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I will give you a few pieces of information about how Wikipedia works. I hope that they will help you to understand why your present approach is not likely to be successful, and to realise what sort of things you can do if you want to make constructive changes to Wikipedia.

  1. Wikipedia works by discussion and attempts to reach consensus, not by each individual editor repeatedly posting their preferred version, so that the most stubborn editor eventually gets his or her way. If you disagree with other editors, then the thing to do is to explain your reasons in a civil and constructive way, and hope to persuade them.
  2. Nobody who edits Wikipedia in controversial areas for long will always get their way. In a collaborative project, there will be different opinions, and we all have to accept that sometimes consensus will be against our own view.
  3. Unless there are specific reasons to do otherwise, Wikipedia uses the names that are most commonly recognised in English, whether or not these names are "official" or "correct".
  4. If you do want to consider "official" names, then the official name of a political state is the name that the government of that state says it is. The fact that, due to obstruction from one other state in the world, the United Nations has provisionally used a different name does not make it the "official" name of the state. The United Nations has no authority to over-rule a sovereign state's own decision in such a matter.
  5. Wikipedia presents things from a neutral point of view, and does not promote the view of the a particular group of people, such as, in this case, Greek nationalists.
  6. I have discovered that the word "Yugoslavic" does exist in English, but it is scarcely ever used, and I had never come across it until I saw your use of it. The normal English adjective corresponding to "Yugoslavia" is "Yugoslavian".
  7. As you know, you have been given instructions on the talk page of your original account on how to request an unblock. "Just ignore the block and try to get round it by creating sockpuppet accounts" is not the way to do it.
  8. You are far more likely to be unblocked if you are civil to other Wikipedia editors than if you are rude to them.

I hope the above information may be helpful to you. JamesBWatson (talk) 08:49, 13 September 2013 (UTC)