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Barrow external links section[edit]

Hi Webgrunt,

Thanks for your message. The reason I removed your Barrow MySpace page was because, according to Wikipedia: External links policy, under Wikipedia: External links#Links normally to be avoided, MySpace is generally to be avoided. As are commercial sites (like the hotel site you mentioned. I'm sorry, I should've nabbed it — I guess I didn't see it the first go around). That said, I think the motive of this policy is to prevent people from posting personal MySpace sites or setting a precedent for posting personal or other MySpace sites. I think your link falls into the latter, however, upon looking it over more closely, I'm content with letting it remain (although I do feel if someone else comes along wanting it gone, there is not a strong case for it to remain). Sorry for the confusion and thanks for letting me know your concerns!

Jarfingle 21:35, 16 December 2006 (UTC)


On signatures, both on user pages (like mine) or regular talk pages (like Barrow's), you can use four tildes, like ~~~~, to automatically format your name, date, and time of posting into signature. Pretty handy.

Jarfingle 21:38, 16 December 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for the info! I can see there's a lot to learn about Wikipedia. Like, how do I "reply" here? It looks like I'm just editing your PS...

Webgrunt 00:36, 20 December 2006 (UTC)

How to reply[edit]

Hey Webgrunt,

First of all, it is my absolute pleasure to help out. If you have any questions I may be able to assist with answers please leave me message.

Secondly, to leave a message or respond to someone else's message, click on the user who sent you the message (for example, for me, you'd click on my user link "Jarfingle" at my signature). At the top of my (or the user you are sending a message to) user page, click on the "discussion" tab and leave a new message using the "+" symbol. Obviously you already know this because you were the one who left a message on my page originally! More specifically, to respond to a user's comments it is general protocal do as I did for you. Go to the user in question's talk page and create a new topic "Re: [insert whatever they originally messaged you about]." With this, the user you are responding to gets a notification that they have something on their talk page next time the log in (whereas if you simply replied on your talk page, as you did, the user would have had to have your talk page watchlisted — which, in my case, I did. Not to harp on you though! Just an example.).

Happy editting!

Jarfingle 01:11, 20 December 2006 (UTC)