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September 2014[edit]

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The user names of ALL English wikipedia users, sysops, and admins engaged in any role whatsoever (even a minor one) in this blatant hostility toward facilitating Amharic language study and medical translation materials, are being featured in my soon-to-come report to Wikimedia Foundation Afrophone Wikis Project Taskforce. It is as if certain English wikipedia users have declared war on the Amharic language, which fits right in with English wikipedia's well-known sham of "Neutrality" when everyone knows it is the least neutral and most biased wiki of all 280 languages Til Eulenspiegel /talk/ 11:46, 12 September 2014 (UTC)

Bob Marley[edit]

"Sheriff John Brown always hated me - for what, I'll never know
Every time I plant a seed he'd say 'Kill it, before it grow'
He'd say 'Kill them before they grow..."