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Dynasty 18th Dynasty
Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Horemheb
Father Nebmehyt
Mother Raia

Usermontu was a vizier to Tutankhamen and likely of Horemheb.

Usermontu is depicted in the tomb of Khons, called To (TT 31). In the hall Usermontu and his brother Huy, who was a prophet of Montu are shown offering to the barque of Montu. Usermontu is said to be born of Maia.[1][2] A statue from a private collection gives the name of his father as Nebmehyt.[3][4]

A second individual by the name of Usermontu is mentioned in the tomb, but this individual is the son of Khonsu. This younger Usermontu is a High Priest of Sobek.

The Vizier Usermontu is also depicted in the tomb of the High Priest of Sobek, Hatiay (TT 324). Usermontu is shown seated at a banquet with vizier Nebamun(?).[5]

A stela from Usermontu was found in Armant. The text includes a hymn to Montu.[6]


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