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The main thing for the AAH is whether there are sufficient sources to indicate the theory has mainstream acceptance in the relevant scholarly community. The general consensus is - no. It's been discussed, lots of people think it's neat, but it's fundamentally a popular theory with minimal mainstream acceptance (think how the DaVinci code is dealt with by Biblical scholars, but not creationism within evolution-bad). There are a fair number of sources that are explicit in calling it a delightful, but ultimately popular and impractical theory that doesn't have mainstream acceptance. Even if we could prove it to be "true", then there would still be the issue of original research being forbidden on wikipedia (as well as soapboxing, advocacy and undue weight concerns). Basically until the scholarly community begins regularly publishing papers about water-dwelling being a main driver of human evolution, the page languishes as a fringe theory. You're not alone in thinking there's a lot of appeal to the theory, but that doesn't make it a candidate within the scholarly community. WLU (t) (c) Wikipedia's rules:simple/complex 02:52, 6 March 2010 (UTC)


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