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Grand Central Railway[edit]

re: Oie Masafusa → Ōe no Masafusa[edit]

Midland Metro icon in routeboxes[edit]

Happy First Day of Spring![edit]

Freedom-class omparison image[edit]

St Pancras International[edit]


RE: Doppelmayer cable car[edit]

Security in Ubuntu[edit]

Mercedes-Benz 600[edit]

DEFLATE hardware cards[edit]

A picture of a box no less[edit]

hot bulb[edit]

Last Night of the Proms conductors table[edit]

Copied to userspace per your request[edit]

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Kew Bridge stations[edit]

ISO delinking[edit]

TUSC token a3e4e1043e01191fbc28bfce4e6e159f[edit]

I am now proud owner of a TUSC account!

Re:See Also[edit]


Ubuntu (operating system)[edit]

moved back to User talk:Perspectoff#Ubuntu (operating system)

Bluecoat School[edit]

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Gatwick Express[edit]

Glasgow Trains[edit]

Wrexham & Shropshire[edit]

Spelling Errors in Image: and File: Filenames[edit]

High Speed 1[edit]

KLBot2 Wikidata[edit]

Template size[edit]

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Julia ford biog[edit]


Edits, without warrant[edit]

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Pigsonthewing I would hope that the associated history clearly shows the time-spent transcribing, correcting and refining. Your assistance has been requested[1] to assist with getting a release on the associated audio. If you're no longer involved, please could you put me in contact and I will try to follow it up directly. As per Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/2008 IWF action/Media coverage#BBC Radio 4: Today Programme there is good prior for having these transcripts. —Sladen (talk) 23:03, 23 April 2015 (UTC)
Sladen, this has been taken to AN, and you don't seem to have been notified yet, so here it is. I can provide an offline copy of your own work if you want. ☺ · Salvidrim! ·  23:11, 23 April 2015 (UTC)
Salvidrim: Thanks for the heads up. The transcript was created primarily there for collective benefit of those dealing with handling the User talk:PMpuppet incident from yesterday (Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents#PM (BBC Radio 4)). As such it's significantly more useful if the transcripts are somewhere multiple editors can get to them… ie. where it was, at least for a week or so until the meta issues are resolved. Note that this is on en.wp, not commons. —Sladen (talk) 23:18, 23 April 2015 (UTC)
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