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This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia.

Hello, Tbhotch! Welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions to this free encyclopedia. If you decide that you need help, check out Getting Help below, ask me on my talk page, or place {{helpme}} on your talk page and ask your question there. Please remember to sign your name on talk pages by clicking Button sig.png or using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your username and the date. Finally, please do your best to always fill in the edit summary field. Below are some useful links to facilitate your involvement. Happy editing! fetchcomms 04:09, 1 November 2009 (UTC)

Wikipedia vandalism information

Level 5

Very low level of vandalism.


2.8CVS / 3.0RPM according to DefconBot 00:00, 25 December 2014 (UTC)


Jennifer Lopez has sold 80 million records Worldwide as of 2014 and i don't think it's right you keep changing it[edit]

Hi If You actually did your research and read the articles i posted you would know that since may of 2014 Jennifer Lopez has sold 80 million record worldwide i feel that it is not right that people keep reverting my changes when i have included up to date articles from 2014 which state that she has sold 80 million records worldwide as well as a film gross of 2 billion dollars what i want to know is why do you and others keep using articles from 2011 and not 2014 you say always cite reliable sources well i can give you 3 articles which state the same thing that Jennifer Lopez has sold 80 million records for article title:Jennifer Lopez on dating, her split with Marc Anthony and First Love. article title Jennifer Lopez Reveals Album title & Racy Artwork Article Title: 20 Hottest Female Musicians in The World Today (Tnays20 (talk) 17:59, 28 June 2014 (UTC)).

regarding numbers of losses in Wikipedia article "Battle_of_Narva_(1944)"[edit]

on the talk page of the article I have put my comment as follows (judging the talks there I was not the first who called the numbers to question):

//I tried several times to edit the section on losses. Odd numbers are taken from some authors who are expressively biased against the Soviet Union (no need to talk of Mart Laar - you can take a peep at Wikipedia on him, what concerns Ian Baxter - I couldn't locate his profile on Internet at all). Why is the view on losses so one-sided? I gave references to alternative numbers:

however, there are other quite-reverse numbers in Russian-language Wiki: Soviet losses - 4685 dead or missing with 18602 wounded or sick [1] [2]

but was blamed of vandalism and banned from making entries. How can one change contents of the article without the wish of the one who has created it? If a politically prejudged person creates some article in Wiki who can override his questionable ideas?

Through his numbers the author managed to made this battle one of the bloodiest battles in the whole human history! Isn't too much, especially if we refer to the Soviet more-or-less documented numbers (in 1944 all the soviet losses were yet pretty accurately recorded).//

Could you please pay attention to this, as the article could distort the objective picture of the world history? - through the numbers in the article, the battle was included in the bloodies battles of all times -

61st Oscars[edit]

Hi there, I wanted to ask you if you find this piece of information added by User:Korny O'Near acceptable for inclusion for the 61st Oscars. I am wondering if it sounds too gossipy or sensationalistic for a featured list.

Bowman herself has claimed that she was made to sign a gag order the next day prohibiting her from speaking to the press about her performance for the next 13 years. She finally spoke about it publicly in a 2013 interview, in which she described the performance as looking "like a gay bar mitzvah".

--Birdienest81 (talk) 20:26, 13 December 2013 (UTC)

Can you please take care of Counting Stars (song)?[edit]

Hi, can you please take care of the page Counting Stars (song)? I did edited the genre with reliable source.

If User:Y2kcrazyjoker4 undo my edits with unexplained removal of a reference, just revert it back.

Y2kcrazyjoker4 says article's description doesn't mean it is folk, it says the band's attempt at it, so he/she revert to as definitely pop rock genre as usual. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)
Although I don't agree with Y2kcrazyjoker4's WP:OR with genres, in this case s/he may be right. The article says "... song that sounds like OneRepublic's attempt at indie folk ... with Tedder's polished pop hijacking a folk song, and a little R&B attitude in there as well." That sounds as the influences but not the genre(s), especially folk, in which AllMusic tries to describe its compostion as folk as well "... Tedder has clearly been listening to the British folk-rockers Mumford & Sons...". If you find a reference that in concret it says "'Counting Stars' is a folk song that etc. etc. etc." we can try it, but The Denver Post review is not that clear. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 00:46, 16 December 2013 (UTC)

Raúl played for C.D. San Cristóbal de los Ángeles[edit]

I have noticed that you have twice changed San Cristóbal to the link to San Cristóbal de los Ángeles page. Why? There is no page for C.D. San Cristóbal de los Ángeles so San Cristóbal is the correct. Would it be correct to use CD San Cristóbal or C.D. San Cristóbal? Somehow I doubt it, but that would be more correct than using the city's page. Thanks Raul17 (talk) 19:04, 14 December 2013 (UTC)

Because the editor is nothing but a block evader. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 23:56, 14 December 2013 (UTC)

No Angel (Beyoncé Knowles song)[edit]

I am curious as to why you moved the page to include "(Beyoncé Knowles song)", rather than just "(song)". Should the "(song)" page redirect readers to a disambiguation page for No Angel or No Angels? --Another Believer (Talk) 23:02, 16 December 2013 (UTC)

Nevermind -- you beat me to the punch! Sorry to bother. --Another Believer (Talk) 23:04, 16 December 2013 (UTC)
Don't worry. It needed a DAB page. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 23:05, 16 December 2013 (UTC)

Counting Stars RM reopened as multi-move[edit]

Hello Tbhotch

You recently participated in a WP:RM debate at Talk:Counting Stars (song)#Requested Move 2. This message is to inform you that I have closed that debate as no move, but I have reopened it as a potential multi-move request, after a majority of those participating in the discussion appeared to support that alternative. Please participate in the new debate at Talk:Counting Stars (song)#Requested Move 3 if you wish to do so. Thanks!  — Amakuru (talk) 20:31, 17 December 2013 (UTC)


Hello, Some vandalist removed all mentions of FLO RIDA song for charity BOOTY ON THE FLOOR he did with Marc Mysterio. Can this edit be reverted as it was highly publicized and well sourced.

Can you please go back to a previous version of FLO RIDA page from august 2013 and re-add these well sourced info on the song and release?

Fighting Vandalism on the Recorder page[edit]

Information icon There is currently a discussion at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents regarding an issue with which you may have been involved. Thank you.

Merry Christmas![edit]

Happy Christmas and New Year.jpg A very happy Christmas and New Year to you! Scrooges third visitor-John Leech,1843.jpg

May 2013 bring you joy, happiness – and no trolls or vandals!

All the best

Gavin / SchroCat (talk) 20:56, 23 December 2013 (UTC)

Infobox Photo Discussion[edit]

Hi. Can you offer your opinion in this discussion regarding the better photo for an article Infobox? Thanks, and Happy Holidays. Nightscream (talk) 00:17, 27 December 2013 (UTC)

Under My Skin (Avril Lavigne album) - genre[edit]

Can you figure it out for the album genre? If genre is unsourced remove it. Thanks. And take care of the page.

66th Oscars (1994)[edit]

Hi Tbotch,

I hope you had a great Christmas season and best wishes for the new years. I do not know if you have new classes or such, but I was wondering if you could proofread 66th Academy Awards for featured list status. I would certainly appreciate the help.

--Birdienest81 (talk) 02:58, 3 January 2014 (UTC)

Please stop following and harrassment[edit]

this edit is exactly what you say it is in the edit. Please stop following me and making vague threats, if you have something concrete to say, please say it here and now. In ictu oculi (talk) 07:07, 13 January 2014 (UTC)

link here to one of several previous requests to stop following, threats and harrassment.
I have asked several times before, what specifically is your complaint? What is the problem? In ictu oculi (talk) 07:16, 13 January 2014 (UTC)
I won't tell you @In ictu oculi:. I told you many times and you ignored me and attacked me, so, it is not my problem now, but community's for allowing you to believe you are an "important" part of it. Also, I can't "follow and harass" you in a RM I opened. If you don't want me to "follow" you, don't participate in discussions I open. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 21:11, 13 January 2014 (UTC)
Okay I didn't notice who had opened that RM, sorry for that. But I do not know what the problem is - if someone asks you 3 or 4 times and you refuse to tell them, then? In ictu oculi (talk) 00:16, 14 January 2014 (UTC)

Gary Barlow - genre[edit]

Hi, Tbhotch, I can't edit because of semi-protection, help me check if there's an unsourced genre. According to Allmusic[1] he is a pop vocalist, which means the genre is pop.

Your moving of Gravity's accolade page[edit]

Please see the discussion at WikiProject Film as to why the disambiguation is kept on the end. Corvoe (speak to me) 02:40, 18 January 2014 (UTC)

71st Academy Awards[edit]

Hi Tb,

I do not know if you are still in classes or not, but would you please proofread the 71st Academy Awards regarding Wikipedia:Featured list candidates/71st Academy Awards/archive1? Your help would be very much appreciated.

--Birdienest81 (talk) 23:55, 19 January 2014 (UTC)
Yeah, sure. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 01:55, 27 January 2014 (UTC)

RE:1999 Oscars[edit]

Hello Tbhotch,

I read your comments at Wikipedia:Featured list candidates/71st Academy Awards/archive1 and I have fixed the problems at 71st Academy Awards immediately. Thank you.

--Birdienest81 (talk) 08:42, 27 January 2014 (UTC)


Hi Axel, sorry I undid this, the message didn't look right for where it was applied. What was the goal there? There might be a template needed there but not that one, can we find the right one? Zad68 13:39, 27 January 2014 (UTC)

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine - move?[edit]

You have recently returned the article name to the old name (i.e. without the word (book)) and wrote:"Tbhotch moved page The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (book) to The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine over redirect: No other article titled like this. The page still redirecting here. Use RM instead"

I do not understand this text. Will it be possible for you to elaborate? thanks Ykantor (talk) 02:21, 28 January 2014 (UTC)

There is nothing at Ethnic cleansing to redirect "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" there, and there is no article titled Palestine ethnic cleansing to disambiguate. WP:DAB is required when there is ambiguity with articles, and there is none here. Use WP:RM if you still believeing ti is wrong. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 22:02, 28 January 2014 (UTC)
It is more accurate to call it "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (book)" . Is there any reason against it? cheers Ykantor (talk) 07:06, 29 January 2014 (UTC)
And it is more accurate to say United States of America, Paris, France or Barack Obama, Jr., but disambiguators are used when required. 14:55, 31 January 2014 (UTC)
This is the first time for me to encounter an editor who reply with hieroglyphs. You are not replying but rather write a collection of unrelated words. What is your problem? why can't you express yourself? Ykantor (talk) 19:32, 31 January 2014 (UTC)
It is so fucking difficult to understand the words "use WP:RM"? Stop wasting my time. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 03:54, 1 February 2014 (UTC)

Gary Barlow[edit]

Hi, Tbhotch, I can't edit because of semi-protection, help me check if there's an unsourced genre in infobox. According to Allmusic[2] he is a pop vocalist, which means the genre is pop. His fellow boyband Take That is also pop.


Ehh, fair enough. I may file an RM, but we'll see. Red Slash 05:07, 1 February 2014 (UTC)

Tevez's full name[edit]

Are you sure Tevez's full name is "Carlos Alberto Martinez Tevez"? It would make sense for that to be the case, but I've never seen a source with that fact. Any chance you could provide one? – PeeJay 20:06, 1 February 2014 (UTC)

Considering the fact he is Argentinian, and Spanish-language people should have two last names (legally), yes. There are multiple sources that second this: [3][4][5][6][7][8]. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 00:29, 2 February 2014 (UTC)
I don't need the commentary, I just asked for the sources. Thanks. – PeeJay 00:56, 2 February 2014 (UTC)
Nuvola apps edu languages.svg
Hello, Tbhotch. You have new messages at Ezhiki's talk page.
You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

DYK for Desfado[edit]

Callanecc (talkcontribslogs) 16:02, 16 February 2014 (UTC)

I Love Rock'N'Roll[edit]

It's an unambiguous NFCC violation: reverting its inclusion is exempted under WP:EW. Please stop forcing the image in: that isn't exempt.—Kww(talk) 22:41, 16 February 2014 (UTC)

"Removal of clear copyright violations or content that unquestionably violates the non-free content policy (NFCC). What counts as exempt under NFCC can be controversial, and should be established as a violation first. Consider reporting to the Wikipedia:Non-free content review noticeboard instead of relying on this exemption." The worst part is that you are an admin, and it is desired more from you. Whatever you have to say, say it at WP:3RRN. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 22:43, 16 February 2014 (UTC)
Precisely: there's no question whatsoever. None. It doesn't meet any established criteria under WP:NFCC, and all you have done is interfered with an clear-cut administrative action.—Kww(talk) 22:46, 16 February 2014 (UTC)
I see no "clear-cut administrative action", any user can remove any copyright violation if it is blatant. What I see is a probable copyright violation, and AFAIK, you are not an OTRS member, you cannot verify if such ticket exists. What is a "clear-cut administrative action" is the deletion of the file File:First released version of I Love Rock N Roll in 1975.jpg, and I'm not seeing it red. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 22:54, 16 February 2014 (UTC)

2002 Oscars[edit]

Hi Tb,

I receive your message about the today's featured list of 66th Oscars. Kindly, would you please proofread the 74th Academy Awards regarding Wikipedia:Featured list candidates/74th Academy Awards/archive1? I understand your busy schedule. Your help would be very much appreciated. Thank you for the message.

--Birdienest81 (talk) 23:55, 19 January 2014 (UTC)

Need your help[edit]

Hello Tbhotch, While I have contacted an editor about this previously, I really donot know how soon I'd get a response since editor's history shows that last contribution was in 2010, that's why I decided to bring the matter to you. An article I created about this mixtape which has significant independent coverage in reliable sources was redirected by an editor while I was blocked. In the edit summary editor states that it fails WP:NALBUMS meanwhile there were references from media newspapers which I provided along with a review. Please I'd appreciate it if you can kindly look into this, I want to know what you think. Thanks. Stanleytux (talk) 23:14, 22 February 2014 (UTC)

RE: 2002 Oscars[edit]

Hi Tb,

I fixed the problems regarding the 74th Academy Awards for featured list status. Thank you

--Birdienest81 (talk) 08:33, 24 February 2014 (UTC)

Henry's Cat[edit]

The Henry's Cat page has been exposed to persistent vandalism over a long period of time and i have been trying to return it to a dependable state.

(Etheldavis (talk) 10:37, 24 February 2014 (UTC))

Trevor Philips bisexuality[edit]

He makes Lazlow strip down to his underwear, he tells strippers that "all we need is another guy", his LifeInvader page says "any hole is a goal", he spoons with Floyd(and is heavily implied to have raped him), he flirts with other men on occasion, ect., ect. All evidence points to him being bi. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Stigler (talkcontribs)

@Stigler: In the past, maybe, but those things are trivial reasons to label him as bisexual in our days. Let's consider that GTA is full of jokes, so it is not necessarily correct to say his sexuality is bisexual. I remember Franklin and his mother speculate about him being gay, so, we need an official statement by Rockstar about it. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 03:58, 27 February 2014 (UTC)

Alicia Keys[edit]

Thanks for pointing that out. I've corrected it. Cheers. CambridgeBayWeather (talk) 06:44, 28 February 2014 (UTC)

Mexico Open[edit]

Can you help with this? It should redirect to the disambig page, no? The other guy says it breaks links to fix it, but I can just fix those links that are the issue. It doesn't make any sense to me to redirect Mexico Open to 'mexican open (golf)', when there are TWO Mexican Opens. Enigmamsg 17:49, 28 February 2014 (UTC)

Nevermind, hopefully it's sorted now. Enigmamsg 19:08, 28 February 2014 (UTC)

Lupita edits[edit]

What unsourced information did I put on the page please explain? Because the only credible sources are listed in the version I reverted the page to? So again tell me the error of my edits. Have you even taken a look at the page69.120.212.166 (talk) 02:57, 3 March 2014 (UTC)

If you can not tell me the error of my edits then do not interfere. And please report it Admin intervention is highly needed. Thank you69.120.212.166 (talk) 03:00, 3 March 2014 (UTC)

70th Oscars (1998)[edit]

Hi Tb,

Would you please proofread the 70th Academy Awards regarding featured list promotion? I understand your busy schedule. Your help would be very much appreciated.

--Birdienest81 (talk) 07:40, 8 March 2014 (UTC)

Disruptive editing[edit]

Hi there,

Someone using the IP adress has been doing disruptive editing on several Oscar ceremony articles. Can you please tell the user to stop it or can you report it to an administrator or official? I would appreciate the help.

--Birdienest81 (talk) 08:43, 9 March 2014 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Done Reverted and warned. Admins are not needed now. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 21:29, 10 March 2014 (UTC)


Good evening Tbhotch. I'm sorry but I won't search another source. You know like me I'm right but it's like this, on Wikipedia it is preferred to say that a film is US than everywhere else. It's like The Lego Movie : we all know it's a Danish franchise and it is US-AUS created but contributors on wiki don't want to admit it with the references highlighted. For the Illustionist, the movie has been directed in Czech Republic, it is written on the majority of the sites that it is US-CZ film but as always... I'm fed up to spend so much time and after all the efforts having the contribution reverted. So I will contributed on other projects.
Nezdek (talk) 21:29, 10 March 2014 (UTC)

I've understood. But on Allociné/Filmstarts (link 1, link 2, link 3) it is clearly written that. It is written by professionals but the fact that it is a French & German sources are not serious sources for EN wikipedian (although in FR & DE wikipedias it must be a reliable source).
Nezdek (talk) 22:04, 10 March 2014 (UTC)

TFL stats[edit]

Hi, I saw you updated the stats page this morning. I noticed the rather annoying stats for Carry On series on screen and stage for January, when the figures were not recorded properly. This suggests 4324 viewers (although this may also have had some technical issues too) cheers - SchroCat (talk) 06:53, 11 March 2014 (UTC)

2013 Oscars[edit]

Hello Tb,

Thank you for your help monitoring the Oscar ceremony lists. I've now submitted the 85th Academy Awards for featured list promotion. Would you please (if you have spare time) proofread the list so that I can make necessary changes if needed? Thank you for your help once again.

--Birdienest81 (talk) 19:41, 13 March 2014 (UTC)

Addition of unverified content at 74th Oscars[edit]

Sorry to bother, but MasonBanks keeps adding an fact that seems to be of original research and does not have any proper source explicitly say so. The fact says this:

This was at the expense of Russell Crowe, who became the only person in history to win the Golden Globe, BAFTA, SAG Award and Critics Choice Award for Best Actor but lose the Oscar to another performance.

While it is true off the bat, there is no proper resource explaining the fact specifically. Can you please tell him to stop.

--Birdienest81 (talk) 22:30, 17 March 2014 (UTC)
Why is that not a relevant fact? So what if no one else explicitly recognised it, its an easy pattern to see and its an interesting piece of trivia. I don't understand the issue? MasonBanks (talk) 22:58, 17 March 2014 (UTC)


Hello Tbhotch, there is an user continuously changing images at the Madonna articles. I remember you saying once something about a sockpuppet user who disrupts the images and creates various accounts and has to be blocked. CAn you please take a look? —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 18:22, 1 April 2014 (UTC)

Grand Theft Auto V as FA[edit]

Given your work on Trevor Philips, I thought you'd be interested in taking part in this discussion on promoting Grand Theft Auto V itself to FA. XXSNUGGUMSXX (talk) 20:34, 14 April 2014 (UTC)

ANI discussion about Santiago, Chile, IPs[edit]

You have been mentioned in a discussion about vandalism from IPs. See Rangeblock request, again, for Santiago, Chile, IPs. Thank you. Binksternet (talk) 18:27, 17 May 2014 (UTC)

Also, I could use some help at Janet Jackson, an article which went to FA at a svelte 102kb six years ago, but now has fattened up to more than twice that size. An editor who is a big fan of Britney and Janet has been insisting that lots of praise remain in the article. Binksternet (talk) 20:29, 17 May 2014 (UTC)

Message from[edit]

From 1 July 2012

"Furthermore, you started doing this at 21:00, Mexican time, when results were not given at all. So please, don't act as a victim. Tbhotch.™ Grammatically incorrect? Correct it! See terms and conditions. 18:08, 2 July 2012 (UTC)"

My Response:

This was very rude about "Don't act as a victim". So, please don't interrupt me during my newbie warm-up's

Thank you.

Orphaned non-free image File:Chiapas F.C..png[edit]

Thanks for uploading File:Chiapas F.C..png. The image description page currently specifies that the image is non-free and may only be used on Wikipedia under a claim of fair use. However, the image is currently not used in any articles on Wikipedia. If the image was previously in an article, please go to the article and see why it was removed. You may add it back if you think that that will be useful. However, please note that images for which a replacement could be created are not acceptable for use on Wikipedia (see our policy for non-free media).

Note that any non-free images not used in any articles will be deleted after seven days, as described in the criteria for speedy deletion. Thank you. Stefan2 (talk) 14:48, 28 June 2014 (UTC)


Cornflower blue Yogo sapphire.jpg

featured lists
Thank you, Axel, for quality lists and articles such as List of accolades received by Up and Halo, for helping hands reviewing, fighting vandalism, updating stats, creating redirects, for images and the night spent to assemble your userboxes, - repeating: you are an awesome Wikipedian (23 November 2010)!

--Gerda Arendt (talk) 07:33, 30 June 2014 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians[edit]

Despite your notice about school time, I've added you to this list as you haven't made any edits since March. If you ever come back, remove yourself from the list. Your many contributions and help to this site shall never be forgotten. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 15:49, 19 July 2014 (UTC)

@SNUGGUMS: I'm alive, and I'm still editing logged out (it is less frustrating for me than with my account). © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 02:10, 20 July 2014 (UTC)
Interesting. Logged in or out, do you plan on editing much more in the future? If you don't, I will leave a note on WP:MISS (linked above). SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 03:02, 20 July 2014 (UTC)
As an IP editor. Considering neither WP:TFASTATS nor WP:TFLSTATS have been updated in this time, I'll be contributing from time to time updating some pages, but not as in the past. Working as an IP is easier for me as it doesn't stress me like if I were logged in. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 03:07, 20 July 2014 (UTC)
Understood. You might be re-added to the "missing" list in the future due to lack of account activity, though. In any case, I recommend leaving a notice such as this thread for other editors to see. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 03:21, 20 July 2014 (UTC)
I think this will be a "editors who have gradually adopted a pattern of occasional editing interspersed with long breaks should not be listed merely because they are on one of their long breaks." I'll change the "This user is in college" tag to another more appropiate. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 03:25, 20 July 2014 (UTC)
The tag for that would probably be the "semi-retired" tag, which I've changed it to. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 03:53, 20 July 2014 (UTC)

Welcome back (at least in terms of editing non-IPishly...) I had noticed that TFASTATS wasn't being updated in your absence and left a note about it, but unfortunately no-one stepped up. Thanks for doing this, and best wishes. BencherliteTalk 06:53, 20 July 2014 (UTC)

I just also wanted to say "welcome back" as well in an non official way. ;) Erick (talk) 01:49, 29 July 2014 (UTC)

Mariah Carey's singles pages[edit]

Can you keep an eye on every pages that any IPs adding "adult contemporary" in the infobox? The term is a style, not a genre. (talk) 23:09, 28 July 2014 (UTC)

Your talk page media additions[edit]

You do know that The Onion is a satirical newspaper which intersperses facts and fiction for its "stories", right? --NeilN talk to me 13:45, 31 July 2014 (UTC)

@NeilN: Could you point where in Wikipedia:Press coverage satire websites are prohibited? Otherwise, go away. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 04:25, 1 August 2014 (UTC)
Tbhotch, while I have nothing against using satire pieces like The Onion for certain situations, it should be handled with caution. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 03:52, 2 August 2014 (UTC)

need help best selling album[edit]

hi tb,,,,,,,,, link seems to be good for shakira , "laundry service", at 20 mil, however I got it reverted, can u help, thanks,,,,,,,--Ozzie10aaaa (talk) 09:34, 1 August 2014 (UTC)

hi, I left a message for you some time ago but I haven't gotten any reply???,,--Ozzie10aaaa (talk) 09:32, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

I'm not that active, so I miss them sometimes. The problem is the information is obtained from us ("FULL ARTICLE AT WIKIPEDIA.ORG"), so WP:MIRROR applies. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 09:43, 15 August 2014 (UTC) about this one?,,,,,can you help?... --Ozzie10aaaa (talk) 10:36, 19 September 2014 (UTC)

I think RSN explains this better. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 03:50, 22 September 2014 (UTC)

FAR on Jack Sparrow[edit]

I have nominated Jack Sparrow for a featured article review here. Please join the discussion on whether this article meets featured article criteria. Articles are typically reviewed for two weeks. If substantial concerns are not addressed during the review period, the article will be moved to the Featured Article Removal Candidates list for a further period, where editors may declare "Keep" or "Delist" the article's featured status. The instructions for the review process are here.Forbidden User (talk) 18:04, 3 August 2014 (UTC)

Corona de lágrimas[edit]

Hola como veo que eres de México, me imagino que hablas español, o no?, bueno el asunto es que, como yo no sé hablar muy bien el inglés no entiendo como pedir una solicitud en esa página que me haz indicado, realmente puedo traducir eso; pero sigo sin entender. Ahora por qué haz pedido que se borré Corona de lágrimas (2012 telenovela), ¿Qué pasará con la información que hay en ese artículo?. Además los títulos en español deben ir en minúsculas, y el título que tenía era incorrecto, porque existe una película y la telenovela de 1965, entiendo que no debo realizar traslados de esa forma. Pero que pasará con la telenovela de 2012?.--Damián (talk) 03:35, 11 August 2014 (UTC)

@Damián80: Lo que sucede es que por cuestiones de derechos de autor (copyright) no es legalmente posible hacer "copy-pastes" a los artículos. Esto se debe a que durante el lapso de su creación hasta el momento de hacer un copiado, han existido diversos autores que han editado ese artículo. Como se establece en WP:Copyrights, ni Wikimedia ni la marca Wikipedia son los autores intelectuales de los artículos (a pesar de que frecuentemente se cite a Wikipedia como la fuente), es por ello que las páginas deben de ser movidas con su historial. En este caso, quiero suponer, que intentaste mover la página pero por razones técnicas no te fue posible. Esto se debe a que una vez que alguien edita una página ("Corona de lágrimas (2012 telenovela)"), queda registrado que fue editada y, por ende, el sistema la considera como "en uso". Así se advierte que escojas otro nombre, que uses WP:RM, o contactes a un administrador, y que por favor no copies ni pegues la página en otra parte. En éste caso la página "Corona de lágrimas (2012 telenovela)" había sido editada por alguien y por ello no pudiste moverla. Lo que se debió de haber hecho era o 1) enlistar la página en Wikipedia:Rm#Uncontroversial technical requests, debido a que querías crear una página de desambiguación, o 2), solicitar que la página "Corona de lágrimas (2012 telenovela)" fuera borrada por un administrador ({{db-move}}) explicando la razón para mover la página.
En cuanto a los títulos con mayúsculas y minúsculas, la regla aplica para la lengua española, pero no para la anglosajona. En general, se utilizarían minúsculas si las fuentes externas en inglés usan minúsculas para los títulos, de no ser así "Corona de Lágrimas" podría ser correcto en inglés, a pesar de que no sea así en español. En cuanto a lo demás, puedes ver que tanto Corona de lágrimas, Corona de lágrimas (1965 telenovela) y Corona de lágrimas (2012 telenovela) están en sus respectivos lugares como si nada hubiera ocurrido. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 22:30, 14 August 2014 (UTC)
Eso era lo que trataba de hacer, pero en sí ese era el problema, es que como no domino bien el idioma, no entendí como hacer esto. Con respecto al idioma, pues según esto, los títulos deben ir en minúsculas cuando se trata de otro idioma; ya antes tuve problemas por esto, sobre todo con artículos de telenovelas, hasta que se llegó al acuerdo de dejar los títulos en minúsculas y respetar la misma norma que se usa en Muchos usuarios no estuvieron de acuerdo con esto, pero esa regla que te he mencionado existe. Pero gracias por la ayuda :)--Damián (talk) 22:44, 14 August 2014 (UTC)
WP:NCCAPS dice: "If the article is about a work in a foreign language (such as a book or other written work, movie, album, or song), using the capitalization found in most English-language reliable sources is recommended." Traducido sería "Si el artículo es acerca de un trabajo en lenguaje extranjero (llámese libro, canción, película, o álbum) se recomienda usar mayúsculas si lo establece la mayoría de las fuentes de lengua inglesa". Es por esto que te reitero que si las fuentes en inglés usan mayúsculas, el título debe de tenerlas, independientemente de la regla en español. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 22:52, 14 August 2014 (UTC)
Bueno hasta ahora, es mejor dejarlos así, porque El Canal de las Estrellas, Telemundo entre otras cadenas más, solo producen contenido en Español, aunque prefería no tener problemas al colocar títulos en mayúsculas, ya bastante tuve en el pasado. Además no hay referencias que digan como van los títulos en español, por ejemplo, que letra van en mayúsculas o no, generalmente muchos usan mayúsculas en todos. Como este título: "Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse". también podría escribirse así "Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse", yo prefería dejarlos en minúsculas, es mejor.--Damián (talk) 23:03, 14 August 2014 (UTC)


I think I finished fixing up the copy-paste move from Corona_de_lágrimas_(2012_telenovela). Could you take a second-glance at it and make sure everything looks right? It was a little bit of a mess because the source page also got edited after the copy-paste so it required a series of deletions and restorations. --Shirik (Questions or Comments?) 01:15, 13 August 2014 (UTC)

Yes, it is fine. Thanks for replying my request. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 22:10, 14 August 2014 (UTC)

Discussion at Template talk:WikiProject Biography#RfC: BDP in Biography template[edit]

You are invited to join the discussion at Template talk:WikiProject Biography#RfC: BDP in Biography template. Thanks. Lord Sjones23 (talk - contributions) 20:33, 20 August 2014 (UTC)

Again, please cease from personal attacks[edit]

You have been warned before repeatedly about personal attacks, your last one being by an admin for calling me a "fascist" for applying WP:SONGDAB to an album. Do I need to link to it? As regards this, left on my Talk page

Disambiguation moves
What is the sense to move pages if at the end you will still redirecting the "ambiguous" title to the same place. I'm referring to Sweet Talker (album) and You're Dead!, but I'm more than sure, you've done it with more articles. Be decent and do your job redirecting the pages to a correct place, and then removing the upcoming links from disambiguation pages. Otherwise don't waste other people's time because you are doing nothing to this website other than being an paranoic disambiguator. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 03:58, 25 August 2014 (UTC)
Firstly, in answer to the question, do you actually want an answer to the question, but it has been asked and answered before and there are two answers, one short term related to allowing WP:BRD and the second related to the Thriller (album) redirect.
Secondly, in relation to wikt:paranoiac that is a personal attack. Do you understand what WP:NPA says and that it applies to you. You have been warned before about making personal attacks. You don't agree with Sweet Talker (Richard Thompson album) and Sweet Talker (Jessie J album), fine, but what gives you the right to make personal attacks on other editors. Please do not reply on my talk page. In communication with me you are free to ping me on your own Talk page or use article Talk page. Thank you. In ictu oculi (talk) 04:11, 25 August 2014 (UTC)
And please don't use edit summaries to make further personal attacks such as "he gives a fuck about readers' comprehension. That's IIO". You have to please stop making personal attacks on other editors, with or without the "fuck". In ictu oculi (talk) 04:18, 25 August 2014 (UTC)
Why I'm not surprised you alter reality to your own convenience @In ictu oculi:? I didn't call you a facist, I called your attempt to censor someone a facist act, or should I remind you you were the one who tried to apply WP:BLUDGEON to User:Born2cycle at Talk:All the Best! as if it were a rule, where you said "Born2cycle, I'm afraid starting your own section smacks a little of WP:BLUDGEON ... Please hatbox this section and/or restart at a generic place for discussion of generic issues before someone responds with a giant list of WP:OTHERSTUFF", whereas WP:BLUDGEON is an essay created by one user, and WP:OTHERSTUFF is a (weak) argument for AFD-only discussions? Because, as usual in you, you are not saying it, because in your case you see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil about yourself because you know if you admit a mistake all the bullshit you've said these 3 years of dab attempts goes to waste.
Now concerning Sweet Talker (album) and You're Dead!, with your Thriller (album) defense, Thriller redirects to MJ album due to community consensus, whereas neither Sweet Talker (album) nor You're Dead! have a consensus to be redirected to these albums nor have enough relevance to be redirected there. Believe me, all you say only make you shoot in your own foot, like in Talk:Lucero (entertainer) ("Google Books own us") just keep that in mind. And yes, you've warned me about alleged "personal attacks" against you, but I'll simply say I don't give a single fuck about your warns, my patience with you reached the limit many months ago, or should I remember you I have asked many times to use an aproppiate WP:DABSTYLE, but you decided to ignore me, continue creating bad grammar dab pages, and if I tell you something about them I was "trolling" with you?--BTW, this is trolling, get the difference.--You simply don't give to readers' comprehension, or should I remind you of Despedida?
I mean, really? is "João Vitti Gabriela Alves Rita Guedes" his or her full name, if they are 3 different people, where are the commas, who are they, producers or actors? María Grever wrote a song sometime between 1792-1868 for a 2010 album? Why "¡México! (Rolando Villazón album)" was not piped if WP:PIPING requests for it? Is Maria Rito's album titled Segundo 2005? Stop pretending you are doing a good job, and that you are here for the Google Books' readers, nobody who uses Schoolars or Books will use Wikipedia for serious researches, especially for pop culture topics. You simply apply WP:P&G when it is convenient for you, but if any affects you, the P or G is incorrect, like in You're Dead! WP:DIFFCAPS applies, but as you apply WP:AT when it is convenient for you, you ignore it now, but later you will appear citing it as a commandement. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 04:49, 25 August 2014 (UTC)
Is the "fascist" diff above not you? In ictu oculi (talk) 05:35, 25 August 2014 (UTC)
From the diff: "Hey IIO, make WP:BLUDGEON a fascist rule and then request other people to "hatbox" their comments." As I said "I didn't call you a facist, I called your attempt to censor someone a facist act", in other words, WP:BLUDGEON is an attempt to censor other people solely for own convenience. If you consider I called you a fascist, it's your problem, because I didn't. For someone who spents 24/7 in Google Books is more than incredible you don't know how to read. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 00:38, 26 August 2014 (UTC)

Orphaned non-free image File:ITESM wordmark, 2014.png[edit]

Thanks for uploading File:ITESM wordmark, 2014.png. The image description page currently specifies that the image is non-free and may only be used on Wikipedia under a claim of fair use. However, the image is currently not used in any articles on Wikipedia. If the image was previously in an article, please go to the article and see why it was removed. You may add it back if you think that that will be useful. However, please note that images for which a replacement could be created are not acceptable for use on Wikipedia (see our policy for non-free media).

Note that any non-free images not used in any articles will be deleted after seven days, as described in the criteria for speedy deletion. Thank you. Stefan2 (talk) 10:26, 2 September 2014 (UTC)

DYK for What I've Been Looking For[edit]

Cas Liber (talk · contribs) 00:19, 21 September 2014 (UTC)

Question about a Template:pp-semi placed on redirect page "Civil rights movement"[edit]

I want to redirect this page to article African-American Civil Rights Movement (1954–68). But I do not properly understand the Template:pp-semi placed on the redirect page. Am I allowed to redirect to the desired article? If not, then what can I do to redirect it to the desired article? Thanks. -Mitchumch (talk) 13:22, 21 September 2014 (UTC)

I retargeted it. The only thing pp-protected templates do is to indicate the page is protected. Considering the alternate "Civil Rights Movement" redirected there, I targeted it there as well. But consider that if a redirect is or was a target of edit wars, it would be better to list it at WP:redirects for discussion. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 03:47, 22 September 2014 (UTC)


Thanks for the RfD at Deseos etc. I note you're not very active. Just wanted to say, in case you're not sure, I know some tools assume "D" in RfD means "Deletion" but it is actually "discussion" – so quite right to take it/them there. Si Trew (talk) 17:03, 23 September 2014 (UTC)


I struck out MOS:TM and added WP:SONGDAB instead. --George Ho (talk) 17:00, 19 October 2014 (UTC)

Further personal attacks[edit]

What about if you fuck off? That is a personal attack, and I frankly have had enough from you asshole isn't an appropriate response. You clearly made a personal attack on User:Magiciandude. Wikipedia does not encourage WP:PA. In ictu oculi (talk) 14:11, 9 November 2014 (UTC)

"Wikipedia does not encourage WP:PA". "encourage" is not the word you are looking for, but still don't care what you have to say, and again fuck off. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 02:28, 19 November 2014 (UTC)
Oh and I forgot the main point, if I "attack" or not other users is simply none of your business, they are big enough so they can defend themselves, but is clear you can't with yourself. Also, I'd recommend you to buy a dictionary because this is not the first time you misunderstand a simple meaning. © Tbhotch (en-2.5). 02:33, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

TFAR notification[edit]

You've helped out at this article, please see discussion at Wikipedia:Today's featured article/requests/Irreplaceable. — Cirt (talk) 20:37, 18 November 2014 (UTC)


Hello, it occurs to me that we have two pages performing complementary tasks and with some minor adjustments the two could be harmonised. WP:TFAREC is the newcomer - indeed, you may not have seen it. I created it to enable TFAR nominators to see relatively quickly which similar articles had been TFA in the previous six months or so and any future scheduled TFAs. It works on a series on monthly subpages (e.g. Wikipedia:Today's featured article/recent TFAs/November 2014) which are transcluded into the "recents" page until their time is up, when they are then transcluded to the year's archive page. The table coding means that we don't have new tables every month, allowing sorting of columns across different months without difficulty. The topic headings follow the WP:FA topic headings as far as possible (e.g. "Warfare – Biography"), although I then subdivide further, and I also give country details where possible. As people in the past have been interested in knowing how long it takes for articles to reach TFA after promotion, I give this too, along with the method of selection to show the activity or otherwise of TFAR.

TFASTATS presents similar information - it has the date, country details, topic headings and of course page view statistics. However, the way the page is set up does not allow the columns to be sorted across different months; the topic headings do not follow WP:FA (e.g. "military" instead of "warfare", "nature" instead of "biology"); the country details use flag icons, which is perhaps unnecessary decoration; and the list of articles uses {{las}} to give links to history and talk etc, which again is perhaps unnecessary given the primary purpose of the page.

So... what do you think about a "page views" column being added to the monthly recent TFAs page, then combining the two pages? That way, the list of articles/dates/topics/countries only has to be created once, when the articles are scheduled for TFA, and all that needs to be thereafter is to add the page views? It should make it easier to keep the statistics up to date, and ease your workload (as you seem to be the primary updater of the page view statistics). Best wishes, BencherliteTalk 10:06, 4 December 2014 (UTC)

MfD nomination of Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Tbhotch[edit]

Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Tbhotch, a page you substantially contributed to, has been nominated for deletion. Your opinions on the matter are welcome; please participate in the discussion by adding your comments at Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Tbhotch and please be sure to sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~). You are free to edit the content of Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Tbhotch during the discussion but should not remove the miscellany for deletion template from the top of the page; such a removal will not end the deletion discussion. Thank you. —John Cline (talk) 09:23, 8 December 2014 (UTC)

I have closed this discussion as delete, but I will be happy to restore this into your user space if you would like to keep it. Regards, JohnCD (talk) 18:07, 20 December 2014 (UTC)

Wikimedia genealogy project[edit]

Just wondering if you have any thoughts re: the idea of WMF hosting a genealogy project. If so, feel free to contribute to this discussion. And apologies if I have made this request before. ---Another Believer (Talk) 16:56, 10 December 2014 (UTC)

  1. ^Нарвская_операция_(1944)
  2. ^