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Location of Usme within Bogotá.

Usme is the 5th locality of the Capital District of Bogotá, capital city of Colombia. Usme is located in the southwestern part of Bogotá limiting to the north with the localities of San Cristóbal, Rafael Uribe Uribe and Tunjuelito, to the west with the locality of Ciudad Bolívar, to the south with the locality of Sumapaz, and to the east with the municipalities of Ubaque, Chipaque and Une in the Department of Cundinamarca.

Usme's urban area is separated from the main urban area of Bogotá, but the locality includes neighborhoods of south Bogotá.


Coordinates: 4°26′47″N 74°09′08″W / 4.44639°N 74.15222°W / 4.44639; -74.15222

The locality of Usme was founded in 1650 as "San Pedro de Usme" which became a center for the rural areas nearby dedicated to agricultural activities. These supplied food to Bogotá. It was named after San Pedro (Saint Peter) and Usme after the name "Usminia" a female Native American. In 1911 became a municipality of Cundinamarca with the name of Usme and became known for its constant problems between landlords, tenants and peasant workers for the land. During the mid 20th century an agrarian reform finally arranged the land. The area then shifted from an agricultural production to industrial materials production mainly for construction, giving way to quarries. In 1972, Usme is assigned to Bogotá's district as one of its localities.

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Usme has one of Bogotá's natural parks called "Entrenubes" destined for ecotourism and preserving the local wildlife.

Neighborhoods and villages[edit]

Usme has 126 neighborhoods and 17 "veredas".

Of the 126 the most important area: Downtown Usme, Yomasa, El Uval, Monte Blanco, Santa Librada, Chiguaza, El Virrey, Chuniza, Puerta al Llano, Usminia, La Aurora, Marichuela, Sauces Miravalle, Santa Marta, Barranquillita, San Andres de los Altos, Costa Rica, Villa Isabel, Las Quintas, La Cabaña, Betania, Danubio Azul, La Fiscala, Chuniza, Lorenzo Alcantuz, Comuneros, La Requilina, Serranias, among others.


Usme's main point of access is the Caracas Avenue which is covered by the Transmilenio bus service in the Portal de Usme Station (Line H). The Caracas Avenue then becomes a highway which connects Bogotá and Cundinamarca Department with the plains of the Llanos region in the Meta Department towards its capital Villavicencio.

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