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Overconcerned parents[edit]

I believe that one big thing will make this game a success: overconcerned parents. Please see Talk:Guitar Praise for more info. Also, according to Tom Bean, Digital Praise serves 100 000 customers. That's fairly notable.


Re [1]: "The burden of evidence lies with the editor who adds or restores material. All quotations and any material challenged or likely to be challenged should be attributed to a reliable, published source using an inline citation." - WP:BURDEN.

Also, the song "Dork Thinks He's Gonna Drown" you put back is not mentioned at the messageboard post (which btw is not a reliable source) at [2]. -- Jeandré, 2008-10-18t11:28z


Dude, that wasn't vandalism. They say so in the comic:

Love is a very powerful force. Even more so when it's focused into a coherent beam of destruction. Every time I cast Hadoken, it siphons away some of the love in the universe. I'm not sure how much, but I'm given to understand the divorce rate goes up with each blast.

Get Up Kids edits[edit]

Here's the background on the changes I made to the Get Up Kids article:

§ Whoever has been working on this article has done a great job with the content, but some of the phrasing, conjunctions, rock critic clichés ("showcased"!), and punctuation needed some help. Most of what I've done is clean up the great research people put together.

§ I wouldn't call their sound after "Something to Write Home About" calculated, nor does it lack angst.

§ Rolling Stone got it wrong when they said "Something to Write Home About" is their only emo album. The band expressedly recorded "Something to Write Home About" the way they did, with the producer they did, in the studio they did, to get away from the "emo" label (from a personal interview with the band in 1999, Rob Pope: "This album doesn't sound like anybody expects it to. People are going to be really surprised.") In the end, instead of shedding the label, the term "emo" expanded to included to the new keyboard and mid-tempo sound. The Rolling Stone review is written in hindsight - and apparently the never heard Woodson or Shorty!

§ Vagrant didn't become a household name amongst the indie crowd. Their Sony distribution and heavily "pop-punk" roster prevented them being taken seriously by a large part of the more indie consignetti, for whom Interpol and multiple Saddle Creek bands were the flavors of the season at the time circa 2000.

§ This article in its original form insinuates it was Dewees that some fans were disappointed at, not the addition of keyboards.

§ The original didn't make it clear that Greatest Hits wasn't a GUK album either, but your edit finally cleared this up.

§ The points in regards to Doghouse, etc. are facts from personal interviews

§ Wasn't their first national tour - at least East Coast tour - with Mineral as well?

§ It's hilarious when people over-reference on Wikipedia. Does "compact disc" really need a reference? Maybe we should start referencing keyboard, recording, studio, guitar, record, label, concert, and fan too! Then again, there probably won't be CD's in 10 years and we'll have to explain to people what they are. ;)


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