp', whose actual definition is contested by holocaust deniers, it is almost a requirement to give a link.
But thank you for checking it out.
פשוט pashute ♫ (talk) 07:18, 13 March 2014 (UTC)
I now saw you actually edited the page (while I was working on it, should have put: under construction, sorry) and someone else also took the time to remove all date links (or perhaps a bot did it). Lets discuss please on the talk page there. I've been here for a few years, and never had this come up. To the contrary... פשוט pashute ♫ (talk) 08:02, 13 March 2014 (UTC)


I saw that you added (back at the end of 2010) a comment in the Etymology section saying that cannabis is מעלה עשן. I know there are those who have equated it with קנה בושם, but that's about all. So I've modified the entry. - Lisa (talk - contribs) 03:51, 12 May 2014 (UTC)

Please see what I wrote on the talk page. פשוט pashute ♫ (talk) 11:11, 12 May 2014 (UTC)

September 2014[edit]

Hello, I'm BracketBot. I have automatically detected that your edit to Iran may have broken the syntax by modifying 2 "[]"s. If you have, don't worry: just edit the page again to fix it. If I misunderstood what happened, or if you have any questions, you can leave a message on my operator's talk page.

List of unpaired brackets remaining on the page:
  • 10, 2013. In this video President Ahmadenigad is seen calling 'Maba Amrika' - death to America] at the rally, immediately after Rouhani was voted in, to commemorate the US embassy attack during
  • president Ahmad Khatemi] in a speech titled 'Saving the pillars of the Universe, Death to America] October 2013 (YouTube). In this speech Khatemi calls the US 'The great Satan' and says that the

It's OK to remove this message. Also, to stop receiving these messages, follow these opt-out instructions. Thanks, BracketBot (talk) 11:25, 3 September 2014 (UTC)

Adam Blitz[edit]

Dear Sir, you have misunderstood my position on Jobar. There is conclusive evidence to indicate that the synagogue was comprehensively destroyed in late Spring 2014 and not before. Many believed wrongly that the synagogue had been totally destroyed in 2013 and, with reference to an auction from December of that year, relied on such sensationalism. The alleged artefact from Jobar, from the early 20th Century, did yield a much inflated price. But this was before the aerial bombardment which was to follow in April/May of 2014. (Adam forgot to sign. Pashute here, signing it for him according to the "History" records, and moved the discussion into a section as is expected on talk pages. User:Adam Blitz User talk:Adam Blitz September 22, 2014 02:18)

Hello Adam, this is Moshe. Thank you for discussing this. I am honored to have been contacted by a distinguished researcher and author as you. I'm writing now from memory (don't have the time to go into it now). What I wrote is an understanding different from yours but which had emerged from the images and video, and included your understanding as a basis. I think I understood you perfectly well, and if I remember correctly it was Haaretz that wrote that it is possible that when you spread the word that the attacks had not demolished the shul, it was actually based on videos from one week before. According to that, the shul was demolished on shvii shel pesach already then, and the images emerged just on Yom Yerushalaim in order to extract money from the sale of artifacts (that extra part - from your hypothesis at the time).
I moved the discussion to the end of this talk page, and notified you about it on your page. פשוט pashute ♫ (talk) 13:28, 22 September 2014 (UTC)
And by the way, there have been questions raised about whether it was demolished in shelling (which would make Assad the attacker) or locally demolished by "rebels" (who I have from the onset understood to actually be Jihadists). What is the conclusive evidence that it was demolished in 2014, and from aerial bombardments? If needed, you can contact me directly through gmail (with this username). פשוט pashute ♫ (talk) 13:50, 22 September 2014 (UTC)
Dear Sir, the events surrounding Jobar are highly complex. The dating of the destruction is largely dependent upon posts from SY on Twitter. There is no connection with Yom Yerushalaim, as you write. The Sotheby's sale was in any event in Dec of the previous year. I have not seen any artefacts from Jobar on sale (to the public) otherwise. I am not very familiar with the editing on Wikipedia (though I may request your help and advice if I may). I'm also happy to correspond more extensively at my email address on the topic (when you will receive much more prompt responses). Thanks and regards AB
Adam Blitz (talk) 16:43, 11 February 2015 (UTC)
OK, I'll discuss with you directly, and I promise the wp community to follow up on the Jobar shul talkpage.
I'm not sure I edited the English page in accordance with the Hebrew one, but I found out a lot of material about the shul in old books (on, in blogs, and in actual inscriptions inside and around the shul seen in images and videos. It is an honor to be discussing this with you. פשוט pashute ♫ (talk) 21:54, 11 February 2015 (UTC)