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YMCA Camp Wanakita[edit]

Hello. Could you please take a moment to review the YMCA Camp Wanakita page? It is written like an advertisement. Thanks! NHCLS (talk) 21:25, 25 February 2014 (UTC)

Message left upon my notice board[edit]

The matter of both Crow Hall Halt and Roe Buck Halt that were both closed in the 1840 and the 1841 period is a matter that a senior rail historian who is very well versed in the rail history of the area in question has sent on to me. He states that these two very short lived railway stations were replaced by the two railway stations of Barton and Broughton and of Brock as the road connections existing in the 1840 and 1841 period were better to the newer station sites. I was also informed that resident at the time of Crow Hall decided that the Crow Hall Halt was not to the liking of the family.

The elderly person sending me the above information has lectured upon the social history of the North of England and of the establishment of the Poor Law Unions whilst a member of the professorial staff at Manchester University in the 1970's. He is also an accredited expert on the Hundreds of the Lancashire region.

I placed this information upon the website as I had no reason to doubt of the veracity of what had been intimated to me. I will be 70 years of age next birthday and the holder of a very high IQ level and whilst in employment, served at the level of Senior Management for the last thirty-five years in my business life and on retirement, held the position of Senior Head of Projects at our consultancy.

Perhaps this affront to my integrity is a way of asking me not to participate in such matters on your information boards in future. If this be so, what line do I have to take in order to ensure that I never impinge upon your sensibilities again ? I am extremely angry about this matter as I had assumed that there was freedom of information exchange espoused by this site that all members of the public were entitled to.....evidentially this appears not to be the case.

If you wish to carry on this debate, I ask that you contact me upon [email] [/email] — Preceding unsigned comment added by Paul Sidorczuk (talkcontribs) 18:11, 14 June 2014 (UTC)