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WikiCup 2012 June newsletter


Apologies for the lateness of this letter; our usual bot wasn't working. We are now entering round 4, our semi-finals, and have our final 16. A score of 243 was required to reach this round; significantly more than 2011's 76 points, and only a little behind 2010's 250 points. By comparison, last year, 150 points in round 4 secured a place in the final; in 2010, 430 were needed. Commiserations to Pool A's Minas Gerais igordebraga (submissions), who scored 242 points, missing out on a place in the round by a whisker. However, congratulations to Pool B's Conradh na Gaeilge Grapple X (submissions), whose television articles have brought him another round victory. Pool A's Wales Cwmhiraeth (submissions) came second overall, with an impressive list of biological did you knows, good articles and featured articles. Third overall was Pool D's New York City Muboshgu (submissions), with a long list of contibutions, mostly relating to baseball. Of course, with the points resetting every round, the playing field has been levelled. The most successful Pool was Pool D, which saw seven into the final round. Pool B saw four, C saw three and Pool A saw only the two round leaders.

A quick note about other competitions taking place on Wikipedia which may be of interest. There are 13 days remaining in the June-July GAN backlog elimination drive, but it is not too late to take part. August will also see the return of The Core Contest- a one month long competition first run in 2007. While the WikiCup awards points for audited content on any subject, The Core Contest about is raw article improvement, focussing heavily on the most important articles on Wikipedia. As ever, if you are concerned that your nomination—whether it is at good article candidates, a featured process, or anywhere else—will not receive the necessary reviews, please list it on Wikipedia:WikiCup/Reviews. Questions are welcome on Wikipedia talk:WikiCup, and the judges are reachable on their talk pages or by email. Good luck! If you wish to start or stop receiving this newsletter, please feel free to add or remove yourself from Wikipedia:WikiCup/Newsletter/Send. J Milburn (talkemail) and The ed17 (talkemail) 11:13, 2 July 2012 (UTC)

The Signpost: 02 July 2012


Hello, I am working on the Uttarakhand page ,saw your name on the wikiproject Uttarakhand's volunteer list,thought you'd be interested.Have a look at the page if you want.Ayanosh (talk) 17:38, 4 July 2012 (UTC)

The Signpost: 09 July 2012

Account problem

Dear Tinucherian,

I'm a user from Nagpur, India.

I will be grateful if you help me out in this issue: I had created an account in Wikipedia in the year 2006 named user:Ashwinsarwate, but was not much involved in serious editing. I forgot password and/or the account was reset [exactly i don't remember]. In april 2012 I got to learn much more about Wikipedia and decided to try to be an active editor. I created another account user:Sarwateashwin, being unaware of the fact that it is unethical to create multiple usernames(my serious apologies for that). I had completely forgotten about my earlier username. Recently an administrative editor hinted me that it is not good to have a username indicative of your real name, at this time I was also unaware of the provision of changing username I decided that I will create a new account (and I created this one) and delete the older one user:Sarwateashwin. Later I came across the page which describes that a username can be changed or usurped. All this put me in a fix, and trying to be precautionary about not violating Wiki guidelines, I decided to take your guidance

At first I decided to send a request for usurping user:Sarwateashwin to user:WhiteStar6, but since my account is only 3 months old I thought my request will be declined.

Please suggest me what to do, I apologize for violating Wiki Rules by creating these many accounts, but my intentions were clean: 1) To usurp user:Ashwinsarwate to user:WhiteStar6. (I would prefer this option if its ok with you) ( I have recovered the former account also) 2) To usurp user:Sarwateashwin to user:WhiteStar6. 3) Continue with user:WhiteStar6 but this account is too new (older accounts have more validity I've heard).

Please suggest me what to do. I hope I'm not bothering you.

Thank you.

Ashwin Sarwate.

WhiteStar6 (talk) 13:17, 16 July 2012 (UTC)

Volunteering on simple

Hi Tinucherian! Just letting you know that I've left you a message on your talk page at about getting started. If you're not likely to check in very often you might want to enable email notifications in your preferences so you can keep up to date if something happens. Thanks, Osiris (talk) 05:38, 7 July 2012 (UTC)

Thanks Osiris 09:28, 19 July 2012 (UTC)

Kuvempu University

Hello Tinucherian, I really like the way you are contributing to WP India education related articles, you are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. I would plea to you if you could contribute at Kuvempu University article, since this article requires enormous contributions and also try to bring to other WP India editor knowledge so that they too can contribute to the article substantially. Cheers!--♥ Kkm010 ♥ ♪ Talk ♪ ߷ ♀ Contribs ♀ 14:55, 16 July 2012 (UTC)

The Signpost: 16 July 2012

Ichthus: July 2012

Ichthus dark yellow.png


July 2012

Membership report
The parent Christianity WikiProject currently has 336 active members. We would like to welcome User:Emilymadcat, User:Toa Nidhiki05, User:DonutGuy, and User:RCNesland, Thank you all for your interest in this effort. If any members, new or not, wish any assistance, they should feel free to leave a message at the Christianity noticeboard or with me or other individual editors to request it.

From the Editor
Ichthus is one of the ways that the WikiProject Christianity’s Outreach department helps update our members. We have recently added some new sections to the newsletter. Please let us know what you think of the new departments, and if there are any other suggestions for departments you would like to see. And if you have anything you would personally like to add, by all means let us know. The talk page of the current issue is probably the best place to post such comments.

With that, I wish you all happy reading!

P.S. Please click here to add the new Christianity noticeboard to your watchlist to follow the latest discussions relevant to WikiProject Christianity and subprojects.

Church of the month

Mission Santa Clara.jpg
by User:JaGa
Mission Santa Clara de Asis

Vote for the project mascot
We had last month asked our members to help "bring into the fold" Wikipe-tan as the project's mascot. Voting will take place this month for which image we should adopt at Wikipedia:WikiProject Christianity/Outreach/Wikipe-tan. Please take a moment to review the images and vote for whichever is your favorite, or, if you so prefer, suggest an additional one.

By John Carter

Thie coming month (mid-July through mid-September) includes days dedicated to the honor of Mary Magdalene, James, son of Zebedee, Ignatius Loyola, Saint Dominic, Joseph of Arimathea, and the Transfiguration of Jesus.

Featured content and GA report
Grade I listed churches in Cheshire was recently promoted to Featured List status. This picture was recently promoted to Featured Picture status. Bartolome de las Casas and Edmund the Martyr were promoted to GA level this past month. Our thanks and congratulations to all those involved.

Wikimedia Foundation report


Wikibooks welcomes the development of textbooks of all kinds, children's books, recipes, and other material. It currently has just under 2500 books, including several Wikijunior books for the 12 and under population. There is, at present, not even a book on Christianity. Anyone interested in helping develop such a textbook is more than welcome to do so.

By John Carter

Christian art

Hans Holbein, the Younger - Sir Thomas More - Google Art Project.jpg

The portrait of Sir Thomas More by Hans Holbein the Younger.

By John Carter

A new WikiProject relating directly to Christian history is being developed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Christian history. Anyone interested in assisting with the development of these groups and topics is more than welcome to do so.

By John Carter

I believe
... in the tradition of Thomas the Apostle, Mar Addai, and Saint Bartholomew. I believe that Jesus had two essences (or natures), human and divine, unmingled, that are everlastingly united in one personality. I am a member of the Assyrian Church of the East.

By John Carter

Help requests
Please let us know if there are any particular areas, either individual articles or topics, which you believe would benefit from outside help from a variety of other editors. We will try to include such requests in future issues.

Ichthus is the newsletter of Christianity on Wikipedia • It is published by WikiProject Christianity
For submissions contact the Newsroom • To unsubscribe add yourself to the list here
EdwardsBot (talk) 15:51, 17 July 2012 (UTC)


Hello, a PR for Uttarakhand is going on. Your inputs can help in improving the article.Thanks Ayanosh (talk) 09:38, 19 July 2012 (UTC)

The Signpost: 23 July 2012

The Bugle: Issue LXXVI, July 2012

Full front page of The Bugle
Your Military History Newsletter

The Bugle is published by the Military history WikiProject. To receive it on your talk page, please join the project or sign up here.
If you are a project member who does not want delivery, please remove your name from this page. Your editors, Ian Rose (talk) and Ed [talk] [majestic titan] 09:53, 29 July 2012 (UTC)

The Signpost: 30 July 2012

WikiCup 2012 July newsletter


We're approaching the beginning of 2012's final round. Pool A sees Wales Cwmhiraeth (submissions) as the leader, with 300 points being awarded for the featured article Bivalvia, and Pool B sees Conradh na Gaeilge Grapple X (submissions) in the lead, with 10 good articles, and over 35 articles eligible for good topic points. Pool A sees New York City Muboshgu (submissions) in second place with a number of articles relating to baseball, while Pool B's Minnesota Ruby2010 (submissions) follows Grapple X, with a variety of contributions including the high-scoring, high-importance featured article on the 2010 film Pride & Prejudice. Ruby2010, like Grapple X, also claimed a number of good topic points; despite this, not a single point has been claimed for featured topics in the contest so far. The same is true for featured portals.

Currently, the eighth-place competitor (and so the lowest scorer who would reach the final round right now) has scored 332, more than double the 150 needed to reach the final round last year. In 2010, however, 430 was the lowest qualifying score. In this competition, we have generally seen scores closer to those in 2010 than those in 2011. Let's see what kind of benchmark we can set for future competitions! As ever, if you are concerned that your nomination—whether it is at good article candidates, a featured process, or anywhere else—will not receive the necessary reviews, please list it on Wikipedia:WikiCup/Reviews. Questions are welcome on Wikipedia talk:WikiCup, and the judges are reachable on their talk pages or by email. Good luck! If you wish to start or stop receiving this newsletter, please feel free to add or remove yourself from Wikipedia:WikiCup/Newsletter/Send. J Milburn (talkemail) and The ed17 (talkemail) 22:35, 31 July 2012 (UTC)