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Centralized discussion
  • An RfC on the capitalization of bird names.
  • An RfC about whether or not the opt-in requirement should be removed from the enwiki edit counter.
  • A proposal to reimplement the Main Page with an alternative framework.
  • An RfC regarding changing the username policy to allow role accounts.
  • A discussion on ways to improve the "Today's featured article requests" system.

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Sadia Dehlvi article is being compromised NPOV[edit]

My edits were removed and reverted to the self edits by the author. No reason cited — Preceding unsigned comment added by Summichum (talkcontribs)

Please try to avoid adding tabloid fodder to the article just to further your own opinion of the person. This page has been subject to long term WP:BLP issues and I have zero issue blocking you for violations of the policy. – Steel 22:35, 28 March 2014 (UTC)