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Welcome to Slazenger's Talk Page[edit]

Kingdom of Ossory[edit]

Refer to ongoing conversation above. Requests to restore "Notable Saints" paragraph.

Mufaddal Saifuddin[edit]

May participate at talk page if you have any value addition.--Md iet (talk) 06:46, 14 March 2014 (UTC)

  • I have nothing of value that I can bring to the article, as I have no knowledge of the subject matter nor of the project itself. There don't appear to be any discussions of policy, but rather pointed discussions about the subject. Good luck in the resolution. --Slazenger (Contact Me) 14:54, 14 March 2014 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done - --Slazenger (Contact Me) 14:54, 14 March 2014 (UTC)


I never vandalized anything? I am in school server on an iPad, it could have been someone else, so why am I getting this message?
It's likely that someone was using your school's network to vandalize Wikipedia. Your best option is to make an account and use that for editing. --Slazenger (Contact Me) 03:42, 28 March 2014 (UTC)

We need your help testing latest huggle[edit]


I am sending you this message because you listed yourself on meta:Huggle/Members as a beta tester. We desperately need attention of testers, because since we resolved all release blockers, we are ready to release first official version of huggle 3! Before that happens, it would be nice if you could test it so that we can make sure there are no issues with it. You can download it packaged for your operating system (see Wikipedia:Huggle/Huggle3_Beta) or you can of course build it yourself, see for that. Don't forget to use always latest version, there is no auto-update message for beta versions!

Should you find any issue, please report it to wikimedia bugzilla, that is a central place for huggle bugs, where we look at them. That is i mportant, if you find a bug and won't report it, we can't fix it. Thank you for your work on this, if you have any questions, please send me a message on my talk page, I won't be looking for responses here. Thanks, Petrb (talk) 15:17, 10 April 2014 (UTC)

Re: Your Reverts[edit]

I appreciate what this may look like at first glance, however the series of events with this IP starts back in January. Let me try and explain. The first thing you must understand is that all the IPs I reverted were the same person, yes the same person. The IP uses proxies so as to hop IP addresses and avoid warnings, blocks and other consequences for his disruptive actions. The IP targets various articles that I either regularly edit, or have made some contributions too (the IP stalks my contributions!). Why does he do this? Well, like I said, it all started back in January.

In January I decided to overhaul the Superpower article. At the time, the Superpower article contained a significant amount of nationalistic POV, especially Russian. However as I proceeded to overhaul the article (in collaboration with other interested editors) a particularly warlike IP showed up who was not too happy to see the removal of the Russian POV and the overhaul of the article. To cut a long story short, after days of extremely disruptive behavior and IP hopping from this IP, an administrator kindly intervened and semi-protected the article and the articles talk page.

Shortly afterwards, the now frustrated and angry IP started to stalk and target any articles that were in my contributions list. This behavior went on for days on end and attracted the attention of a few other editors who had observed what was going on. Thankfully, the same admin who intervened at the Superpower article (and several other admins) semi-protected various articles that the IP hopping warrior was repeatedly vandalizing time and time again. After about a week and a half the harassment eventually died off. Since then the IPs harassment has only returned in small sporadic bouts of attacks. The IP edits the power projection article is one of such targeted attacks.

How can I be sure it was the same IP? Well the key thing is that almost all of the IPs attacks exhibit the same pattern:

1. To revert to an older revision of the article, or alternatively, to partially revert to an older revision of the article (so as to wipe any contributions I may have made)
2. Use a misleading edit summary to try and camouflage the edit as valid and constructive
3. Repeat the above several times on other articles

This exact same pattern is seen with the recent IPs and the edits I reverted. For example, consider the most recent IP to edit at the power projection article: Special:Contributions/ - if you look at past revisions of the article, you will see that the IPs revision was merely a partial revert to an older revision of the article. Yet the edit summary used was "remove duplicate links, made adjustments". Also, notice that in the IPs revision of the article, you will see that the last two paragraphs in the "History" section are repeated again as the first two paragraphs in the "Examples of power projection" section. In short, the IPs edit was as follows: A partial revert to an older revision, used a misleading edit summary to camouflage his edit and the duplicate paragraphs suggest no interest in the actual content of the article. Furthermore, this exact same editing behavior occurred on at-least 3 more articles shortly afterwards.

Sometimes the obvious is obvious, and its easy to spot this IPs behavior a mile away (when you know what your looking for). Thankfully he rarely rears his head these days, but when he does I spot him. Unfortunately nothing permanent can be done due to the IP using proxies, all you can do is deal with it the odd time the IP returns. Hopefully this helps clear up a few things and apologies for the essay of a reply, but I had to put it into context for you to under stand. Thanks for politely bringing the issue to my talk page, I appreciate that. Antiochus the Great (talk) 12:00, 13 April 2014 (UTC)

Out of personal interest for yourself, here is the conversation I started back in January with the admin who knows a great deal about whats been going on: User talk:The Bushranger - Suspicious activity. Feel free to contact The Bushranger yourself if you wish. Thanks. Antiochus the Great (talk) 12:14, 13 April 2014 (UTC)